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RANGREZZ (2013) and its insightful questions raised on Selfless Friendship, Sex and Love Marriage. (Few Life Inspiring Words - 18)

24 Mar, 2013 | FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Rangrezz ArticleRANGREZZ (2013), a remake of the Tamil Hit NAADODIGAL (2009), will soon vanish from the scene in a few days without the support of any well-known cast and a lukewarm response from the reviewers all over the media resulting in an average box office performance. But the film does have a meaningful realistic plot and a unique storyline, capable enough to generate many relevant burning thoughts in your thinking mind and that’s exactly the purpose of this particular write-up as I really wished to convey the hidden core message of the film to my interested friends here quite boldly.
(Note : The article reveals the shocking twist in the film as A Spoiler and its content is meant to be read by the mature readers only due to some straight forward and explicit thoughts shared in its subsequent pages. Further the viewpoint presented here is just from the reference of the said film only which might not be acceptable or applicable to the majority of people.)
RANGREZZ talks about 3 childhood friends and a fourth one who tries to commit suicide due to the problems faced in marrying his lady love, the daughter of a political rival of his own politician mother. The 3 friends decide to help him out of this fix by opting for a crime of abducting the girl and then marrying them together secretly. And this prompt decision by the three friends only forced me to think that does a true friend ever asks questions or reasons for such kind of favour demanded by another dear friend?
In other words, does a caring friend ever raise some doubts or questions when one of his dear buddies informs that he has fallen in love with a girl and wants to marry her in any condition?
The answer is No, a friend never questions this loving expression or raises any doubts on the same when he is told so, as he readily believes and accepts his friend's confession that he has really found his true love and is now eagerly willing to marry her in any condition. In fact, this calls for a celebration among the friends when they come to know that one of them is in love and the girl has also agreed to the proposal gladly. And that’s the reason why the 3 friends in RANGREZZ instantly decide to help their lover-boy friend in getting married by kidnapping the girl from her home town only, risking their own lives without giving it a second thought or without any fear of getting involved in an unnecessary crime at the sake of their own careers.
Now this evidently happens often in real life too, when friends decide to get a couple married, hiding from their respective families, and then help them elope to begin a new life somewhere else, only to return later when the family storm is all over.
But the question I wish to ask here is that during this whole process of getting deliberately married against the family consent with the help of their friends, does this loving pair ever give it a thought that is this really LOVE or just a timely infatuation full of passion to have each other’s body?
Do they ever think before risking the life of their caring friends in this eloping business that is this really LOVE or just a strong timely will to experience unlimited, free SEX in the name of marriage?
No, they don’t ever think this way, because that exciting age doesn’t let them ponder in that direction and all they can see at that time is a beautiful picture of them walking in the clouds together or the boy holding the girl in his arms forever & ever in an imaginary poetic posture quite amusingly.
Whereas the truth remains that the term LOVE is taken too casually in this particular age, which is nothing but an appealing name given to LUST only in most of the cases (along with few thankful exceptions). In reality, the hidden element of SEX plays the major oxygen behind all this energetic expedition of getting married in 
both the boy and the girl, which they get to realize later on, when it’s all actually over.
Now that’s what exactly happens in RANGREZZ wherein the loving couple successfully gets married due to the huge life-changing efforts made by their 3 selfless friends. And I have used the word ‘life-changing’ here because in this risky adventure, one of them loses a leg forever, another loses his listening power completely and the third has to sacrifice his own love-interest because of a criminal case filed upon them all by the newly married couple’s parents.
But despite these personal setbacks or losses, the truthful friends have no regret of any sort in their hearts and they deeply feel contended after helping the two eternal lovers meet each other forever like 3 truly blessed selfless souls redefining friendship in its purest form.
Unfortunately, this is not the usual ‘Happy Ending’ in this thoughtful film, as the 3 noble souls get the shock of 
their life when they are soon informed that the criminal case filed upon them is not-existing anymore as that loving couple has now parted again, gone back to their parental homes and have even filed for DIVORCE in the same court.
Now though the execution of this tender moment in the film does not justify the pain or agony felt by the 3 friends when they get to know about this bitter, harsh truth as a strong slap on their own innocent faces. But as a viewer, I could easily feel the weird or unexplainable feeling in their hearts & mind in that particular scene which can only be expressed with some powerful abusives used for that silly so called “In-love Couple” and nothing else.

