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KICK (2014) - Its tributes and inspirations. (By Bobby Sing)

27 Jul, 2014 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K

KICK, the latest Eid release of Salman Khan is also the debut film of Sajid Nadiadwala as a director. And being an experienced & successful producer of many big films, he has indeed delivered a much better product in comparison of Salman’s few recent ventures undoubtedly. But as usual the film has its own set of inspirations along with some interesting tributes too visible in its various sequences given below:
1. Its an official remake of a Telugu film with the same title KICK released in 2009.
2. However its basic format of a Robin Hood taking money from the rich to be used for some better purposes of helping the poor and the deceased also reminds you of another south hit GENTLEMAN (Tamil - 1993) which was later remade in Hindi by Mahesh Bhatt with Chiranjeevi in 1994 as THE GENTLEMAN. But to give away the due credit it actually became more famous in that era due to A. R. Rahman’s innovative and catchy music which was an instant hit all over.
3. With many visible similarities in the plotline, KICK also has its own set of inspirations taken from both KRISSH and DHOOM series like the mask and the way Salman prepares for his big loots working with a digital setup.
4. In one of its early action sequences Salman fights exactly in the style of Amitabh Bachchan in Prakash Mehra’s SHARAABI released in 1984. And I am really interested to know that whether it was unintentional or Sajid actually wished to pay a tribute to the master film-maker in his first venture
Divya Bharti5. As an appreciable gesture in one of the comic pub scenes of the film, Salman dances to the tune of “Party All Night” from Akshay Kumar’s BOSS whereas he could have easily taken any of his own hit party songs from the recent ventures. And that surely creates some good vibes in this otherwise competitive stream of business indeed.
6. Lastly and most importantly, KICK features a long sequence playing “Saat Samunder Paar Main Tere Peechhey Peechhey Aa Gayi” from VISHWATAMA (1992) which had Divya Bharti as one of its lead heroines dancing to the tune of Viju Shah. The young girl got married to Sajid Nadiadwala in 1992 but just after a year died in a shocking accident (falling from a high rise building) at the innocent age of only 19 years in 1993. The beautiful actress is still remembered by all her fans with this famous VISHWATAMA track in particular and that seems to be a perfect tribute given by a loving husband to his wife in his first ever film as a director.

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27 Jul 2014 / Comment ( 2 )

The film is a remake of original, but there have done lot of changes, they have removed Brahmanand\'s track,even there have minimised the comedy from the original
Spot-on on the Sharaabi reference, I too found it.

Bobby Sing

Yeah Silvano they did made changes and that was an intelligent move too since Salman's last few movies were ridiculed due to its crude comedy tracks mostly.

And thanks for agreeing to the SHARAABI reference as only few could relate to that.

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