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GULAAB GANG - Watch it just for the powerful clashes between a shockingly new Juhi and the stunning Madhuri. (Review By Bobby Sing)

09 Mar, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / G

This is one of those ‘exception to the rule’ films, which still gets rated as an essential watch despite being just average and having many major glitches in its execution to put it honestly. So getting over with its weaker points first, the film’s basic plot is now widely known to all after the recent controversy over its title and the court case filed by the original Gulaabi Gang’s leader Smt. Sampat Pal. A well made documentary on the amazing social work by this famous women group was released just a few days back. And though the film is not entirely based on the real life facts, still it is quite evident from where the idea has been borrowed for its basic theme.
Directed by Soumik Sen, GULAAB GANG is a sheer commercial adaptation of a serious mission wherein the women power is shown in full force with some well directed confrontation and action sequences along with many punchy dialogues. But since the director also had the knowledge of music, so to display it loudly he goes on adding numerous average as well as not-required songs in his narration right from the first few minutes to the last. Also including a clearly forced HOLI song in the final moments, in which Madhuri starts singing and dancing right after a pretty serious sequence in an utterly silly manner. So mainly due to this worst feature of the film (i.e. the songs), GULAAB GANG fails to make that desired impact which could have easily been achieved with just a theme song being played repeatedly.
The film begins at a very lazy pace coming to the point after a long introduction and the entertaining tension actually commences, once Juhi Chawla enters the scene with her cunning smile. Later it keeps moving as a bumpy ride with some worth applauding high points coming after regular intervals. However many routine seen before sequences hamper its overall pace post the intermission and then the all hurried up, illogical climax ruins the entire build up quite badly.
So then why I am still interested in recommending the film for all the Hindi cinema lovers willing to see something great? The reason is that yes GULAAB GANG turns out to be a clear masala interpretation of a relevant theme as expected, yet it gives you something unique and entertaining in few of its well conceived sequences focusing on the powerful clashes between the two veterans i.e. Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit, executed like never before. Its indeed a treat to watch the stunning Madhuri walking with her solid attitude in slow motion along with the pumping music playing at the back. Plus the pleasantly shocking Juhi replying to Madhuri’s every move with just a playful, teasing smile like a typical shrewd politician.
In fact here I would like to admit that though the project was widely promoted as a Madhuri Dixit film in its entire promotional campaign and print advertisements. But in reality its Juhi Chawla who makes a more killer impact in her first ever role of a vamp unarguably. Hence as an exciting surprise, here we have the beautiful Juhi in a completely new negative avatar played real well, offering a lot more than the viewer’s expectations from the talented actress. In other words, where Madhuri’s decent attempt struggles to make an instant connect due to her mixed language (accent) or all meaningless songs (dances), there Juhi takes the full advantage of this unintentional flaw and emerges as a clear winner in this onscreen contest evidently.
Now if truth be told then the only person responsible for this visible imbalance in the two key portrayals is the music composer residing inside the body of the director only, who forced him to put so many songs & dance numbers into the film, which actually weakened the entire aura around Madhuri’s strong character of a revolting lady ultimately. In other words, if only this film was made with just a theme song and stressing more upon the balanced depiction of both the clashing characters thoughtfully, it would have surely become a gem of a trendsetter in all possibilities, as it seems.
Technically speaking, GG has a splendid camerawork complementing the enjoyable actions sequences of the film superbly and one really keeps waiting for all the tension filled scenes of Madhuri-Juhi together, eagerly. The novelty of a woman standing against another evil woman, moving away from the routine stuff keeps the interest alive and its truly a treat to watch only for these specific scenes alone as mentioned before. In the supporting acts, Divya Jagdale performs a bit over the top in a forceful mode but both Priyanka Bose and Tannishtha Chatterjee are wonderfully natural. All the men featuring in their various negative roles are fine, especially the one playing the local politician forced to face the cruel humiliation.
In short, do give GULAAB GANG a chance, especially for the two veterans clashing with each other like never before and I am sure you would not regret the decision made, celebrating this year’s Women’s Day with Madhuri and Juhi together.
Rating : 2.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 only for Juhi Chawla’s winning act.)

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09 Mar 2014 / Comments ( 6 )

Still awaiting for your honest review of GG sir, or are still trying to see if there is anything good to write about the lead?

Bobby Sing

Sorry for keeping you waiting Sanusi, but it was just the matter of time I was not able to find to complete it.
However its now posted in detail and you can take the decision by reading it.


Thank you sir for your kind response.

Bobby Sing

The pleasure is all mine Sanusi.
Keep Visiting & Writing in.


Bobby Ji,
Is it just annother Hit and run by bollywood, after all the hype of court stay and all ?

PS:email alerts are not coming from your site, like when someone replies to your comment.

Bobby Sing

Hi Shikhar,
Court Cases filed just before the release are now given NO attention by the viewers as well as by the makers. Plus now the courts have also started dealing with such cases more severely after RAM LEELA.

Regarding the e-mail alerts, the notification option is not there at the moment but I will keep that in mind in the site's next technical update surely.


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