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FORCE - Movie Review : It has no power in its punch. (Review By Bobby Sing)

30 Sep, 2011 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / F / Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

Following the latest trend of south remakes here is another action film, which is the Bollywood avatar of the Tamil Hit KAAKHA KAAKHA released years back in 2003. Looking at its promos, I did have my doubts about FORCE but after watching it I was seriously thinking that, What they really found in the Original, which forced them to remake it in Hindi?

Probably the makers had Salman’s success with his south action remakes in mind (WANTED, BODYGUARD) and then just searched for another action HIT to be remade as soon as possible to encase the ongoing trend. Now as Ajay was also doing his SINGHAM (again a remake), therefore the next best man with a well worked upon body, John Abraham was engaged to do all the similar action sequences like lifting a 120kg Bike and throwing it on the villains.
But the absurdity doesn’t end here. FORCE start off with a pure filmy heroic scene where John climbs up a huge mountain with his bare hands. The love angle is introduced exactly as seen nth times before on the silver screen. The writer and director try hard to build up an aura around a feeble villain which simply falls flat. The first half of the film offers only few stylish action scenes and a beautiful love interest of our hero in the name of a storyline. And just before the intermission the Bad Man gives a very silly reason to kill all the 4 cops in a team which you might not have heard before (may be that was something novel for the writers).
Post intermission, there is just hide and seek going on between the villain and the cops which is neither exciting nor enjoyable. The game goes on to a never ending stretch and you just want it to finish off at the earliest. It’s a pure masala film, I understand. But at least there has to be a story going along with all those actions sequences. Frankly, how many times we have seen the baddies going after the women in the cop’s family to get their revenge and the cops planning to save the ladies along with catching the culprits. The last hour of the film serves you this same rotten content once again and the climax further makes you search for the name of its director.
For the lovers of action genre, the execution is first rate and the Cinematography visually supports it real well. Where John is brilliant in these particular sequences, he still has got a lot to achieve in the acting department. Hence since I was not enjoying the movie at all, the performances of the rest of the cast were also not able to make any sort of impact to be mentioned here. However, I loved watching Genelia looking ravishing on screen with her great looks and heavy “Surma”. Though she doesn’t get anything great to do in the film, still I felt she looked better and prettier as compared to any of her previous releases. Musically too the film doesn’t impress and as usual the songs work as a hindrance in its proceedings.
The film literally sent me into a freezing zone the moment I realized that it has been directed by Nishikant Kamat, the man who earlier gave us two brilliant films, DOMBIVILI FAST (Marathi) and MUMBAI MERI JAAN (which also features in my Must See Movies List). Sadly, this one, doesn’t seem to be directed by the same person from any angle.
In short, FORCE was a complete washout for me both pre and post intermission. But the film made me think about the “Tweets” posted by many STARS in the previous night, when the movie was premiered in Mumbai. Strangely almost everyone shared great energetic Tweets congratulating both John and Genelia saying that it’s a Great Film, they loved watching it, its fresh or powerful and many more similar expressions praising the film strongly.
Now the film might get a good initial due to the John-Genelia pairing and it may also go on to earn some quick bucks, but If you ask me honestly then remembering all those tweets while watching the film I had only one thought in mind, that “Bollywood is desperately in need of some True Friends to tell the STARS the real thing about their films, as it is, without any sugar coating.”
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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30 Sep 2011 / Comments ( 8 )
Jithin Mathew Thomas

Dear Mr.Bobby Singh,
I am ardent follower of your reviews.I thought i would share some inputs onto Kakkka Kakka.The original movie which was made in Tamil was an suberb movie was a huge hit.

This movie introduced the commando genre into tamil which has been done to death in hindi cinema. It was also the launchpad of an editor named Anthony who has revolutionized the way movies are being edited in south indian cinema. He is rightly called the father of modern day film editing as all editors in the past 7-8 years merely copy his style of editing. The way the movie was narrated,the mindblowing songs and bgm (which has been changed in hindi), brilliant perfomance by "SURYA" and jyothika made the movie a treat to watch.

