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Partition : The Day India Burned (2007 - BBC) (Movies To See Before You Die - Historical / Documentary)

15 Jan, 2014 | BTC Exclusive / Movies To See Before You Die / Documentary

Beginning on a straight forward note, one must have seen numerous ventures written or visualized on the subject of Indian partition of 1947 in all these past decades. Yet this truthful BBC documentary is still capable of giving you the same terrifying fears back through some more shocking secrets revealed by many scary real life accounts and interviews. Admitting it honestly, post the two most well researched and brilliantly conceived projects on Indian Partition, namely FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT (The Book) and TAMAS (The TV Movie/Serial), the present BBC documentary remains the third not to missed attempt on the subject, which fearlessly discloses the hidden political drama behind one of the most tragic and biggest migrations in the world history.

The film tell the story of those bloody months of 1947 through various testimonies of people who were forced to leave their ancestral homes after living together for centuries, despite all the religious disparities. The documentary also has some dramatised reconstructions which actually reveal many undisclosed facts, which are sure going to surprise the youth (in particular) who might not be knowing or have read much on the most unfortunate happening in the history of India.
To give you an idea, it tells you how the British officials hurriedly took many major decisions disregarding the possible dangerous outcome in various regions of the country, especially Punjab. The well directed film clearly showcases that how it was earlier decided that the split will be there in the summer of 1948 after long negotiations between Lord Mountbatten, Mohammed Ali Jinha and Jawaharlal Nehru. But then it was suddenly announced that the British Empire would actually be granting the freedom a year ahead than planned in August 1947. It further reveals how the border line of this partition was drawn by a person, who had never been to India and knew nothing about the religious and cultural diversification existing in the country. Moreover it also tells the fact that how numerous Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were being slaughtered all over, since the British army was too small in numbers in front of the huge mobs and therefore couldn’t stop it well in time.

Through many noteworthy accounts of real eyewitnesses of that mad massacre, it makes you aware how all the political leaders of that time manipulated the people in the name of religion resulting in merciless bloodbath, loots, rapes and killing of innocent children too just because of the disastrous partition. How everybody started behaving like lunatics in only few weeks, how friends turned into enemies overnight and how several brave individuals saved their neighbors too from the communal attacks. Trying to combine all the individually managed states into one country, the government was actually not prepared enough to handle such a vast outbreak of riots due to the mass migration, which probably affected the women, children and the old in the most horrifying manner beyond imagination.
But most importantly the enlightening interviews also reveal an ugly truth that even before this ill-timed partition, there still used to be such disgusting traditions which clearly divided the people according to their followed religion. Like the two major sects were not willing to drink from the same tap, a person from another religion was not allowed to enter the kitchen in other’s house, jobs were being offered on religious preferences and thus there did exist an undercurrent of hatred for the other religion even before the frightening independence.
These rare facts in fact make this documentary even a more important, must watch at the earliest, since it does tell you a shocking truth that at times,
“Religion can also become one of the most dangerous threats to life, if not understood or followed in the right manner.”
So if you do wish to see a better future for all the future generations to come, then do watch this documentary as a must and learn the much desired lesson of PEACE………., as soon as possible.
Directed By Ricardo Pollack

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15 Jan 2014 / Comments ( 6 )

Thanks for the information.

Where can we get the documentary?



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Bobby Sing

My pleasure Purviben.
I think the documentary is available at Youtube.
Do search with the words 'Partition 1947 BBC'

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Hadia Ramzan

Partition: The Day India Burned (2007) - "BBC Documentary about the effects of Britain's withdrawal from India in 1947 which triggered one of the biggest migrations in history. 15 million were displaced and more than a million died."
The story is told through the testimony of people who lived together for centuries, but were forced out of their homes as one of the largest and most ethnically diverse nations in the world was divided.
The Cabinet Mission 1946 was proposed in order to promote the Hindu-Muslim unity but unfortunately it failed. British ruled the sub-continent for over 200 years. Lahore was the capital of Punjab province which was heavily populated by Hindus and Sikhs. Calcutta was densely populated with Muslim majority. Nehru and Gandhi were the leaders of Hindus while Jinnah was the leader of Muslims in the movement of independence.
In starting, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs lived together happily but there was a certain barrier between them. The injustice drove the demand for a separate homeland in Muslims. Muslim leaders gathered people in the center of Delhi to demand a separate homeland. From there some mobs became so aggressive that they started to kill others living in the neighborhood and as a result there was bloodshed. During all this chaos British government remained silent and behind the scene.

Then the last viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten came along with his wife and daughter. Soon the Lord and Nehru became good friends but Jinnah remained cold. The Golden Temple of Sikhs was in Lahore. They were scared because they didn’t want their Holy place to get under the rule of Muslims. They then used the name of religion in front of the common people in order to get more votes and sympathy. They trained young people, the use of weapons. Then they slaughtered the Muslims and Muslims slaughtered them. British were having a plan to leave India in 1948 but the situations became so intense that viceroy decided to leave in 1947 soon after partition. He appointed Sir Radcliff for deciding the boundary between the two countries. Finally on 14th August, 1947 Pakistan emerged on the map of the world. And 15th August, 1947 was the independence day of India. When the celebrations of independence ended in both countries Radcliff announced the boundaries of two countries and then got under covers because he knew very well that he had done injustice and people would not spare him. Radcliff favored India by providing them the access to the major rivers and Muslim majority areas. Moreover, the Punjab and Bengal were divided into two. Lahore came in the boundary of Pakistan. The princes of the princely states were also the part of the Nehru and Radcliff’s plan.

After the announcement of boundaries people started to migrate. Hindus and Sikhs living in Pakistani boundary started to migrate towards India and the Muslims living in India started to migrate towards Pakistan. Many Muslims were killed when the Qafla had reached Amritsar from Ambala. People were present there, equipped with latest weapons and swords. Many women jumped into the wells to save themselves. The train in which the refugees were travelling was also stopped and people were killed.

At last 15 million refugees came to Pakistan. Both Hindus and Muslims wanted their areas to get free from each other. Even then the killing didn’t stop until their areas were cleared from Muslims and Hindus respectively. Both had to leave their properties and belongings and had to migrate. Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs had been living together for many centuries but in the end everything got separated. The British also sent their troops back to Britain and then left India handing over the power to Indians. The borders created in 1947 would become the focus for three wars and sixty years of animosity between the government of India and Pakistan but for the people of two countries it was the tragedy of separation that lingered on.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for submitting your views for the film.

Hadia Ramzan

I want my review to get public. So that everyone can access it.

Bobby Sing

It is public and everyone can see it below the post.
Thanks again for posting it.

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