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MR. X - How could they even enjoy writing & making such a childish take on the exciting theme? (Review By Bobby Sing)

17 Apr, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / M

If one is looking for an example how a completely nonsensical execution can ruin an exciting plot considering the viewers all brainless creatures sitting in the theater, then MR. X would be the perfect film to be quoted even ahead of the recent dud ROY. But in case the statement doesn’t deliver the message clearly then supporting it further, MR. X is just another lazily made, outrageously silly project coming from the Bhatt camp, who once used to make CINEMA but are now only interested in doing BUSINESS with lackluster, poor films being regularly offered as products just like soaps or detergents sold in the general supermarket.
For friends who still are willing to read the review, it’s a typical Bhatt camp formula movie beginning with a clichéd sequence making no impression whatsoever in its first 40 minutes despite the love songs and infamous ‘Hashmi kisses’ as always. It has a weird casting choice wherein the young, well-built Arunoday Singh is presented as a middle aged, grey haired, hamming chief of police force who suddenly turns into the baddie in the very next scene. And then despite having all deliberately added bedroom and pool sequences there is zero chemistry to be found between the sleep walking Emraan and the beautiful Amyra, who looked much better in her first film ISSAK. At times beginning of few songs in the background turn out to be surprisingly funny instead of emotional. Plus when the game of invisibility begins then the explanations given, graphics used and the way Emraan goes on and off at his own will without any kind of engaging logic given, simply makes you go ROFL in the new-age net language, meaning ‘Rolling on floor laughing” 
Inspired from many entertaining films made on the similar concepts in the past (both in English and Hindi), it would be in fact insulting naming a few in this review to be straight. But ignoring any such ‘creative crime’ committed, the makers even dare to end their film with an open climax hinting towards a sequel raising a valid question that,
‘How dumb they actually assume their viewers to be?”
With no justification of why the film was made in 3D, MR. X neither has any of those good trademark love songs in a Bhatt camp film nor it has some enjoyable graphics that ought to be the backbone of a project revolving around ‘The Invisible Man’. Completing the circle, repeating both the title & the subject used by Nanabhai Bhatt (in his 1957) directed film MR. X featuring Ashok Kumar in the lead role, the present version falls way short of even that black and white film made more than half a century back in terms of entertainment.
In short, the experience of watching MR. X is exactly like watching a POGO channel comedy serial made for the kids that even the kids would surely reject as non-entertaining. Interestingly the film also features the now famous comedian Tanmay Bhat (of AIB fame) and it would be great to see how he presents a spoof on his own film in one of the next episodes of AIB.
However ending on a serious note (as mentioned earlier in one of my reviews), films like MR.X are actually ‘feeder movies’, that these multiplexes desperately need to display every week as ‘new releases’ in order to keep them running. In reality, these are the projects made in between ‘the major’ ones to keep the business going, otherwise how will the multiplexes earn if there would be only one or two movies releasing in one month? In fact that will totally crush their ‘weekend business strategy’ highly dependent upon new releases alone, coming every week irrespective of their content or quality.
Hence it doesn’t matter whether they are enjoying or not the process of writing and making these films, the production houses are bound to keep supplying such kind of hurriedly made business products to the multiplexes in the name of cinema. And the plan will keep on working till ‘the consumer or the viewer’ wakes up from his sleep in the coming future.
So the slogan is “Jaago Grahak Jaago” and stop playing in the hands of this silly ‘weekend business model’ of the entertainment world at the earliest.
Rating : 0.5 / 5 (and that too for the innocent technicians working for the project.)

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17 Apr 2015 / Comment ( 2 )
Prakash Bhatia

Hi Bobbyji,
Even Kishore Kumar and Kum Kum starrer of1964 Mr X In Bombay was far more interesting and entertaining than this one .Though it was based on Rex Harrison \' s film The absent minded Professor.But Ashok Kumar\'s 1957 Mr X directed by Mahesh Bhat\'s father is the best so far.Why to forget Mr India another highly \'mazedar\' film.Again it had the lucky charm Ashok Kumar in it.

Bobby Sing

Hi Prakash Ji,
As I said in the review, even taking the names of films like MR. INDIA and HOLLOW MAN would be insulting so I deliberately didn't mention them.
But taking the opportunity to confirm a doubt, please do let me know if you have any info about ADHI RAAT KE BAAD that came after few years of MR. X.
Was it really a different film, or as it is said a re-release of MR. X with a different name and looks (Both featuring Ashok Kumar)


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