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Punjabi hit comedy CARRY ON JATTA (2012), KUCHH TO GADBAD HAI (2004) and the original Malayalam movie CHAKKIKOTHA CHANKARAN (1989).

10 Jul, 2013 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / C / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

Punjabi Cinema witnessed a phenomenal hit as CARRY ON JATTA in the year 2012, which got a terrific unanimous response not only in India but also in abroad with viewers watching it more than once because of its unique repeat value. The film had a fabulous second half with some outstanding comic sequences winning hearts all over and that’s exactly what made it a bit hit in the home video market too after a great run at the box office.
However there are two hidden truths behind the curtain and one of those is that all those hilarious sequences in CARRY ON JATTA dealing with the rented house, mistaken identities, suspicious wife swapping, the confused house owner (Lawyer) and a staircase were actually taken from a small budget, forgotten flop Hindi comedy film KUCHH TO GADBAD HAI released in 2004.
Whereas the second truth is that even KUCHH TO GADBAD HAI had it all copied from an original Malayalam movie CHAKKIKOTHA CHANKARAN (1989).
Having said that, the other side of the coin remains that the Punjabi film undoubtedly exploited the borrowed plot in a much more entertaining way as proved by its hugely successful cult status in Punjabi Cinema.
And for all interested friends, at the time of writing this article the Hindi film could be officially seen at the following link:
(Thanks to Justin John for providing the valuable info on the Malayalam original.)

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10 Jul 2013 / Comments ( 4 )

A lot of "BIG" bollywood directors lift scripts, stories and dialogues from lesser known, same language or inter-language films BUT I have never seen anybody deliver such a wonderful and neat comedy movie ever.

Bobby Sing

Yes Bal, Undoubtedly this was one of the most intelligent & well made inspired movies as accepted in the article.

Shravan Raj

Actually Chakkikkotha chankaran itself is copied from a tamil film Engal veedu ramayanam

Bobby Sing

Yes now Wikipedia also menitons it, which was earlier not there.
Keep visiting and writing in.

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