Rangrezz Article

From here on, as a film RANGREZZ does try to pacify the situation with its own cinematic progression wherein the 3 boys even beat the silly love birds like anything to teach them a lesson. And then we also have some potent, hard-hitting dialogues like, “If you just needed to sleep with her for sex, then you should have only asked for a ROOM, instead of MARRIAGE to satisfy your evil desires!”
Yet, the issue is tackled too subtly in the film, which forced me to write about this important blunt truth more precisely for the friends willing to deeply think about the subject in an introspective way.
Now after the couple gets married secretly in the film and runs away to GOA to stay in a hotel with the help of another known friend…………..What actually happens in those few weeks which eventually leads them to a DIVORCE all of a sudden? Or what was the reason for this immediate hatred arising between them after all those loving days spent in each other’s arms as desired?
The answer to the above question is quite obvious, that it happened this way as the couple very soon broke their first exciting craze of being married by indulging in it beyond the limit. And this first exciting craze of marriage was the obsession of SEX and the lustful will to have the other’s body from head to toe, again & again.
As per the film’s storyline, the couple stays in that hotel with everything provided without any hassles and they have nothing else to do in those few weeks, except experiencing SEX with many repeated acts like maniacs. As a result, all that excitement, charm and craze generated due to the distance between them before marriage vanishes in the thin air, the obsession for the flesh fades away and they get to face the truth pretty soon.
Now once the first mirage of SEX gets busted, the next one is of MONEY which again breaks in few days only as they have no source of their own to spend on their outings, travel or shopping. And the moment this second illusion of love gets over too with no money in hand whatsoever, the couple gives away to mutual fights and even starts beating each other in the rage of anger and sheer hatred.
And here the million dollar question arises, that what happened to that beautiful Eternal LOVE between these two loving souls now?………or What happened to those dreams of living together seen by these two persons just weeks before only quite fondly?
Interestingly the answer remains the same that it was not at all LOVE but just LUST and INFATUATION which was lost once the respectable gap between the two got filled with the repeated acts of sex followed by the lack of monetary sources leading to an emotional crisis.
Coming to the point I wish to make here, it’s really a pity that in our part of the world, SEX prominently remains at the back of our mind whether we are talking about the so called eternal LOVE or the made in heaven MARRIAGES as a shameful and unconditional requisite of our set lifestyle patterns unarguably. In straight words, whether she’s the lover or his wife, the male counterpart is simply interested to lay her down first and then think about the other emotions involved in the concept of LOVE or MARRIAGE in the later days. But once this major physical urge of the man gets satisfied, a significant change can be seen in his overall persona as if he has mostly got what he was looking for in a particular relation and now ready to move over without any feeling of shame or regret.
Probably this is why, Pre-Marital Sex was always prohibited here since ages, as a secret weapon in order to make all those marriages work in social terms. Because if this was allowed or accepted openly before the arranged marriages, then perhaps no one would like to go for this permanent entanglement with the other….…forever.
Plus, may be this is why the elders also always insist on keeping the Honeymoon trip of a newly-wed couple very sweet and small for a few days only, since the longer it is……more is the probability of breaking that first mirage of sex between the two persons indulging in it repeatedly without any restrictions in a closed room.  
Honestly this is not a write-up against the institution of marriage as it may seem to few fellow readers indicated by the above revolting statements. On the contrary, I am a firm believer of the idea of living your life with a beloved companion. However the ‘thought’ actually works only when one has understood the importance of SEX among themselves as something equivalent to “A Divine Blessing” and not as a commodity to be used again and again for their mutual timely pleasure. The reason being that if considered as a commodity then its got to finish off one day and then you will be left with just an empty vessel which is bound to make more noise than music, disturbing your inner balance completely without any doubt.
Hence as indicated by the film, the youth truly needs to think over this natural obsession of SEX in their minds before they try to wrap it up in some sugar coated names of LOVE and MARRIAGE in vain. No doubt it has to be there as an essential part of a relationship like ‘A Divine Element’ capable of transforming you to a higher level of consciousness altogether. But LOVE should not be treated as a way to fulfill your hidden physical desires and MARRIAGE should not be treated as a ‘Social License’ to practice sex without understanding the other responsibilities associated with this legal arrangement.
So until one gets to understand the terms Love, Sex and Marriage as something immensely valuable, much above than what is normally being taught, understood or practiced in a routine manner, the relationships here are sure going to suffer in many hidden forms like an undisclosed bleeding wound giving constant pain, lying beneath our shining designer clothes deceiving everybody. In short, one should try to RISE in LOVE by crossing its prelim hurdles on the path lead by lust and not FALL in LOVE as they normally say in a contradicting manner in real life.
Returning to the film RANGREZZ, it rightly brings forward this very issue only in its impressive concluding moments and that is the reason why I consider it important enough to be seen by all the youngsters in particular. So hope the write-up inspires you to see it and may you get the valuable message in it too related with Friendship, Sex and Love with............HIS BLESSINGS.

