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RASCALS - Movie Review : Sadly David both copies and disappoints once again. (Review by Bobby Sing)

06 Oct, 2011 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R / Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

David Dhawan directing a film called RASCALS with Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan in comic roles was indeed a promising news. The promos looked good and few songs were also being noticed. But this was the scenario only before the release of the film and now after watching it I have a completely different story to tell quite sadly.

In the past, David Dhawan has been accused many times of copying from both the Foreign as well as our own Indian movies. Plus he was also into using the double meaning dialogues and songs to win over his viewers in those successful years of films featuring Govinda and Karishma Kapoor. Unfortunately in his latest venture too, David doesn’t move away from his same old overused path and continues to use both these formulas in RASCALS in a rather disappointing way.
Firstly, writing his extremely weak storyline, the director and his writers take all their inspiration from an English Classic “Bedtime Story” (1964) which also revolves around two con-men trying to fool a rich lady and which was again remade as “Dirty Rotten Scoudrels” in 1988. Adding his own contribution in the script, David changes a wheel chair ridden imposter (in the Original films) into a fake blind man (Ajay Devgan) in RASCALS. But then later on strangely returns to the wheel chaired man again in the end as a loyal follower of the original. Interestingly this same plot and many similar sequences were earlier copied by Bollywood in three films namely, “Johar Mehmood in Hongkong” (1971), “Khel” (1992) and then partially in the famous “Andaz Apna Apna” (1994).
Secondly this time, David goes even further in using the double meaning dialogues along with a lot of skin show by both Kangna and Lisa in the film. In fact, the sequences and dialogues used in these particular sequences even surpass all his previous films and can be easily termed as ‘Vulgar’, which usually work in the smaller centers.
The film starts off well with a better first half but in the later reels it gives you many unwanted boring scenes like the one in the deserted church with Satish Kaushik. So, with very few enjoyable comedy sequences, RASCALS is not able to deliver as per the expectations raised by all the talented names in its team. David stumbles several times in his script and direction. Soundtrack only gives you few catchy double meaning raunchy numbers as usual. The ladies are only there to shed off their clothes just at the word “Go”. The supporting cast continuously hams in their badly written roles. And the leading heroes tend to shout more than act in the whole film. Though both Ajay and Sanjay have successfully played many comical characters in their recent films, but the same cannot be said for RASCALS.
In short David Dhawan’s new madcap entertainer is surely mad but strictly not entertaining as per its promises made. But if you are really interested in con-men films then do watch both “Bedtime Story” and “Dirty Rotten Scoudrels” to know the difference in treatment given to the plot by their respective directors.
Ratings : 1.5 / 5

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06 Oct 2011 / Comments ( 4 )
manish bhardwaj

What i liked about your review is that there is no mentioning of rampal. was he there in the movie???

Bobby Sing

Yes Manish he is there but even in a worst role than a respected friendly appearance.
So not worth mentioning as you said.

sanjay bh

Jo iss movies ko accha keh rahey hai unhey paisey diye gaye hai , mainey dekhi aur merey pay kya beeti mujhey maalum , Are we fools , filling their pockets watching such crap, making them RICH , and they fooling us r we so dumb and they r taking benefit of it.i feel myself dumb too.
What a bad movie , I wasted my rs 40 , sanjay dutt should pay me to watch this movie, I want my money back triple for giving me such torcher, so bad comedy , it is forced , unfunny comedy for not more then 3 years children,

These Celebrities think that they will make whatever and make money by fooling people , watch this movie if you r actor in Rascal , or want to waste your money , mind , time your common sense , don\'t watch if u get free tickets, if you get ticket give it to your biggest enemy ghisey pitay comedy dialogs , faltu comedy , mujhey ghussa aa raha hai , many of them were waiting movie to end , but it never ends.many people where angry there in theater , I regret so much, even if I watched this movie for rs 40 I still feel I wasted so much money on this , time and my brain because of these torture they should pay us rs 400 to watch these movie , some were spitting on screen and some one was going to another thing on the screen because of the torture that movie gave but others stopped him , I have better stayed at home and watched taarak mehta or other comedy serial better then spending so much money , or have spend time with friends , or see force or shaib biwi or gangster, SOUNDTRACK and Real steel are awesome paisa vasool and more fun movie.

Bobby Sing

You are very right in saying so Sanjay as the film is really bad.
Thanks for your comment and Keep Visiting.

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