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Drishyam (2013 - Malayalam) (Movies to See Before You Die - Thriller)

02 Jun, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

A few months back I wrote about a well made Japanese crime thriller SUSPECT X (2008) and was informed that a fine film with the similar basic plot has recently become a big hit in the south too called DRISHYAM (The Visuals). Knowing that, I didn’t get excited enough as was frankly not expecting anyone to surpass the brilliant execution seen in the Korean film and thus skipped the movie and then didn’t think about it at all till the last month when its original DVD was released. And I just bought it only to see the way they have adapted the similar interesting plot of the original.

But surprisingly, the film shattered all my doubts about its execution and broke the silly myth too that it was exactly a replica of the Japanese crime thriller mentioned above. Yes, its basic plot is somewhat similar, but the director here has his own story to tell and that too in a way which simply grabs you from the neck and makes you sit straight with eyes wide open looking at the screen till its all over. In other words, there are very few instances when a film surpasses any of the similar projects made in the past and delivers a never before kind of content with a fresh approach given to the theme so skillfully. And that is the reason I have to rate DRISHYAM as one of the top ten investigative crime thrillers (with an exceptional script) made in Indian Cinema till date undoubtedly.
Its certainly a highly impressive triumph achieved by both the writer-director Jeethu Joseph and his entire cast superbly led by Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan & Baby Esther in the lead roles. The supporting cast equally adds to the project as the key characters and so does the background music and cinematography capturing the tense moment beautifully. In fact praising the film, its been said that DRISHYAM has started a new genre which can be called a ‘family thriller’, since the first half of the film completely talks about the family, their mutual relationships, the loving warmth and their little fights, creating an intelligent base for the mystery. And the thrilling moments actually begin just 15 minutes before the intermission.
However what comes next in the final 90 minutes of the film is truly mind blowing which eventually makes you forget the lazy, slow paced moments of its initial hour, quite easily. As a matter of fact when you once again think about all those long detailed sequences of the first half, after watching its extremely well written climax, then they all seem to be pretty engrossing, as every single scene has an individual meaning and a value of its own related to the actual story progression in the later reels. Hence what might seem to be a drawback of the movie initially, doesn’t turn out to be the same once it successfully manages to bring you onto the edge of your seat repeatedly in its final hour.
In short, no this is not blatant copy of any foreign film and remains an outstanding work in both cinematic and entertainment terms which will force you to rethink over all your perceptions about the regional cinema being made in the country. Putting it bluntly, DRISHYAM proves that we are now making many worth watching gems here in India too which can easily be compared to World cinema and are much ahead then the baby products being regularly offered by the Hindi Film Industry.
Therefore, forget any of your doubts, hesitations & pre-set notions about regional movies or the subtitles and watch DRISHYAM at the earliest, because it will entirely change the way you look at the films being made in the south part of our own country.
For friends interested in reading the review of Tamil remake of DRISHYAM titled PAPANASAM featuring Kamal Hassan, here is the link given below :

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02 Jun 2014 / Comments ( 6 )
Dear Bobby,

Please watch another brilliant malayalam movie \"Plaeri Manikyam: Oru pathira kolapathakathinte kadha\" ( Manikyam of Paleri : A midnight murder story )

Bobby Sing

Thanks for the recommendation Suchith.
I will surely try to watch it at the earliest.

Please watch Bangalore days. Never miss it man. It sets a new milestone for youngsters just like Rang de basanti. People like you are needed to support pan indian audiences. Thank u.
Bobby Sing

Dear Ramji,
Thanks a lot for the recommendation.
Have got the DVD of the film, would watch it soon and get back.

Suspect X is Japanese not korean. Great website BTW
Bobby Sing

Thanks Debashish for pointing out the mistake.
It stands corrected now.
And many thanks for your kind praises too.

Related with the subject a seperate writeup on SUSPECT X can also be read at the following link.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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