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'Paheli', 'Duvidha' & 'Sommersby'

10 Apr, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Hollywood Gets Inspired / P

“Paheli” directed by Amol Palekar was made in 2005 on a story (novel) by Vijayadan Detha, in which a ghost disguises as the husband of a newlywed woman and then starts living with her and the family in their village. As he starts behaving strangley, doubts are raised and the problem even gets worse when the original character also returns to the city. The same story was also adopted by Mani Kaul for his movie “Duvidha” which was made in 1973.

Interestingly this plot has a very acute similarity with the storyline of Richard Gere’s “Sommersby” made in 1993, which was in turn a remake of French movie “Retour de Martin Guerre, Le” - (The Return of Martin Guerre) (1982). Though there is no ghost in the story but here also the hero returns to his village after some years, as a completely changed personality. He knows everything about his family and village but people suspect whether he is the same person or not. And then as more complications are sighted, the matter gets presented in the court of law.

The plot of the western movies is said to based upon the novel, “The Wife of Martin Guerre” written by Janel Lewis (first published in 1941). Taking that into consideration, there is a very strange but interesting resemblance between both the novels written in different decades.
But still Mani Kaul’s “Duvidha” was the first one to adopt this plot for a cinematic expression and the rest all followed.

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10 Apr 2009 / Comment ( 2 )

Paheli is iinspired from a Girish Karnad\'s drama called Nagamandala which also made into a movie by T.S.Nagabharana starring Prakash Rai(Raj). It won several awards when released




Bobby Sing

Dear friend,

If you have read the article then it clearly is discussing the origin of the real story of all these movies.

Moreover if Girish Karnad came up with his drama called Nagamandala, which also got made into a movie and then won several awards then even his story was not original at the first place since he did it in the nineties.

And all the references in the article are of years way back to 70s and even 40s.

Keep writing in.......!

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