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Mr. Ya Miss (2005), Bhaskar Bharti (TV Serial) (2009) & their inspirations.
30 Jun, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / M

Following the inspirational trend of Bollywood movies, the small screen also starts getting their ideas directly from the English Originals. The latest example is the new serial “Bhaskar Bharti” which is based on the theme of a boy turning into a girl overnight as a punishment for his disrespectful behavior towards women.

The same theme was used by Antra Mali in her movie “Mr. Ya Miss” released in 1995. The film which was also said to be co-written by her, revolved around a person who gets reincarnated on earth as a women in order to rectify his earlier mistakes. Aftab Shivdasani played the womanizer man who gets transformed into a girl enacted by Antra herself. The film didn’t do well at the box office and was also criticized for its borrowed idea without any acknowledgement.
The movie was in fact highly inspired from “Switch” (1991), and even the poster of both the movies give you an idea of the borrowed theme.

Interestingly “Switch” was also a kind of remake version of “Angle Number Nine” (1974), which originally came with the idea of a man taking another birth in the body of a women.

Additionally in 2002, another movie was there which used the same idea in just the opposite way. In “Hot Chick”, this time it is a girl who gets into the body of a man and starts experiencing the world from the other perspective.

However, the latest sitcom "Bhaskar Bharti" also seems to be highly inspired by another TV Serial from Argentina called "Lalola" (2007). Interestingly the foreign serial was just aired in India a few months back on “Firangi” channel.

(Note : Thanks to “Jayesh Adhyaru”, a regular reader at our site, for contributing the info about “Lalola” serial’s influence on “Bhaskar Bharti”.)

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30 Jun 2009 / Comments ( 6 )
Jayesh Adhyaru

Hie Bobby,
This is Jayesh Adhyaru from Ahmedabad. I am regular visiter/reader of yr blog. :)

This Bhaskar Bharti is weak remake of English Serial La-Lo-La, recently re-aired on Firangi Channel, worth mentioning!!

Bye 4 Now,

Bobby Sing

Hi Jayesh,

Thanks for being a regular reader here.
I will update this info in my write up surely.

Keep sending such useful info as that will help to make this site more interesting to read.


Jayesh Adhyaru
Hie Bobby,
Thank You! :)
Bobby Sing

You are welcome Jayesh,

Keep sharing valuable info like this, 
which will surely help Bobbytalkscinema.com to be a worth visiting site for all movie fans like us.


Looks like this poster was inspired by SWITCH too, isn\'t it?
Bobby Sing

Oh Yes Chris! It certainly is......Would surely add this in the list soon.

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