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JISM 2 - A childish attempt to fool the viewers by only showing the body beautiful without any soul or content. (Review By Bobby Sing)
02 Aug, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

If there is one person in Hindi Film Industry who has skillfully learned the art of how to exploit each new opportunity coming his way for the benefit of his own banner then it has to be none other than Mahesh Bhatt. The man sights a great potential money spinner the moment he sees the famous porn star Sunny Leone featuring in the TV reality show Big Boss, makes arrangements to enter the house personally to offer her a film and superbly starts the publicity campaign of something which was not even there on papers right from inside the big boss house.

Not only that, but in the next few months, he professionally works on the project within a fixed budget, writes the film himself (with only 4 characters), gives the direction to her daughter Pooja Bhatt and releases the film with some controversial posters (reportedly inspired/copied from Goa based designer Felix Bandesh’s 2008 fashion photo-shoot) on a festival day in India to ensure a great initial. Now, what can be a better example of a perfectly planned sure shot viable business project other than JISM 2 in the present times, which is bound to give sufficient returns to its makers undoubtedly?
But on the other hand, as I watched the film, it surprised me a lot with its childish content which had nothing to say at all besides its expected body show from a western porn star. Said to be a Crime-Sex-Thriller, the film has neither got any thrills nor any excitement in its immature storyline only interested in showing you Sunny’s bare backs, her steamy kisses and the abrupt sex scenes retained after the cuts ordered by the Censors. So, it was really shocking for me to realize that the film was written by Mahesh Bhatt himself, who had a lot of power in his vision, repeatedly proved by his own masterpieces in the past. And if it was really written by him then I admit that the growing age does make a lot of impact on one’s creative capabilities.
In strong words with JISM 2 both its writer and the director try to make fool of we, the audience as if we are only there to see Sunny Leone without her clothes, locking lips every five minutes. In this context I would like to remind both Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt that please don’t treat the audience as dumb minded people who would just applaud anything served by you in the name of SEX. Because what you are selling to them for a price in the name of Sunny Leone, a lot more than that is easily available free of cost on a simple click all over the net. So please don’t take us as granted every time you make a movie, which in reality is a mere commercial project rather than being a creative expression of a visionary. And as far as direction is concerned Pooja Bhatt should stick to producing films and avoid directing them for the sake of her own banner.
Coming to the performances, only Randeep Hooda seems to be acting in the film to some extent and the rest are all doing their offered jobs as professionals. I have liked Arunoday Singh in all his previous ventures but in this he has really acted in a very awkward style and remains completely unconvincing. Arif Zakaria once again gives a seen before performance which fails to impress and Sunny Leone expectedly relies a lot more on her body than her acting skills which was pretty obvious. But still she manages well in her debut venture with her limited facial expressions and stunning beauty. The girl has got the fire to burn the screen but doesn’t get anything to work on from her writer-mentor Mahesh Bhatt. And I seriously doubt that with such an image she would ever get an author backed role in our films.
Honestly speaking, throughout JISM 2 I remained puzzled thinking that can Mahesh Bhatt really write this kind of crap storyline and screenplay? The progression of the film is so lazy and uninteresting that it seriously doesn’t seem to be a Bhatt’s camp movie from any angle other than its sexual scenes. The absurd writing reaches heights when you suddenly hear a vague mention of Cancer towards its end and also the playing of an old hindi classic song "Woh Subah Kabhi To Aayegi" without any basic purpose. Unarguably Sunny Leone is sure going to learn a lot of essential lessons from her first film itself about how things actually work in our Hindi Film Industry, where the onscreen project comes out to be entirely different from what was being projected in those initial interactive sessions.
As publicized in its promos the Cinematography gracefully adds to the soft-porn feel of the movie along with its ok background score. But another surprise of JISM 2 remains its less inspiring soundtrack despite the presence of Mr. Bhatt, the man with a fine musical ear. Though few songs sound fine as individual tracks but while watching them on the screen in their boring placements, they fail to keep you hooked. Continuing with Mr. Bhatt’s passion for Pakistani music, Rashk, one of the four music directors in the film, simply ruins a fabulous track originally sung by the legendary Noor Jehan and Reshma with the words, “Na Dil Dendi Bedardi Nu”.
Overall, JISM 2 is surely one of the weakest movies from the Bhatt camp and maybe the most silly one too. I recently read that after working in it, Sunny Leone was thinking of leaving the porn industry to pursue a dedicated career in Indian films. But after watching it, I would just like to say to her that, please do watch JISM 2 yourself as a movie, before taking your final decision. Because here you are nothing more than a bold girl who has a rare beauty ready to be canned naked without any hassles and who can easily bring in great initials even for a trash film. Hence, I sincerely doubt anyone would be ever able to see beyond that for Sunny Leone in the present scenario of our films.
Ratings : 1 / 5 (And that too only for encouraging Sunny Leone for successfully completing her first Indian movie venture.)

