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One common scene in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's GOL MAAL (1979) and JURMANA (1979) featuring Amitabh Bachchan. (Did You Know - 72)
17 Jun, 2014 | Did You Know!

Gol Maal and JurmaanaShooting simultaneously for two of his films in 1978-79, celebrated director Hrishikesh Mukherjee very intelligently incorporated one common scene in both his "Gol Maal" and “JURMANA” together.
Interestingly it’s one of the very first scenes of JURMANA, where in Amitabh Bachchan plays the rich Casanova and he is flirting with a beautiful lady in a restaurant. The person sitting besides the lady gives Amitabh a punch and then he comes back reacting in his famous drunkard style saying a fine dialogue.
Now the same scene is there in GOL MAAL in the form of an actual film-shoot going on in a studio, where Deven Verma comes in with Amol Palekar. Here at first, Hrishi Da shows the viewer in details how the scene is being shot and as Amitabh is coming out of the floor finishing the shooting, he meets both the other actors and Deven asks,

“Hi Hero, Kis Ki Naukri Kar Raha Hai?”
“Haan Yaar…….JURMANA”
– Amitabh replies.
“Abhi Tak Complete Nahin Hui?” Deven questions.
“Nahin Yaar” – comes the reply again and then after a casual introduction, Amitabh moves on to a group of school girls and starts giving them his autograph.
So the same scene comes in two different films of the veteran director as it is. And that’s indeed a quite interesting use of time, merging both the projects, probably being shot in the same studio at the same time and that too with an amusing touch of reality taking the viewers behind the camera.
In fact this is the effortless, realistic simplicity, Hrishi Da is still remembered for………..!

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