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Machan (2008 - Italy / Sri Lanka) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Comedy)

21 Jan, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

Machan - Sri LankaMACHAN is a Sri Lankan comedy based on an unbelievable, hilarious & brave real life incident of 2004, which can even be referred to a strange, unique and disgraceful instance for two countries & their sports authorities, organizing such kind of lesser known world sports events abroad.

Working in the Foreign land or getting settled there (in order to earn big) has always been a burning passion in the youth living in our part of the world, in countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and more. So you must have heard about numerous distinctive incidents related to this immigration issue in your own surroundings. But I strongly doubt if anyone has ever heard about any such kind of scam before, unless he is already familiar with this incident through the medium of news or web.
Based on a rare true story, MACHAN revolves around a group of few struggling unemployed men in Sri Lanka who get information about an International Handball tournament being held in Germany. Now using their limited resources and reach they somehow manage to fool the foreign organizers by sending the forged documents of a fake Sri Lankan National Handball team and also get their Visas to participate in it. With this stroke of luck going in their favour they all take the flight, reach the venue, lose their first two matches and then vanish in the thin air with no information about them with the authorities of both the nations till date.
Now if this is not a great, entertaining and perfect plot for a comedy film then I don’t know what would be. The news of this incident reached director Uberto Pasolini (Italy), who decided to use it for his first directorial venture jointly produced and financed by companies from UK, Italy, Germany and Sri Lanka. The film made with all Sri Lankan artists turned out to be a great winner, impressing critiques and Jury in various Film Festivals all over the world. 
But here, its not the plot alone which is responsible for the praises received by this appreciable venture. The film also has a perfect script, a great style of execution and performances too which make it really worth watching as one of the best realistic comedies made in the recent times. The treatment remains all simple & raw portraying the tough living standards of slums in a sympathetic way. But the director maintains a light mood throughout the film even while talking about the individual failures of its characters. And that’s indeed a brave way to relate two extreme realities of life i.e. poverty and comedy. Despite of coming from a different region and culture altogether, Uberto never goes into exaggeration or glamorization of facts and doesn’t add any extra flavors in his script which could have easily taken away the real essence of the film. Besides he extracts some fabulous performances from his entire cast which undoubtedly makes this film an essential watch for every lover of good cinema living in any part of the world.
So, if you really want to see something unbelievable which actually did happen in the real life, mixing unemployment, immigration and an international sports meet, then do watch this rather unknown gem called MACHAN at the earliest wherein simplicity meets excellence with a touch of comedy - Not to be missed.
Director : Uberto Pasolini
Writers : Uberto Pasolini, Ruwanthie De Chickera
Starring :  Dharmapriya Dias, Gihan De Chickera and Dharshan Dharmaraj

(Thanks to Jithin Mathew Thomas for giving us the info about this hidden gem.)

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21 Jan 2012 / Comments ( 6 )

Thank u for appreciation of our cinema. This is one of the best movies that came after 2000 in sri lanka. The problem in our country is that we have lot of good art house movies but we don\'t have good mainstream movies that can enjoy for masses. If u like to watch our movies there are really good ones like SANKARA (2007) , FORSAKEN LAND (cannes winner).
To get the best understanding of Machan (That means yaar in hindi) dialogues u have to understand sinhala curse words.

Ps. I have also watched A Seperation . Definitely it\'s going to win the oscar best foreign movie. Also please watch \'Incendies\'

Bobby Sing

The pleasure is all mine Dinuth, to watch such unknown gems from World Cinema.
I would surely try to watch SANKARA (2007) , FORSAKEN LAND (Cannes winner), INCENDIES and then get back here.
Till then Keep Visiting and Writing In.

Gihan Peries
Nice to see a Sri Lankan film on your page. I found this, when I was searching for a review of this movie. Indeed you have done a good review and this is one of the best movies produced in the Sri Lankan film industry.

You can also check the \"Aba\" film.


By the way, this is a page done by one of my friends on movies. you can check that too.


Bobby Sing

Hi Gihan Peries,
Thanks for visiting and writing in.
The film righlty deserves the praise as its both entertaining as well as shocking and needs to be seen by all lovers of good cinema.
Regarding the recommendationsI would love to see "Aba" and the link too.

Would get back soon here with the views on the same.


Gihan Peries
This is the link to the trailer of the film \"Aba\"

Bobby Sing

Thanks Gihan for the link.
Would try to see it soo and get back.

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