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02 Aug 2012 / Comments ( 6 )
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Mahesh Bhatt is one of those under rated genuis of our industry. This man gave us classics with absolute ease. I too am amazed at the level of mediocrity he has sunken to just to cash in on the sex factor in films. I pity my generation for knowing Mahesh Bhatt as the writer of Jism 2 and not as the director of Arth and Saaransh.

Bobby Sing

YES, it surely is a pity for this generation that they are being introduced to Mahesh Bhatt for films such as Jism 2.
A great Loss for anyone who is really interested in Cinema.



Bobby Jism 2 Idea could be oId but you cant reject whole presentation as garbage. As I heard and read a lot about one of most hyped film ¯JISM2¯. People were divided in their view of film. So called film Pundit were giving their THIS & THAT about film. As an audience I liked a few film of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. Romantic thriller is not my genre. On Monday I happened to watch film in theatre. As theatre was not equipped with state of art tools so its better to keep Audio part out of discussion. Before taking decision to go and watch film I read some of critics article. One of the critics said that whole film is OK except script. Someone wrote that Sunny and Arunodya singh didnt do well.

Myself as I said Romantic thriller is not my preferred choice but I still like this film including script. When a writer writes some ideas on paper to make a flow of story, at the same time we can say that there could be some other suggestions/options to portray same thing. As everybody is unique so is the ideas. Naturally if same Mahesh Bhatt tries to rewrite same story after one year from now he might come up with some better ideas to accommodate. But in a given time and scenario someone has to hold a stand somewhere to move the project forward. Randeep Hooda did a fantastic job. Sunny and Arunodya with given experience as actors did a satisfactory job. Puja Bhatt as a director did a good job. So is music and cinematography. Only reservation about film is that very last climax looks like wrapped in hasty. It doesnt mean that drama is not there. It is there but director should have also worked on cinematic part of climax as she did in first half of film. I think what hurt the film most was its negative publicity. Now question is about nudity and erotica. No doubt film is not meant for family but still if as Indians if we are fond of Ajanta & Elora than it is not that morally bad as it was projected in media. Better director should have cut a few body posture shots without compromising substance of film to gain U certificate from censor. Secondly, showing intimate scenes in promo and on posters also worked negatively. As a matter of fact if we watch film without being prejudice, we may find even intimacy was shown in an artistic way according to the demand of story. I think there are 2 type of group in media and in Bollywood. A few of them are liberal when it comes to bracing new ideas and people in industry. Second type of people for their own reasons are prejudice to see that how a person who was a known adult film star can change herself in to a new Avtar in main stream cinema. Rating 3 out of 5.

Bobby Sing

Dear Jagroop,
You are entitiled to your opinion but I cannot agree with you at all because for me the film was a big let down from almost all angles other than music and that also only to some extent.
Further I would like to inform you that I neither belong to any group nor any divisions of the industry. I rate a film from my own viewpoint  unconditionally. It will not matter for me if the film is written by Mahesh Bhatt whom I am a big fan of as written in one of my articles on his genius musical sence.
But I refuse to be partial with any movie if it belongs to Mahesh Bhatt. If its BAD it is BAD even if it is made by one of my favourites.

Secondly, if you dont mind I would like you to watch NOTORIOUS the original from which they copied the concept. As that film may be able to explain you what romaticism could have been in this lacklustre attempt.


Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby
This movie is a great comedy, the way 2 out of three acts and the dialouges is hilarious & childish.

Half star if it is other than comedy that b\'cos of location ony.

Best Regards
Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Thanks Vikas for giving it a new angle........a Comedy...., but do read the detailed comment of both Jagroop and Chris at the Inspired status post of JISM 2 and share your views too in response.


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