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SAALA KHADOOS - Its only sincere performances in an otherwise strictly predictable sports movie missing any surprising twist or a solid punch resulting in a big disappointment. (Review By Bobby Sing)
30 Jan, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

Movies based on ‘Sports’ generally have a set format and a predictable story progression featuring an underdog winner, a problematic coach, a non-cooperative head of the department playing dirty politics, corruption, exploitation and a lot of positive supporting characters backing the lead hero or heroine. Hence whenever a new sports movie is there, one expects at least something novel in its presentation bringing fresh insights into the genre heading towards a predictable climax. However when nothing of that sort is offered in a strictly routine film despite having the name of Raj Kumar Hirani in its credits (supporting the project) then it certainly becomes a big disappointment for the viewers unarguably.

Moreover when a director chooses to reveal her entire script in the 3 minute trailer itself then that literally kills the excitement and can rarely impress the audience with everything monotonous happening on the screen in its short duration of less than 2 hours.
In few words, yes we have got strong, creditable performances in SAALA KHADOOS led by Madhavan and Ritika Singh, well supported by Mumtaz Sorcar, Zakir Hussain, Nasser and MK Raina. Also the film has a fine cinematography and background score particularly depicting the realistic living conditions in slums. In addition it also presents an interesting eye-opener picture of the south sports scenario and reveals the inner ugly truths of the ‘selection authorities and their heads’ raising many relevant questions (including an important one wherein students also join sports just to get into the government jobs).
But at the same time the makers unnecessarily add 5 average songs into the narration (of a 110 minutes film) with only ‘Pagli’ working to some extent. The aggression of both the ‘Khadoos’ characters seem to be without any reason at times with no solid individual back-story shared (of the girl specifically). There is no reference of the two young girls ongoing studies in a local school or college (becoming the basis of their state/national selection). And there is a big absurdity in characterization, according to which Madhavan respects females at one end, but kicks the girl hard on the other when she is lying on the ground after losing a match due to an undisclosed injury.
Above all SAALA KHADOOS doesn’t give you any adrenaline rush even in the concluding moments failing to fulfill the basic requirement of a sports movie. As a result it remains an average film offering nothing we haven’t seen before in similar better attempts made earlier.
In fact watching the film retelling a story that has already been told several times I kept wondering what exactly excited writer-director Sudha Kongara to go for this project giving such a strong feeling of Deja-Vu and what made Raj Kumar Hirani support it so prominently giving we the viewers a completely wrong impression of ‘something novel’.
May be they had their own reasons (keeping the South audience in mind), but I could find none missing that expected freshness and frankly enjoyed the performance of Nasser more than anyone else in the film including the lead couple.
Rating : 2 / 5

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30 Jan 2016 / Comment ( 2 )

I think the movie was well received in other language, unlike its counterpart. I accept there are certain artistic or novel elements which are said to be related to Bollywood are not here in this film. The novel changes from people to people and industry to industry(culture to culture). One day a time will come where people in bollywood start to get interest in knowing about the all rest of the people and their different culture,etc...Chennai Express is the one example...
But i didn't see this movie. So, sorry if i said anything unneccessarily

Bobby Sing

Hi Ramji,
Thanks for your comment but here at BTC we frankly appreciate discussing and commenting upon movies after watching them.
But talking about SK, the similar MARY KOM released just a few months before was the major reason the film was not able to influence Hindi belt viewers in reality.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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