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24 Mar 2013 / Comments ( 6 )

Your opinion is right but very disappointed with the casual treatment by the makers, its very ordinary film from mine point of view but i appreciate the makers who lifted the unusual story from south......I had watched the original tamil film, which is much more raw and realistic. The story needs realistic look and characters but Rangrez is very much caricature structure, the hero with "Lipstick" looks odd. The screenplay and the geographical structure is very much weak in the film. Characters is not convincing at all......

Bobby Sing

Yes Saurabh, I expressed the same regret in my review and in this article too that the film tackles the issue and its major scenes with the twist quite casually. Had it taken it in a more hard hitting, realistic way it would have been a great film.

But yet I wish the young Hindi Movie loving minds to see it mainly because it has the right message for them and secondly it clearly reveals that how Regional Cinema is so much ahead than Bollywood to choose films with such thought provoking subjects.

As I know, very few will take the initiative or pain to watch its Tamil original which I am told is more than 3 hours long, therefore atleast RANGREZZ will give them the viewpoint which should reach them in any way. Therefore I cant discard the completely ignoring its important theme really.

However will soon watch its original as it needs to be seen without any doubt.



Dear Bobby,
I just feel surprised when i see that you really liked this adaptation! Honestly its not a film that can be understood by North Indian mind,as it narrates the psyche of a southern Tamil Nadu boys. I saw only glimpses of that Tamil film still i see what you are saying!

I agree with you 100%. Though there are some many love stories which are no doubt successful in life against the pressure of the society, people very easily fell into the trap of infatuation.The institution of marriage is taken for granted by those immatured unclarified minded fellows!

The Tamil writer Bhaskar Shakti in his "Kaartru Valayam" means( the wind around us) beautifully narrated the same thought by his wonderful story . I wish i rather see the film fully and then i come back here . I wish southern thought be adapted by some other intelligent directors other than Priyadarshan! You have already expressed beautifully the aspects of this issue.Well done! No more to add further! :)


Bobby Sing

Dear Bavani,
As an adaptation I really cant give it much marks but what I found worth mentioning to all friends was the realistic thought portrayed in a storyline where the young minds are not able to judge what they want actually, from whom and how! As a result they amaterishly consder Lust as Love and then Marriage as a means to fulfil that lust in all legality.

And it is not just happening in South but North too is having more Separations and Divorces than ever before due to the same reasons that the youth today take Marriage as a means to achieve something else in life rather than love.

RANGREZZ as a film doesnt score very high otherwise I would have readily included it in my must watch list as mentioned in the review too. So you might not get hugely impressed by it on the whole but still it does have a valid, important point to make which surely should reach the younger ones most urgently. And thats what I have tried to do in my review as well as the article.

Further your informative comment once again makes me realise that there is so much to read and understand in the works of scholars from different languages that our whole one lifetime sometimes feels too short for it really. So in case you ever get to find the English Transalations of any such valuable writer's works then please do let me know as I would love to read them too.



Bobby dear,


Kya baat hai !!!!!!

Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Thanks for agreeing to the viewpoint here Vikas and I hope the article is read by more like minded friends.

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