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FRUIT & NUT - Movie Review : They should have done some charity instead of making this film. (Review By Bobby Sing)

23 Oct, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

The punch line of the review says it all as “Fruit & Nut” was one of the worst movie I have ever seen till date. After requesting the theater manager to run the movie for only two persons alone, the experience of watching this silly dud, later made me regret the request I had made for its special screening. The film simply offers nothing to write about any department of its making ranging from its script, music, acting and direction.

Supposed to be a comedy, the movie starts off in a normal way introducing Cyrus Broacha as a simple, funny, fat boy who is looking for some good job, money and romance in his life. But right after his first scene, the movie falls into a circle of sheer absurdity with strange happenings, illogical scenes and extremely loud characters on the screen. Just imagine a beautiful girl getting kidnapped from a toilet through a commode seat. Really, it was quite brave on behalf of the writer and the director to think and even shoot such a sequence in their full fledged movie. May be they were trying to be over inventive, inspired by some weird world cinema movies. But here the end result was just equal to a badly cooked dish with no taste, flavor or fragrance of any sort. In fact the dish called “Fruit & Nut” doesn’t even deserve to be tasted with the smallest child spoon.
Looking upon the star cast of the film, it seemed to be an interesting project featuring many famous actors known for their mastery in the art. But after watching them portraying their assigned roles in the movie, I became stunned and kept thinking about the thought process of the director who successfully completed this intolerable film with so many talented people around. Apart from Cyrus, there is Mahesh Manjrekar, playing an officer who keeps trying to speak English words and phrases. Boman Irani an eccentric or mad old man, who is on a mission to save Mumbai from the Builders nexus. Diya Mirza, a strange Raw agent who gets kidnapped in the most bizarre manner and Rajit Kapoor, who plays a silly professor and scientist making bombs for the bad men. The most ridiculous of them all is Rajit Kapoor, who surprisingly gives a forgetful performance of his otherwise shining career. Everyone else is also just there to honor their professional commitment to the project and that’s it.
Director, Kunal Vijaykar simply missed the golden opportunity he was given as he couldn’t use the comic talent of any of the actors made available to him for his project. The movie starts and ends with the same weird and uncanny sequences which become unbearable towards its even more painful climax (where they all start playing Antakshri). And in the end, you just want to rush out of the hall at once as the credits start rolling. Truly speaking, the producers should have done some charity instead of making this insane movie.
Rating : Half A Star / 5

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23 Oct 2009 / Comments ( 6 )

HI ! You can\'t imagine the impact of this film ... since 1974 or 75 this film is shown on algerian tv twice or three times a year ... all the people know it , even if he doesn\'t like it ... and they have changed the name from "Aa Gale Lag Ja" into "DJanitou"...
If you meet an algerien someday try to ask about Djanitou .... ;-)
I like your Blog very much ! thank you !

Bobby Sing

Thanks Fatiha for your encouragement....I rally feel honored and satistfied knowing that my articles and write-ups are being enjoyed by like minded friends living so far away, who love Bollywood movies so much.

And that also keeps in high spirits, inducing enough power and enthusiasm into myself to continue with more better articles.

So keep logging and be in touch....Cheers!


You said it : They should have done some charity instead of making this film.
I totaly agree with you .... it is really wasting of energy and competences...too bad ! Have you see " Aa Gale Lag Jaa" ?

Bobby Sing

Ya Fatiha, I have seen "Aa Gale Lag Ja" released in 1973 and it was one of the movies from the earlier phase of Manmohan Desai's career when he used to make love stories or soft thrillers.

In fact, the name of the latest movie "Janne Tu Ya Jaane Na" was also taken from the famous song "Tera Mujhse Hai Pehla Ka Naata Koi" from this film.

It seems you all love this movie a lot there....and its really nice to hear that...!

Keep in touch....



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Will any place which I keep seeing daily be able to recognise me if you are not by my side(walking behind me)
A huge wave of love hit me from top to bottom and receded...
How will I search for you with these moist eyes...?
I like,Thank you for your good and great content Site

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for your kind appreciative words Shivavarun.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.


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