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O KADHAL KANMANI (Tamil) - A predictable yet engaging, young film, perfectly getting into the mindset of a new-age couple. (Review By Bobby Sing)

26 Apr, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

A new Maniratnam film always gives you goosebumps as it begins, since you expect something extraordinary coming from the maestro yet again as per his reputed career giving many trendsetting films in the past. And when the experienced film-maker is returning with a love story based on new-age relationships mainly catering to the urban regions, the expectations got to increase further to many folds without any doubt.
Thankfully this time Maniratnam delivers the goods if considered in terms of a youthful treatment, realistic dialogues, artistic vision, catchy music and emotions dealt as they tend to be in the modern world. But taking into account the subject and its basic storyline, the film mostly offers predictable content heading towards a usual culmination of a love story, with nothing surprising or innovative tried, probably fearing the risk of rejection.
Talking about two young independent individuals, O KADHAL KANMANI (meaning Oh Darling, my love, apple of my eye) also popularly called as OK Kanmani, is just a perfect film for the multiplexes with a fine mix of romance, comedy, emotions and music leaving a feel good impact on the viewers as desired. However it actually makes that favourable impression because of two major strengths mentioned below, pointing towards the perfect casting done by the maestro.
Firstly it’s the immensely likable and infectious performance of its leading lady Nitya Menen, who carries the complete film on her shoulders with an innocent ease and conviction. The girl instantly makes a loving connection with her audiences and keeps them entertained right till the end leading from the front.
Secondly it’s the adorable characterisation of the lovable elderly couple played by Prakash Raj and Leela Samson just perfectly. And one can easily learn a valuable lesson of life from the couple, teaching you how to be patient, calm and together in those tough final years dealing with many physical ailments.
In other words you just cannot imagine O KADHAL KANMANI without these three characters providing the much required support to its otherwise ‘seen before’ subject matter to be honest. Yes, Dulquer no doubt delivers an enjoyable, natural act as the lead hero with an impressive screen presence winning many hearts. But the soul of OKK remains Nitya Menen alone, contributing much more into the film’s overall look and feel in comparison to anyone else in the cast.
Moving ahead, OKK’s realistically written script full of simple and relatable dialogues along with a well conceived art direction and cinematography plays a major role in maintaining that young feel throughout. Moreover its seriously amazing to realise that a man in his late 50s has made this with an all mature team perfectly portraying the mindsets of the youngsters and their common problems dealing with a new-age lifestyle and love-hate relationships.
Once again getting a big support from the music & background score composed by A. R. Rahman, the film gets lifted just at the right moments with a (long due) fine soundtrack from the genius featuring songs such as Mental Manadhil, Aye Sinamika and Kaara. Plus I really loved and enjoyed the interesting arrangement & treatment of tracks Parandhu Sella Vaa, Malargal Kaettaen, Naane Varugiraen and the calm, soothing feel of Maula Wa Sallim, though a few could have been avoided keeping in mind the dropping pace post intermission.
         (Note : The views on music here are given keeping the lyrics apart as I couldn’t get them completely due to the language limitations)
So if you are looking for a light, refreshing, rom-com that doesn’t make you cry and keeps delivering cute sequences with an enjoyable chemistry both between the young and the elderly couple played brilliantly, then OKK should be a perfect choice for you as a youthful entertaining film. But in case you are expecting an intense romantic drama with all those real life conflicts and emotions that once happened to be the forte of our master film-maker, then OKK might turn out to be a film from a different and new Maniratnam willing to explore the youth in a much lighter mood.
Perhaps a changed Maniratnam with the changing times, who is simply more interested in making a light romantic, musical with a comic touch, solely made to give its viewers a good enjoyable time in the theaters. And that’s exactly the reason, I personally found the film to be progressing too easily with no tension of any sort, making it shallow at times moving away from the actual life that faces a lot of adversities when it comes to ‘Live In Relationships’, ‘Risky Career Choices’ and ‘Family Conflicts’.
Interestingly same is the case with most of the films today, clearly revealing their reservations in showing the ‘Sadness’ on screen resulting in a one side depiction of life making it completely off balance. Because, till you are not willing to talk about the two sides of the coin equally, you are not going to find much depth in your presentation be it a film, book, poem or any creative expression, whatsoever.
Summing up, O KADHAL KANMANI is a MANIRATNAM film that has been solely made to be a success story, targeting the young viewers simply willing to enjoy their movie outings together avoiding any kind of serious emotional stuff. It has freshness, it has love, it has music, it has chemistry and it has Nitya Menen too, but the drama we always expect from a MANIRATNAM film has been sadly sacrificed in the name of box office performance.
Rating : 3 / 5

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26 Apr 2015 / Comment ( 2 )
Awesome review again .... completely agree with your point about nithya Menon . She looks so adorable and innocent while acting. Love the way music carries the story ahead. One can\'t get fed up of Repeated viewing also.
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for your appreciating comment Vishal.
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