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My Sister's Keeper (2009) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama / Court Room)

16 Mar, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

There have been so many famous movies made on the subject of ‘Terminal Illness’ and on the life of a patient who has got only few months to live more on this planet. But here I would like to admit that though based on the same plot, still MY SISTER’s KEEPER pleasantly gives you something new to watch through its brilliant script, novel concept and captivating performances in its nearly 2 hours of duration.

Truly speaking, the film is based on a very well thought of plot which not only gives you many highly emotional moments to feel the pain but which also has its own shocking elements revealing the more deeper and invisible relationships between few closely related individuals living under the same roof. Revolving around the life of a young girl who is suffering from Leukemia and needs an organ donation from her younger sister in the family, the movie has a unique and unexpected twist in the tale, which will make your sit straight and watch it more carefully.
But instead of disclosing its intriguing storyline here, I would only like to tell that despite of being a film made upon the subject of terminal illness, its script surprisingly takes you into the court room after its few initial reels. And later on, its gives you another emotional shock towards its climax, when the real story behind all the drama gets exposed. The concluding moments of the movie, make you go numb when you actually get to know the hidden agendas of the two sisters behind their heart-felt planning against their own parents.
In short, don’t miss this one, just taking it as another movie made around the life of a dying patient. The film, its performances and above all its superbly written script would surely give you something to think about for days after you have watched it.
So if you really want to feel the depth of human emotions for few hours then go for MY SISTER’S KEEPER at the earliest and do a good favour to yourself. However I would not like to recommend it as a film for the kids below 15. But for the rest, it’s indeed a must watch experience which might become responsible for bringing up some new positive changes in your emotional persona.
Directed By Nick Cassavetes
Starring : Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin and more.

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16 Mar 2011 / Comment ( 2 )

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Its because of this review I saw this underrated gem.

Very good movie.

Cameron Diaz could act :)


Bobby Sing

The pleasure is all mine Suchitch.
Keep watching great films and keep writing in.

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