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Before Sunrise (1995) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

23 Nov, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Just think about a movie which has only two people on the screen, who meet up as strangers in a train, talk elaborately about themselves and eventually go on to become mature lovers within a span of a few hours. But even after developing a definite liking for each other they willfully decide to part at the end of the day and promise to meet again after a period of 6 months if they still feel the same way. That’s a sweet synopsis of a lovingly delightful movie called “Before Sunrise”.

A mature take on infatuation and love, the movie is miles ahead of any normal love story between two strangers. With just two characters talking about their longings, dreams, hopes and life styles, it takes you onto an entirely different journey beyond any of your creative imaginations. In other words the movie is quite a spiritual and cathartic experience as it explores many hidden layers of our human psyche superbly. It teaches how a man and a woman can learn so much from each other simply moving above the normal experiences of love, sex, lust and passion. It opens the human heart as never before and gives you an enlightening experience to cherish for a long time.
Simply put, it’s an inventive work of art by the director Richard Linklater, in which he successfully manages to make you feel for the characters with the help of their deep & thoughtful verbal discussions on various aspects of life. It’s one of those rare poetic movies which effortlessly makes a place in your heart and stays there for long. Absolutely beautiful, honest, subtle and refreshing, it deserves to be seen at the earliest by everyone who has a loving heart filled with emotional feelings for his or her partner.
After the movie ends with its two key characters moving away from each other, it leaves many unanswered questions in the mind of the viewer with a strong urge to watch more. Hence with such a positive impact being made all over, the makers were bound to make a sequel to this timeless classic where the two lovers unexpectedly meet each other after 9 long years of life in some new circumstances. And that gave rise to “Before Sunset” made in 2004. If possible watch the two movies back to back in order to have an unforgettable, loving and enlightening experience. A must watch for all lovers.
Directed By Richard Linklater
Starring : Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy

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23 Nov 2009 / Comments ( 4 )

I always missing to watch this movie.. I will watch it soon

Bobby Sing

Hi Naresh,
As mentioned in my write-up, try to get hold of both the movies and then see them at one stretch.
That will really enhance the impact of the movies to a great extent.

Do write in when you have seen the both.....Cheers!


Beautiful. Outstanding. Simply loving. All I can say about this movie. This movie is made to ultimately experience "undefined world of love and emotions" between two person, extremely done well". Can you imagine you\'re unfloding your story of life to a stranger in one night, and that too just by walking on streets of Europe, and experiencing what "a mature communication" is all about?

Do you remember "the ELEVATOR scene", according to me, that is one of the best scene I have ever experienced in cinema.

Anyways, thanks sir, as always your reviews are very helpful, you have a very good sense of picking up the right movies and including them in your list of movies to see before you die..! i also watched Before sunset that was too very refreshing, and loved the way how it ended. I am hoping a 3rd sequel is on the way?

Keep up the good work!


Bobby Sing

Thanks Nihin for your loving comment and Keep Visiting,


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