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Flight (2012) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

13 May, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

FLIGHT is one of those rare films which entirely focus on only one character throughout and come up with a brilliant portrayal of self assessment and realization in a well written script. It talks about an excitingly new subject featuring a skillful yet reckless pilot, held responsible for a massive crash. In fact after watching the film, I realized that its director Robert Zemeckis has surely achieved a kind of mastery in scripts revolving around a single character after FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY and now FLIGHT. Interestingly all these three films are there in my ‘Movies To See Before You Die” list now and FLIGHT arguably remains the most important one due to its socially relevant subject related with the public life.
An experienced pilot finds something severely wrong in his plane’s machinery while he is still in air and the aircraft is sure going to crash in just few minutes. With his presence of mind and acquired skills, he crashes the plane into a field and yet manages to save almost all his passengers on board with only 6 unfortunate casualties. The press praises his giant effort loudly but the pilot still has to face an official investigation of the accident which reveals some real dark secrets about his addiction and he decides to take a bold, life changing decision in the end.
Now here this novel & interesting subject is itself convincing enough to force any passionate movie lover to watch FLIGHT on an urgent basis. But in reality the film is much more than just a fresh, entertaining and technically well-made project, as it takes you deep into the psyche of that brave pilot who now finds himself fighting with his inner conscience, sitting in front of the affected families in the court. And the moment he takes that major decisive decision related to his future life, never expected by anyone around even in their wildest dreams, the film becomes a gem, a true gem to be seen as a must. It opens up with a bold nude scene (which sadly restricts it for only adult viewing) and then ends up on a great spiritualistic note, transforming into a precious life teaching cinematic expression, especially for the ones who themselves are walking on the path of self-realization.
Moreover with Denzel Washington playing the lead role of that daring pilot, the film simply becomes a rare treat to watch, particularly in its last 30 minutes, where you just have Denzel’s close ups on the screen facing the investigation board with confidence. And in these well directed sequences, you get to realize that he has once again delivered a career best performance, superbly enacting the strong conflict running within his heart and mind together, which rightly earned him the OSCAR nomination too for the Best Actor in the lead role. 
A textbook material on character study, the film deserves to be included in the ‘Curriculum of all Acting Schools’ since here Denzel stunningly displays the art of emoting through his facial expressions alone without taking the support of either tears or laughs. And this powerful board room sequence featuring his master act, really lifts the film to a completely different level all together with a unique kind of revelation in its climax. Besides, it also has two spirited performances from Don Cheadle & John Goodman, who superbly build up the crescendo felt in the end along with Washington.
But more importantly FLIGHT’s concluding sequences readily make us remember all those wrong decisions we tend to make in the weaker moments of our lives and then later cannot find the courage to accept them with their severe consequences. And this is what converts a film on drugs, alcoholism and unprofessional ethics into a SPIRITUAL one eventually. So do watch FLIGHT at the earliest, as it has a lot more to share than just entertainment.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Starring : Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, John Goodman, Nadine Velazquez and more.
Update : The film can now be seen on Amazon Prime Online Portal with English Subtitles for a subscription.

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13 May 2013 / Comments ( 4 )
The theme of movie is good to accept the human weakness, but surely it is not comparable to forrest gump and castway.. those are uncomparable to any movies.
Bobby Sing

Hi Pradeep,
As you said the two movies FORREST GUMP and CAST AWAY cannot be compared, its perfectly right. 
But the point is that the write-up is not pointing towards any comparison at all. Now as written in there,

"Director Robert Zemeckis has surely achieved a kind of mastery in scripts revolving around a single character after FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY and now FLIGHT. Interestingly all these three films are there in my ‘Movies To See Before You Die” list now and FLIGHT arguably remains the most important one due to its socially relevant subject related with the public life."

So the point here is that this is director's third film revolving around a single character strongly and he has now achieved a kind of mastery in such kind of script. Secondly FLIGHT certainly has more socially relevant subject related with moral duties of a human dealing with public life, which was not there in the other two gems for sure.

Hence for me the three are true gems in their own forms, incomparable............yet different when it comes to socially relevant subject which is more visible and strong in FLIGHT.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,


Dear Bobby, Happy New Year.
With your inspiration, I started watching  movies in Indian languages other than Hindi.

I just watched two movies 'Karma' and 'Arjun Reddy and I throughly enjoyed both of them.
Thank you for introducing a lot of cinema lovers to this treasure of movies.
Have you watched Arjun Reddy? I am not able to find its review on the website.
I found a striking resemblence between this movie and Flight with a parallell track of unconventational love story. Please do watch it if you have not already seen it and share your reviews because of two reasons. first, even if it is inspired it has its life learning lesson, like the scene of Arjun's grand mother fuernal and his conversation with his father at that very moment, court scene and may more.
Second,as per my Knowledge you are the most eligible and honest person to comment on inspiration, shortcoming and strengths of a movie. Also, once again reminding you for review of 'Kony'.
With my best regards

Bobby Sing

Many thanks for your wishes Sudhanshu and sorry for my too late reply (after months)
Really loved to hear that my site and writings could inspire you to watch other lanugage Indian movies too.
More glad to know that you loved both KARMA and ARJUN REDDY as they both are indeed worth praising movies by all means.

Have seee both and would soon write about ARJUN REDDY as it is now being remade in Hindi too as per the latest news which I am not in favour of as the film cannot be remade as it is.

Would try to write about it, the inspirations and more soon in the coming days and yes would watch KONI too.
Sharing the good news its now on Amazon Prime too as someone shared recently.

Till then Keep Visiting and Writing in with

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