I request you to please watch the tamil version.Suryas perfomance was a major highlight.He did not have the body of John abraham but redefined the word machoism.The movie was made in a very realistic way without any masala formulas.Years before,in my tenth standard i was inspired to wear a silver bangle on my right hand inspired by surya in that movie.I am doing my p.g now and still have the silver bangle.:):):)

Bobby Sing

Hi Jithin Mathew Thomas,

Thanks for appreciating my works and Lots of Thanks for informing about the excellence achieved by the original movie on which FORCE is based.
By your comment it seems that the makers of FORCE have simply ruined the charm of the ORIGINAL and now I am excited to watch it and would soon go for it as soon as I get hold of its DVD with the subtitles.
Till then Do Keep Visiting and Writing In.

Thanks once again and Cheers for that!

Jithin mathew thomas

Dear Bobby Singh,
Sir, the problem is that the movie came out in tamil a decade ago.
Back then the premise would have been exciting,but now with there are gazzilions of similar stories. Anyways do watch the original.

I came across your site while browsing through Itwofs.com a year ago. I have always followed your reviews. I appreciate your sensibilities on what you define as a good cinema and what as bad cinema.

Normal reviews such as indiafm, indiaglitz etc write reviews based on assumptions of flaks they might receive if it hurts their audience (my belief,i felt so). In your reviews you show no favoritism to anyone. More over i was exposed to an amazing variety of films through your site.I owe a great deal to you for exposing me to films like Before Sunrise, Sunset, Hachi, Pakeeezah(the scene in pakeezah where he is shown the heroines legs and the narrative following are outstanding) ,Cinema Paradiso, Babel and many.

If for nothing, i owe a lot to you exposing the gem of a movie called "Hachi". It was a life changing experience for me.

Please keep up the good work. Due to work related pressures it becomes very difficult for me to judge which movie currently running is good enough to be seen in the theatre. My family\'s theatre going experience is based on your analysis:) God bless you too. I would like to send you a list of films mostly Iranian and south indian (as i believe you have covered very less in that area) movies. I promise you it would be a great experience.
Thanks a lot.

Bobby Sing

Hi Jithin,
It really feels like all the hard work being paid off reading your honest words of praise and I am really thankful to you for that.
I always try to be far away from partialty in my reviews, even if the project comes from a known friend of mine and believe me its really tough to face that situation.
But responses like these keep giving me strength and spirit to keep on going.
Do keep visiting and writing in and also do send your list of must watch movies too.
I would love to see them all and then would let you know.

Till then,


Hi Sir,
I am following you from BODYGUARD and like ur reviews very much. You have said very true about FORCE.

I wanted from you to clear my doubt, Sir. I love bollywood very much before some 3 years back. Bollywood is very unique at that time. But why now they are going behind remakes. According to me,this is is very sad to see the hindi cinema in that way. Remake became a dangerous word for ruining our indian cinema culture.

Why Nishikanth Kamath also unnecessarily going inside this remake market. I always hated to watch KAAKHA KAAKHA (Tamil film) which was released 8 years back. Because the movie unwantedly imposed some western attitude to our audiences.Villain is having some over head weight than hero.I think it is a cult film.I wonder how people could digest such an irritatable movie in a theater.

Even tamil cinema also getting more affected by this remake trends.All telugu and malayalam films have been remaked in tamil and ruining the tamil cinema.I think bollywood will definitely learn a lesson by this ugly trend. How can we stop this nonsense.

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Ramji for appreciating my reviews here. 
And you are quite right regarding the REMAKING TREND being followed by the Hindi Film Industry.

However the main reason for this as I believe is the new way of earning quick money from a film in just its first 3-4 days of release.
And for getting this quick money they need a quick script, a quick director and an already worked upon project which needs their minimum effort. In this way they choose a HIT FILM as per the running trend, buy its rights and just remake it in the minimum time to release it as early as possible.

This is the reason, as per my understanding why everybody is making a remake and have really stopped working on a project right from the start on their own.

But I hope this is another trend which will go-away with the changing times, so dont worry.

Thanks once again for writing in and Keep Visiting,


Jithin Mathew Thomas

Dear Sir,
Please do watch a srilankan movie called"machan".It is available in subtitles. I just recently saw it.Try your best to get the movie beacuse it is going to be a worth it experience.easily in my top ten movies of all time.The biggest highpoint of the movie is that it is a true story.Here is the link in wiki..hope u find it interesting.


Bobby Sing

Great Jithin, The movie and its synopsis looks very interesting.
I will have to see from where I can get this. Do let me know if you have got a link.
Thanks for the info.

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