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BADLAPUR BOYS - A pretty weak but well intentioned attempt to make an Indian sports film on Kabaddi. (Review by Bobby Sing)

12 Dec, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B

For records here is another remake of a South film VENNILA KABADI KUZHU (Tamil – 2009), but thankfully not the usual mix of crime-action-drama-love breaking the boring set routine. Its basically a sports film revolving around KABADDI, a lesser explored Indian sport on the silver screen, that now gains some substantial ground in the media due to many recent big events and competitions involving the big stars. Perhaps we desperately need these stars only to promote anything in our country pointing towards a questionable blind following seen in the present times.
Anyway, talking about the star-less BADLAPUR BOYS focusing on our traditional sport hugely famous in the rural regions, I wish it was a more quality affair supported by the big names. Since the film is in fact a well intentioned attempt to present KABADDI in a more entertaining and educative manner before the audience explaining its basic rules too quite interestingly. But on the other hand, an uninspiring execution, all amateur new faces, their mediocre acting and the avoidable insertion of an elaborate romantic angle ruins the novel subject after a fine start and we get to see a lesser engaging film than expected with only few good scenes related with the exciting sport towards the end. 
In reality, a sports film always has a disadvantage of being a predictable fare and thus needs to be written with some surprisingly novel sub-plots to keep the viewers glued to the narration as an essential feature. Now where BADLAPUR BOYS does come up with an interesting story-base revolving around a team of underdogs with an unexpected twist, it sadly fails to execute it well focusing on a single character and delivers only few engaging moments in its final 30 minutes when the team is playing the State tournament.
All the new faces try their best to put up a good show along with Anu Kapoor trying hard to impress as their honest coach giving the film its much required support. The cinematography really captures the game movements well but the background music remains uneven scoring mostly in the second hour. Musically the film has a well made title song (catching your attention right away) and few average romantic tracks too with an old-school picturisation featuring many back-up dancers in traditional dresses. But the writing remains the biggest flaw of BADLAPUR BOYS with many clichéd sequences, comical villains, not so impressive dialogues and an unconvincing (or rather illogical) tragic end unable to move the viewers emotionally.
In all, one cannot just ridicule the film due to the tacky making as it does remain one of the few movies enlightening the viewers about our traditional sport in a fine manner. Hence I would simply like to call it a pretty weak but well intentioned attempt to make an Indian sport film on Kabaddi, which could have been much better.
Rating : 2 / 5

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12 Dec 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
Dr. Nazia Ansari

Salam Bobbyji

I regularly read all your interesting reviews. I watched BABY and was pleased to experience the nail biting moments post intermission. I have a question, the investigator towards the end of the film knew that a man is being transported to India still he said there\'s no problem to the ATC officer. Can you guess why did he do this.

Thank you

Bobby Sing

Salaam Dr. Nazia Ansari ji,
Thanks a lot for being a regular reader of my articles and for writing in too.
Regarding the investigator towards the end of BABY who knew about the man being transported to India, that was a balancing act scene to show the officers in that part of the world in good light as concerned and postive towards finishing the terrorism more instead of supporting it.

So despite knowing the truth he let him go as that was the KARMA of the man being transported and he himself wanted to throw the weed out in search of peace in his own city/country (as per my opinion).

And I hope you understand the positive message behind the scene thought of brillantly.
Keep visiting and writing in.


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