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JAB TAK HAI JAAN (2012) and its inspirations.

16 Nov, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / J

The swan song of the maestro YASH CHOPRA was widely expected to be much bigger, impressive and memorable than the one witnessed this week, quite sadly. But the veteran was surely visible in certain parts of the film strongly and would be missed forever in this industry fast moving towards pure commercialism.

Having said that Yash Raj banner’s latest big flick JAB TAK HAI JAAN also had too many elements inspired from many other sources mentioned below:
1. First of all, one of the posters of the film (posted here) was highly inspired from the trend started by James Bond films in GOLDFINGER (1964) which was later also adapted in GRIDIRON GANG (2006), SPECIAL FORCES or FORCES SPECIALES (French) (2011), GONE (2011), ANGELS (Thailand) (2012) and probably many more.

(For a detailed article on this check out the link below)
2. The basic premises of JTHJ storyline revolves around the one seen in Yash Raj banner’s first film titled DAAG released in 1973, wherein the key characters of Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore and Rakhee are replaced by Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in JTHJ. But since DAAG had many outdated references in its script including the plot of an “Illegitimate Child”, therefore some new ideas were adapted to separate the loving couple and then unite them back in the end. Interestingly DAAG was also based on a British novel published in 1886 titled “The Mayor of Casterbridge”.

(For a detailed article on this check out the link below)
3. Now the major twist in the film, where Katrina Kaif keeps a condition in front of Jesus while praying to him for saving Shahrukh’s life, is straight away taken as it is from THE END OF THE AFFAIR (1999) featuring Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore in the lead. The film also has a reference of a manuscript which is read to know the exact proceedings of the past similar to the Diary in JTHJ. THE END OF THE AFFAIR (1999) is based on a novel with the same title published in 1951 which was also adapted for another movie with the similar name in 1955.

And more recently the same plot of a conditional prayer or deal with the GOD was also there in one of the seasons of famous American TV Series GOSSIP GIRL.
4. The fearless bomb diffuser character and many of its scenes related with the bombs found are clearly inspired from the famous Oscar Winner THE HURT LOCKER (2008).
5. A rich girl taken for a ‘freak out’ date to re-discover her hidden inner self also reminded me of a similar sequence in ROCKSTAR (2011).
6. Several scenes in JTHJ remind you of Yash Raj banner’s own previous films like the river side scene of Katrina & Anushka together is quite similar to the one in SILSILA (1981) featuring Rekha and Jaya Bachchan sharing the same frame.
7. As a trademark insertion (and not inspiration) JTHJ has also got a not so impressive long dance sequence (on an instrumental track) as per Yash Chopra’s decades old tradition like earlier seen in CHANDNI (1989), LAMHE (1991), DARR (1993) & DIL TO PAGAL HAI (1997).
Hence looking at the above list, I would again like to go back to the good old YASH CHOPRA before the 80s who gave us some memorable and precious movies in that golden era worth watching again & again till our own finale.

(Thanks to Parveen Sethi for the info about The End of The Affair & Tabish Nadeem about Gossip Girl)

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16 Nov 2012 / Comments ( 6 )
amit vig

Bobby sir g
vry borng movie.in three hrs, pain in head ,legs,eyes and ears
out of control. In the end srk get back his memory but we lost.
Why r u give three stars , the value of your three stars which i think
that movie is watchable. But this is like sirish kundar\'s movie.
Sir after rab ne bana di jodi this is second third class movie of.srk.
Sir for your three star it cost me twenty five hundred.
Please be crful for next time.

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit Vig,
As per your comment It seems that as many readers you also just checked the RATINGS below the whole review and then made a decision.

Because the RATING of the movie is just 2 and the extra one is just only for Anushka who actually saves the film clearly.i.e. 2+1=3

Plus if you have had the comeplete review then I have clearly stated that the film is largely uninteresting and below expectations in few parahs, which are again quoted here to clear my point.

"But being his die-hard fans since the 70s, I honestly felt quite confused and sad during the first half of JTHJ, since it turned out to be largely uninteresting, repetitive and too long unlike all those Yash Chopra films, still fresh in our minds. The first 30 minutes of the film are just ok and then it starts walking on an all ‘seen before’ road................"

"In short, though both Shahrukh & Katrina have performed well but JTHJ can easily be rated as a weak film till its intermission wherein you can the sense the presence of the good old Yash Chopra only in parts and his strong touch of emotional entertainment remains largely missing."

"Yet the film gets rescued only & only by Anushka Sharma alone and the whole team of JTHJ should be actually thankful to her. If truth be told then had she not performed this well, the swan song of Yash Chopra would have gone into the dark clouds of rejection in the first few days itself since it lacks many of those elements associated with the big name clearly."

"Therefore if you are eager to see something exceptional from the maestro in his last film, then its going to be disappointment more or less, as JTHJ just remains only a good one time watch and that’s it.

Still the same cannot be said about its screenplay which does have many flaws and dull moments (in the first half) which could have been avoided to reach a smaller duration (as currently it’s a 3 hours long film).

Summing up, with all due respect JAB TAK HAI JAAN is the maestro YASH CHOPRA’s swan song as decided by the destiny…..! But its definitely not amongst his best works if you are well aware of the body of work presented before us in the past decades. 

So after reading all the above lines written in the review itself, you should have easily guessed what the films actually was and why it was given the RATING of just 2 + 1 for only Anushka alone.

I hope I was able to explain myself and the review too.



raj vardhan
Hello Sir!
First of all,Belated Happy Diwali to you and ur family.....:)

I dont have anything to say about jab tak hain jaan coz I haven\'t seen it yet.

Few days back I got to know story of Faasle from one of my friend.
I think the basic premise of Late Amrish Puri\'s hatred towards Shahrukh\'s character in the film was same.... which was there in Faasle too.
Late Sunil Dutt also hated her daughter\'s lover coz he once misbehaved with him.
Bobby Sing

Hi Raj,
You are probably right as I roughly remember watching FAASLE.
But the point seems valid as at that time Yash Chopra was going through a bad phase of flops including VIJAY which also had traces of TRISHUL in it.

amit vig
Boby sir u r absty right
i know your fellings and respect for this mastero legend.
Right sir first half is so boar.
In whole movie i read your articles few life inspiring wordS
or line. I like this so much. And with respect thanks u sir
For ur explanation and sry sir if i hurt u.
U r great sir g. Gud night.
Bobby Sing

Dear Amit,
Please dont think that way as we are here to discuss movies in the most honest and impartial ways.
So all views are welcome and now after my explanation about JTHJ I am glad you got the point right.

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