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RADHE - It is really unfortunate and sad that a team with all possible resources at their disposal comes up with this kind of project offering simply nothing. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

13 May, 2021 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R / Movie Reviews / 2021 Releases

As I finished watching the first half of the film, I straight away recalled our South commercial movies that always begin with some lighter content, before moving on to their main twist devised as a stepping board. But then, almost every time, their subject also has something novel and fresh in the storyline, even if the film doesn’t turn to be a great one.
So, keeping that in mind, it was fine when RADHE began in a similar manner focusing on fights, songs, and love angle in its first 20 minutes. However, I simply couldn’t understand the making and the vision behind the project when the same continued for around one hour in a 110 minutes film conveying just nothing.
Assuming that it might have something significant to offer in the next 50 minutes, I continued watching expecting a twist, but surprisingly it had a ‘Big Nothing’ in these remaining minutes too, with the film eventually becoming an epic painful disaster towards the end. 
To be fair, we understand that nobody is supposed to take his/her thinking mind along watching such commercial potboilers, specially made for entertaining the viewers as a package. But that always works when the viewers find something to hang on to, for two hours in the film, either in terms of performances, execution, fights, emotions, comedy, songs or suspense. Shockingly RADHE is completely flat in all its departments and doesn’t even seem to be a film made with any clear vision or script. It has the typically routine Salman, unimpressive Prabhudeva and an unexciting Randeep Hooda with the only saving grace being the catchy title song, the charming Disha Patani and the social message against use of drugs for the youngsters. 
It is also one of those official remakes (of a Korean film THE OUTLAWS), that forces you to question that what was there in the original film that they had to buy the rights to remake it. Looking at the final product, needless to say that the Korean hit has to be a completely different film in look, feel, and content altogether. Just watching its trailer online will give you an idea about how different it seems to be from RADHE.
Putting it honestly, in the present world of OTT, there are hundreds of worth-watching films (made within the country itself) available just at a click, which we haven’t seen yet, continuously being added to our pending list. In that kind of scenario, it’s a pity we are witnessing films like RADHE being made in our Hindi cinema. Moreover, it is really unfortunate and sad that a team led by one of the biggest stars, with all possible resources at its disposal, comes up with this kind of project disrespecting the viewers.
I seriously think that should be enough about RADHE, as there are many more Indian Regional language GEMS waiting to be seen at different OTT portals, regularly asking for our time. 
Rating: 1 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 for the catchy title song composed by Sajid-Wajid – the best thing about RADHE)

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13 May 2021 / Comments ( 4 )
Sudarshan Pandey

At least your writing is interesting. That is why your reviews are worth reading. 

Bobby Sing

Thanks a ton for you kind praises and constatn support Sudarshan Ji.
Do keep visiting and writing in.


Atrocious film. Why to waste so many words on a complete wash out film. But you have written a bold nice review.

Bobby Sing

Dear Rajendra Bora,
Thanks a lot for you kind praises. Actually a review becomes even more responsible if it is slashing a film as then we have to give valid reasons for it too.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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