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I AM SINGH - Movie Review : Doesn't qualify the basic requirements of its own title. (Review by Bobby Sing)

31 Dec, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

Following the recent trend of films being made around Sikh characters, director Puneet Issar comes up with a project which heavily takes the support of Sikh religious beliefs to get noticed. In order to get some instant attention, particularly from the “Punjabi belt” in the North and in abroad, he even calls it I AM SINGH, poorly meddling with Sikh sentiments in an unqualified way, which cannot be applauded for many valid reasons (given later in the review).

As I feel its indeed a welcome change where films are being made on some sensitive issues related with Sikhs, moving ahead from just using them in some comic references. But at the same time it is not required to turn these films into Religious projects trying to en-cash the soft sacred side of the viewers forcing them to watch it with some different reasons. Unfortunately I AM SINGH tries the same throughout its 2 hours and in turn fails to either entertain or enlighten the viewers in any form.

The film is based on an important theme of Racial Discrimination and Hate Crimes seen in the West against Muslims and Sikhs due to their resembling attires. It’s a delicate issue which demanded a responsible depiction from the director and his actors. But IAS portrays the subject in such a manner that one simply feels like watching an aimless angered agitation on the screen and nothing else. The main protagonists of the movie shout more and act less in their respective roles which even crosses the line of hamming at several instances. Hence there is nothing appreciable in the film from the content, execution, acting or music point of view since it represents a hugely important issue in a very childish manner.

For instance the directorial level of the film can easily be judged looking at the way Puneet Issar conceives and shoots the scenes at the Police Station involving only 3-4 foreign officials. The editing further messes it all by confusing interchanging shots of both India and abroad. Actually it seems, that the only mission of the makers is to loudly announce that “We are proud to be a Sikh” taking names of all the Divine Sikh Gurus in its lengthy and unimpressive dialogues. And that’s where I strongly disagree with its viewpoint because it never portrays the actual Sikh Ideologies in the right way. And here are my reasons for the same.

Its good to feel proud of your origin, culture and religion but the proud needs to be shown in a decent way. In a multi-religion country like India, If Sikhs are proud to be Sikhs, then Hindus are also proud to be Hindus and Muslims are proud to be Muslims too. So everyone is proud on his religion but that doesn’t mean that the same proud should lead to fights showing disrespect towards each other’s existence. The basic principle of Sikhism is to Accept, Respect and Protect the identity of others with conviction. And that conviction is completely missing in this project called I AM SINGH.

Secondly, at one end, the whole film keeps on screaming the message that “We are all equal humans without any caste or creed” by making the reference of the sacred text “Maanas ki Jaat Sabhe Eke Pehchanbo” (Consider all human race as one) by Guru Gobind Singh. Yet all the producers in a very questionable way, openly write their third title, i.e. their CASTES in their names as “Thind” which is strictly against the same message of SIKHSIM mentioned above.

Thirdly and most importantly, what can be said about the film called I AM SINGH and its writer-actor-director Puneet Issar, who is intelligent enough to make a project with this title, featuring himself as a tough Sikh policeman in it. But at the same time, is also so unwise that he goes on to promote the film in all channels and interviews in his original appearance of a BALD, which in a clear way is a Big Insult to his own film called I AM SINGH based on a specific religion as per its title. After so many years in the industry, at least one should be professional enough to promote a project keeping in mind its basic requirements. And that I think should say it all about his understanding of the project itself.

To sum up, a 2004 release "I Proud To Be An Indian" still remains a much better film made on this subject till date.

Rating : 1 / 5 (Only for its well designed publicity material.)

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31 Dec 2011 / Comments ( 3 )
Vikas saitya

Hi Bobby
"For instance the directorial level of the film can easily be judged looking at the way Puneet Issar conceives and shoots the scenes at the Police Station ."
It is quite amazing, sometimes one can easily predict from one scene or one look of a film how bad a movie could be & you are perfectly right about the sensibility of director regarding its promotion in bald look, In our country we try to just use sentiments of innocent public for our commercial gain.
Well when Tashan first Poster Involving the three lead with very unusual & absurd look published in TOI-DELHI TIMES, then I have the same feeling regarding moview that its going to be a big Flop, & now u have this type of observation regarding one scene of Police station.(similar thought process)
Now it is getting really interesting, like in past in Bol review, Not a love Story & Jagjit Singh\'s Article .


Vikas Saitya
Dear Bobby

Waiting for your reply on our similar thought process & expalin the strange occurence again & again.

Bobby Sing

Dear Vikas,
Sorry for the late reply but I usually answer all friends finding one day in a week giving them all proper answers without any haste.

As for as your observations are concerned, I would like to say that in today's word INTERNET if used with intelligence, with a motive of leraning more....than it has no limitations along with giving you an opportunity to know many like-minded friends who otherwise can never meet each other in person. So for that I am extremely thankful to the creator of world wide web.

Its really very nice to have a friend who feels the same way I do about various subject and films......and I hope it will shape up great with all the friends here at BTC in the coming years.

Hoping for the best for the Virtual Team of BTC.

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