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RONDE SAARE VYAH PICHO (RSVP) (Punjabi) - At least a decent effort ahead than the usual joke based comedies, being blindly made in Punjabi Cinema. [TTP (To the point) Review by Bobby Sing]

14 Oct, 2013 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R / Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

RSVP - Ronde Saare Vyah Pichho

A surprisingly decent film based on some inspired plots, RSVP is surely much ahead than those silly joke based comedies being made left & right in Punjab, just to en-cash the ongoing trend in the name of cinema. It has an entertaining first half as the reverse gender version of LADIES VS RICKY BAHL (2011) featuring Neeru Bajwa as the con-woman. And then post intermission it drags to some extent, taking the clear clues from the good old DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAAYENGE (1995), wherein Harish Verma tries to win her lady love back though his sincere efforts.
With a delightful as well as thoughtful sequence featuring Rana Ranbir and Rajpal Yadav in the opening hour (in guest roles), RSVP rightly makes an initial positive impact and then keeps delivering the content till the end in a more or less engaging manner. Though the pace drops in its few predictable sequences post interval, but the performances don’t let it slide down heavily, offering a fine (old school) climax reminding you of the good old days of Punjabi Cinema. Superbly performed by Harish Verma and Neeru Bajwa, its time the Industry realizes the hidden talent in Harish instead of trying only the few saleable names in a repetitive mode. Jaswinder Bhalla thankfully underplays it well and so do Navneen Nishan, Gugu Gill, Jaswant Dhaman and Pukhraj Bhalla in their respective roles.
Well directed by Vijay Kumar Arora, RSVP never gives you the feeling of a hurriedly made project like several recently released Punjabi movies do. It has many pleasant, well shot sequences (like the scenes in Amritsar) along with few good songs & dialogues rendered entertainingly. But if you are expecting an out and out comedy or laugh riot (as usual) then this doesn’t fall in that avoidable category, bringing the much needed welcome change in the region. So in case you are fed up of all those mindless, mediocre comedies made without any quality vision, then RSVP can be surely tried for a weekend family outing without any doubt.
However ending on an alarming note, the visionary industry people are visibly doing their bit by making decent family entertainers like RSVP. But its now only on the viewers to convert a good film (other than comedy) into a big hit pretty fast, otherwise Punjabi Cinema will soon reach the saturation point of disaster as witnessed in the Bhojpuri Film Industry a few years back.
Rating : 3 / 5

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14 Oct 2013 / Comments ( 4 )
Prakash Bhatia

Hi Bobbyji,
Encouraging review.Gives me strength to go and watch a punjabi movie which I have not seen since ages.I love and appreciate your unbiased views about films.Your observation that punjabi films are full with cheap;and vulgar jokes is absolutely right. I remember one very decent and interesting social comedy of late sixties Sat Saliyan.A must watch film. Having punjabi stars of high repute.Ravinder Kapoor, Indira Billi, V.Gopal and Gopal Saigal. Can\'t our present generation punjabi film makers look at their seniors?

Bobby Sing

Hi Prakash Bhatia,
Thanks for writing in and appreciating my sincere efforts at the site.
Yes Punjabi Cinema was much richer in the past comparatively and I really hope (& pray) that it all gets back to same quality and great films soon in the coming years. 

Keep Visiting.


Hello, Even though everyone has right of opinion and I rarely care but as this review is from a man who is a regular reviewer I have written back.

RSVP was exceptional bad, even worse then heer n hero. The director gives almost no time to let audience get familiar. The plot could have been done better. Harish verma was average. He is so sobre that he falls in love with a con woman even though he has no personal interaction. The daadi just wants her back , again without reason, even without having spoken a word to each other.

The plot had gaps so huge that another universe could walk through. Bhalla didnt underplay but bhalla was wasted . There is absolutely zero comedy. Rajpal yadav and Rana Ranbir are just in guest appearences . And the scene they have is completely racist (or whatever defines communal differences. The reason for these flop films are that they rush it and to get more shows cut showing time.

Bobby Sing

Hi Mandeep,
Yes as you said everyone has a right of opinion and I truly respect that.
But for a clarification I would like to say that If RSVP was bad............ then the other movies of Punjabi cinema cannot even be called Films in totality.

Secondly regarding Bhalla, that's where the problem lies as Punjabi audience just want him to do the routine things and don't let him act as an actor.......and this is exactly where all the Punjabi actors are trapped in being typecast in their repetitive roles doing nothing new but the same things again and again without any choice.

Thirdly, if Rajpal yadav and Rana Ranbir depict racial differences between two different communities then "Shampy Di Gaddi" and many other similar references being made in Punjabi entertainment products since the 90s depicts racial differences within the Sikh community only quite shamefully.

But to end on a positive note, as I see it RSVP was not great but a much better attempt as compared to several other ridiculous films without any basic content. However the truth remains that till the day Punjabi Audience will not make a film other than comedy a big hit, the trap will keep on going bigger, leading to further degradation in films and nothing else.


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