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PARIYERUM PERUMAL (Tamil/2018) - Watch it for its well-shot, powerful sequences and the ‘KARUPPI DOG SONG’ in particular as a rare, amazing gem like never seen before. (Review by Bobby Sing)

15 Dec, 2018 | Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi) / Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

Beginning with the caption “Caste and religion are against humanity”, PARIYERUM PERUMAL (meaning God who mounts a horse) clearly conveys its core message in the first frame itself and then presents the same in its several powerful sequences revolving around the life-instances of a young student of law and his fight against the racist exploitation.
Directed by Mari Selvaraj and Prabunath, the film opens with its most significant as well as emotionally striking sequence followed by a highly impressive rap track, which also remains the best part of the film staying in your memory for long. In fact these opening 20 minutes make such a solid impact on the viewer that he begins expecting a lot much beyond his visualization, which unfortunately doesn’t happen in the story progression ahead. But still the film successfully manages to score because of its subject, execution and many extremely well-shot sequences having the raw, realistic feel.
Having said that, PARIYERUM PERUMAL might be a tough watch for the viewers not belonging or known to the region and language to be honest as it more or less remains confined to its regional feel. But if you do stick with it till the end then you will get to witness many brilliantly conceived and shot sequences as excellence achieved by its technical department along with fine realistic performances supporting the important theme.
The unusually restless but expressive camera movements try to communicate differently in its note-worthy, critical sequences and then the issue of English language is brought forward prominently in the college scenes. The caste-divide and still widely prevailing exploitation, discrimination and humiliation in the rural regions remains its only focus later, which at times becomes repetitive and tiring too. Moreover almost no inclusion of suffering Dalit women characters in the script makes you feel something missing in the narration partially presenting the actual ground reality. 
But PARIYERUM PERUMAL certainly scores the maximum for two of its exception merits.
One for its well shot hard-hitting sequences with an apt background score and fabulous editing. Plus the way it incorporates and presents its well composed refreshing songs having the likable raw, folk feel and melodies is a sheer treat to watch.
Second and most importantly it deserves to be seen for its initial 20 minutes that include ‘the tragic KARUPPI Dog Song’, which is sure going to be the most amazing song sequence witnessed in the recent times that might move you to tears and possibly would make your day if you are also a fellow dog lover and have spent years with a pet at home.
Without revealing the details, I would like to add that this particular song sequence is a rare achievement by the team as it transports you into a different speechless state but still doesn’t make you sad, even when if it’s all about a heart piercing tragedy for the protagonist and his close friends. 
Composer Santhosh Narayanan surely deserves a big applause for the soundtrack led by the exceptional tracks as ‘Karuppi’, ‘Naan Yaar’ and the director and his technical team loudly needs to be complimented for their outstanding execution on screen.
In short, just watch it for its merits mentioned above and in all possibilities ‘The Karuppi Dog Song’ is going to make your day and you are going to play it on repeat at a loud volume in your room post watching the film.
Rating : 3 + 1 / 5 (with the additional 1 just for the ‘The Karuppi Dog Song’ as a never before feature of our Indian cinema.) 

Directed by Mari Selvaraj and Prabunath
Written by Mari Selvaraj
Starring : Kathir, Anandhi, Yogi Babu and more.
Music by Santhosh Narayan

(Note : The film can now be seen at Amazon Prime online portal for a subscription)

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15 Dec 2018 / Comment ( 2 )

Karupi is dope. Beware before listening to it (even if you dont understand the language, like me) and dare not watch the song and its subtitle

Bobby Sing

Karupi is dope.
It got us for several days when I first saw the film.
Keep Visiting and Writing in Avik.

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