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HOSTAGES (Web Series/Hotstar) - An above average thriller with nothing extra ordinary or out of the box. (Review by Bobby Sing)

31 May, 2019 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / H / Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

The new web series at Hotstar revolving around the family of a reputed doctor taken as hostage by a group of masked men is an official Hindi remake of the first season of a well-received Israeli series with the same title. It features Ronit Roy, Tisca Chopra, Dalip Tahil, Parveen Dabas and more playing the key roles with a political angle too, as the demand is to kill the Chief Minister on the hospital’s operation theater by the doctor in charge, the lady of the house Tisca Chopra.

A scene to scene, episode to episode and almost dialogue to dialogue adaptation of the original, HOSTAGES only partially delivers as a taut thriller as it takes too much time in its proceedings and doesn’t offer anything extraordinary or out of the box in its screenplay almost repeating the known things.

Without giving away the main twists, for instance, unexpected visitors to the house, the kidnappers romancing as well as fighting with each other, one developing soft corner for the young girl of the family, an uninvited intruder breaking in, the family members hiding secrets from each other and more are typical features included in the series, seen in many earlier attempts made on the same theme. Moreover the screenplay also has quite a few convenient twists where we witnesss the lead kidnapper moving out of the house frequently, easy accessibility to mobile phones and even computers within the home itself, informers being there in the hospital staff, plus the neighborhood and even the patrolling police officers being fooled without any difficulty (even after hearing gun shots). 

Besides where the known actors act well, the supporting cast is just okay doing their given task and that’s one of the major reason why the 10 episodes seem to be a long stretch without anything highly absorbing or edge of the seat compelling you to watch the next episode right away one after another.
In all, HOSTAGES has its merits of a potential subject and some fine performances, but it isn’t something that successfully keeps you excited or engrossed throughout its each and every episode. Reason being the same seen before sub-plots and unrealistic happenings smartly presented as a hostage thriller that doesn't appear to be entirely convincing. Strangely it throws a major twist only in the last 15 minutes of the tenth episode, which fails to add anything significant coming too late. 
To be fair, as it’s a frame to frame Hindi adaptation, so cannot really blame the veteran director Sudhir Mishra as he created what he could as per the fixed, given content without any contributions of his own in either writing or presentation. However I wish they could include the original background score of the Israeli series in its Hindi version too giving it a finer edge.
Having said that, HOSTAGES is no doubt a leap ahead of the numerous poor Indian television series being released left and right, but that still doesn’t allow me to praise it wholeheartedly due to this very reason alone. 
So you can try watching the couple of initial episodes to see if its worth trying further, but that too with some kind of multitasking going on, to be brutally honest.
Rating : 3 / 5
(Note : The original Israeli series with the same title HOSTAGES can also be seen at Netflix, but would not like to strongly recommend it either due to the same reasons mentioned in the write-up.)

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31 May 2019 / Comments ( 4 )

mujhe ye film dekhni hai

Bobby Sing

Its not a film but a web-series available at Hotstar Movie portal and can be seen by paying a subscription.

S K Agarwal

I couldn't understand climax of series..

1. Why cop want murder of CM.
2. How he save him after murder.
In short what is the story of this series. I am totally puzzle. 


Bobby Sing

Never Mind Sir.
However nowadays many passionate youtubers make their videos explaining everything from their side.
They are also interesting to watch at times. So do try them if that sounds good.


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