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Magadheera (2009) (Telugu) (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure / Drama)

17 Aug, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Adventure / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

Before watching this majestic movie called MAGADHEERA directed by S. S. Rajamouli, I had few Hindi films in mind made on the reincarnation plot relating both the present and ancient times with an eternal love story. But honestly speaking I never expected that it would turn out to be one of the most entertaining and exceptionally made films on the same subject raising the standard of our Indian Cinema to many greater heights. In fact MAGADHEERA is an outstanding cinematic achievement in our 100 years of Cinema, which can be proudly presented as an Indian Film in front of the world audience when it comes to using Computer Graphics and Art Direction in a motion picture.

Particularly for all the viewers of Hindi Films (made in this new millennium with some hugely big budgets), it will be an ‘Eye Opener’ as we haven’t seen many similar projects in the last few decades showcasing such dazzling and intelligent work in almost all the departments of film-making. For instance, as per my viewing history, it’s the best Indian film till date which extensively uses Computer Graphics in its narration in a terrific manner which is at par with the International standards undoubtedly.
To be precise, it doesn’t have any path breaking subject but some highly superior and never seen before kind of work to be enjoyed in its Art Direction, Script Continuity (in two different eras), Performances and Creative Visualization which will force you to jump from your seat in a joyful excitement, many a times during its 165 minutes of duration. The film is simply made to enthrall and entertain its viewers, which it successfully does with a tremendous repeat value and elegance. It has got all the usual songs and item numbers (one sung by Daler Mehndi too), few comic moments, the loudly screaming villains, the breath taking action and all those brutal killings as always seen in our movies. Yet it superbly manages to score much more because of its visionary direction, camerawork, background score, editing and execution which forces you to rate it higher than any previous film made on the subject in the Indian Cinema.
So, if you are a real movie buff then do watch it at the earliest for all the reasons mentioned above to entertain yourself. Especially watch it to see how maestro S. S. Rajamouli takes you into his own fantasy world with a skillful conviction and visualizes the 400 years old world on the screen in an unbelievable colourful mode like a beautiful painting. Watch it to notice the way he connects the ‘Counting’ heard in its opening credits with the later part of the movie and the manner he ends it in a filmy mode which wins over the viewer completely. Personally I really loved the 100 killing sequence and the style in which he uses the old song plus footage of Chiranjeevi’s dance in the scenes with his son Ram Charan Teja, which was indeed an intelligent masterstroke by the director.
In few words, if you haven’t seen any regional movie yet due to the language problem then start watching them with MAGADHEERA only, through the subtitle option and be ready to widen your individual perspective towards our own Indian Cinema. The film will make you realise that we indeed make a lot of good & entertaining movies other than the usual Hindi films in our own country. So along with watching or praising the Western or World Movies, we do need to watch the masterpieces made in the other parts of India too, irrespective of any regional or language differences as our duty.
With 3 Cheers to the inventive director S. S. Rajamouli, his creative team and the producers for their out of this world vision, superbly executed on the screen, I would love to see this movie re-made in Hindi to reach a wider audience. But to be honest, if it happens, it has to be done by the director S. S. Rajamouli himself as it seems impossible for another person to execute it with the same perfection and excellence.
So if the above write-up excites you then do yourself a favour and watch the royal magnum opus MAGADHEERA at the earliest.
Directed By S. S. Rajamouli
Starring : Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Agarwal, Dev Gill and more.
Music : M. M. Keeravani

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17 Aug 2012 / Comments ( 8 )
Please watch Eega also..same director
Bobby Sing

Sure Suchith, just waiting for its official DVD release with the subtitles.
Thanks and Cheers!

Simarjit Singh

Good Bobby Sir, that you also watch regional Cinema. I am also a big fan of South films. I will recommend watching BOMMARILLU (Telugu) ( Genelia & Sidharth). Its portrays innocence of Love and shows how beautiful a girl can look with full clothes, which our current directors should learn.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Simarjit and I would surely watch it and get back to you.

Bollywood SuperStar

Hi Bobby ! I am big fan of your articles, it inspire me a lot to write something good about bollywood. I have just started writing in bollywoodtales.com, Hope people will like my work.

Bobby Sing

Hi Bollywood Superstar,
Thanks for your kind appreciation and all the best for your new venture too.
I will surely read your write-ups but at the same time would like to mention, that if its really your passion then do write it with an open idnently with your real name and photogpraph as that makes it more readable and authentic.

Otherwise, under a fictional name like Bollywood Superstar, the viewpoint doesnt really connect with the visitors at the site.
Hope you would understand the point here.


Zanjeer Ramcharan

Hi bobby,  It wud make a good read if u write an article abt the recent \'trend of Masala films and South india films remakes\' becoming big hits in Bollywood. How and why the bollywood audience changed their taste towards Masala films (e.g.,may b to some extent, due to the telecasting of south dubbing films in tv channels), What the regular movie goers expecting from today\'s cinema,how the overseas audience feel abt it etc., i wud like to read ur analysis/article on this topic.

Bobby Sing

Hi Zanzeer Ramchandar,
I would surely keep this subject in mind in the coming weeks.
But here I would like to add that as you said,  Bollywood audience never had any taste of their own as such since 2000......when mediocre and silly films started earning like anything.
Bollywood only knows one thing and ie - Follow the Trend....Experimentation has always been a silent companion of bollywood from decades....and they dont dare to try anything fresh when it comes to Big Banners and Big Stars.....Moreover whenever they tyr they fall flat like the recent JOKER which had a good concept as per the storyline is concerned.

So to get easy success with less risk, the best thing is to follow the trend and make remakes as then you get readymade ingredients on the table and you just have to rearrange them adding the right flavour of your own region and thats it.....the DISH or FILM is ready.

However still films like the upcoming "From Dilli To Lahore" provide the much needed respect and remain the saving grace of Bollywood thankfully


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