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ENGLISH VINGLISH - A worth watching flick about a housewife's self-pride which neither offends people fond of using English nor forgets to feel proud of our own Indian languages. (Review by Bobby Sing)

05 Oct, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / E / Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Before going for this much praised venture by all, I had a few questions in mind that “Is this film giving too much emphasis to the importance of knowing and speaking ENGLISH unnecessarily?” Or “Is it just another film supporting the idea of English language and its superiority in this new global village of 2012?”

But thankfully, all my doubts didn’t come true as ENGLISH VINGLISH doesn’t venture into that arena at all and is actually a well made film about an Indian housewife’s self-pride and her regained confidence. Its director Gauri Shinde’s debut venture executed beautifully, which neither offends the people fond of using English in their daily conversation, nor it forgets to feel proud of our own Indian languages lead by Hindi. So there is no debate being discussed here about the importance or superiority of English language all over the globe and the film simply revolves around an emotional and socially relevant family plot which needs to be seen by everyone in the family, especially the kids.
In few words, it’s a simple film full of many enjoyable & emotional sequences which are pretty close to what we daily face in our routine lives. Having said that, the new age (nuclear) families in the cities today, may not face this problem due to their higher educational upbringings (of both husband & wife). But still majority of our Indian population faces many similar problems with the language, cleverly depicted in the film without going over-board.
EV begins calmly with the charming Sridevi returning on the screen in her simplest avatar. She straight away wins your heart with her elegant presence and makes the viewer realize that no one can ever look more innocent on the screen than Sridevi, even today. The first half of the film is a complete winner as it never stresses upon the language, has some really good soothing songs and also holds a very entertaining pleasant surprise for the viewers, which is going to impress them all unanimously. Plus I really loved the way Sri declares intermission with an adorable Michael Jackson step right in the middle of a foreign street forcing you to fall in love with her respectful character played effortlessly.
Post intermission, the proceedings become a little slow and the script doesn’t progress with the same energy of the first half. No doubt, impressive sequences keep coming in after every few minutes but still I strongly felt that the writer/director could have avoided the intentionally added love angle in the script used quite elaborately (Can't we make films without any love triangle?). Because due to this one insertion and all that tension generated towards the climax, EV does not turn out to be that exciting post intermission as per the expectations raised by its initial hour. The fun element goes missing in this crucial moment which eventually affects the momentum for a while. However it all ends on an impressive note and you are bound to have tears in your eyes watching Sri’s last speech at the wedding rendered superbly. In fact this concluding scene of the film clearly reveals the reason why the veteran is widely considered as one of the most talented actresses witnessed by the Indian Cinema till date by one and all.
Regarding its inspirational factor, EV has only got some slight resemblances with the famous comedy serial ZABAAN SAMBHAAL KE or with its original version MIND YOUR LANGUAGE but nothing more than that since it actually deals with a completely different subject about a housewife and her personal fight to prove herself in front of her husband and kids.
Apart from its admirable simplicity, EV also has an impressive Background Score and some good soothing songs well composed by the talented Amit Trivedi. And he is fast becoming the most sought after music director by the thinking directors of such off-beat subjects. Cinematography adds a lot to this lovable venture along with a balanced art direction and a decent costume designing which catches your attention.
ENGLISH VINGLISH is purely a Sridevi film from start to finish and the reputed actress rightly chooses a good script which was just perfect for her much awaited come-back. Interestingly the subject of this film is also quite close to Sridevi’s Television debut in the serial titled MALINI IYER (2004) wherein she played a South Indian girl adjusting in a Punjabi family. But here since the setting is changed to English and the foreign locations, so the canvas gets much bigger with a mass appeal. And after watching it, you cannot even imagine anyone else doing the role of Shashi in ENGLISH VINGLISH with such innocence and conviction. The character wins over the viewers in just a few minutes and then you take her home along with you after that memorable final scene written & performed thoughtfully.
Priya Anand as Sridevi’s niece strongly stays there in the film along with Sri and the girl has got both the looks as well as the spark to do a bigger act. Adil Hussain, as her husband and Sujata Kumar as her elder sister perform well in their important roles along with Sulbha Deshpande, who is a complete natural making an appearance after a long gap. From the cast playing Sri’s co-students at the English class, French actor Mehdi Nebbou says a lot with his expressions and acts fine but strangely there is no explanation given in the movie for what he actually says in all those French dialogues. And talking about the surprise element which I would not like to disclose…………, he is truly magnetic.
Moving ahead than just being a film for your entertainment, ENGLISH VINGLISH also gives two important messages to the society, particularly to the Indian Society mentioned below :
One, it’s really not fair to consider the humble house wives taking care of our homes as the least contributors in our daily life or in our materialistic growth (as done by the husband in the film). If truth be told then they are actually the “Base Makers” of that delicious “Life Pizza” we all keep on enjoying day after day without any routine hassles and obstacles. In straight words, whatever peace of mind we all working men enjoy in our daily 10-12 office hours, is all due to that ‘someone’ who is there taking care of our food, clothing and everything in that house called HOME without making a single complain at all. So those silent home-makers strongly deserve an equal status and respect by every single person in the family without any questioning.
Secondly, it’s about the delicate issue of the changing relationship between the growing kids and their parents in our present age families. The issue gets highlighted through two child actors in the film namely Shivansh Kotia (Sri’s son) and Navika Kotia (her daughter) who has a problem with her mother’s inability to speak English. The girl feels insulted by this and takes no step to teach or help her own mother overcome this minor problem in her life, which she could have done easily. And this is the other issue which deals with the “Respect Factor” needed to be maintained between the parents and the growing kids of our families, who in most of the cases, think to be much more knowledgeable and ahead then their own parents & grandparents in many fields.
It’s a known fact that the world is fast going through many technological and social changes which reach the younger generation much sooner than all the other age groups. But that doesn’t mean that the young ones are allowed to make fun of their elders (or tease them) taking advantage of their advanced knowledge about the surroundings as shown in the film. Ideally it’s the duty of the younger generation to teach or to take along their parents and let them enjoy the new blessings of this advanced world too as they rightly deserve it. The mistake is finally realized by the daughter in the film while Sri delivers her emotional wedding speech in the end with twinkles in her eyes and their loving hug brings the family back together as never before.
Therefore, ENGLISH VINGLISH is a film which deserves to be watched not only by all those HOUSE WIVES who need to re-invent themselves urgently but its even a more essential watch for all the HUSBANDS and KIDS since it has got a valuable lesson for them too in its 135 minutes of entertainment.
So do watch it with everyone in the family together and have a good time.
Rating : 3.5 / 5

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05 Oct 2012 / Comments ( 4 )
Hindi Films And What Not

Watched English Vinglish and felt that there is still hope for new and decent stories in bollywood. I am glad that Sridevi choose wisely and made a comeback with such a lovely story. The only downside for me was the pacing which could have been better. Overall it is worth your time and money.

Bobby Sing

Thanks "Hindi Films And What Not" for your comment.


Many years back i watched one film called "SPANGLISH". I was remembered that film while after seeing english vinglish trailer and its posters. Spanglish is also dealt with the same theme like english vinglish. I don\'t know whether my information is true or not. Any how I have to watch english vinglish in theaters first.

Bobby Sing

Hi Ramji,
Though the title does seem to be inspired but I dont think that the film is exactly the same as SPANGLISH
Still I wud try to watch it but if you see it before me then do let me know if you find any cute similarities in both the movies or not.


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