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SADDA ADDA - Movie Review : Starts off too late but shines towards the end. (Review By Bobby Sing)

20 Jan, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / S / Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

As an indicative review, SADDA ADDA can be referred to that fairly decent racing bike which unfortunately starts off very late after the gun goes off, almost when the other bikers have completed their rounds. So despite of having a good horse power, it loses the race due to its technical malfunction and a first time rider.

The biggest negative factor which restricts SADDA ADDA to grow on the viewer remains its highly inspired and similar settings to the last year surprise hit PYAAR KA PUNCHNAAMA. It starts off in the same manner telling the story about a group of bachelors living in a messy apartment, struggling to make it big in their own respective fields. Throughout its first hour, it simply looks like a hushed up project made after the instant success of PKP, taking almost everything from the 2011 HIT. The characters seem to be repeating themselves and even the actors look like doing everything on the screen with PKP in their mind. So, till an unexpected tragic turn comes right before the interval, SADDA ADDA is not able to impress at all with only its few well-written sequences placed unevenly.

Actually the bike gets started post-interval and then sadly reaches a competitive speed just before the climax. As a result, one slightly feels good only after watching the final 30 minutes of the film and then walks away. In fact, after the last week’s CHAALIS CHAURAASI here is another movie (desperately in need of a harsh re-editing) which can easily be seen by fast forwarding its first hour without missing anything important.
With a routine cinematography, it doesn’t have any great performances too and the boys actually succeed to make an impact in their last 15 minutes only. However they are surely better than all the girls in the film. The individual stories talking about their love and professional life are realistic but also predictable, handled with an ordinary vision. Musically it has a fine track “Sarphira Hai” and the title song which deserved to be promoted well to get some more people in the theater.

But despite of all these drawbacks, there still is one thing which goes in favour of SADDA ADDA and that’s the message it tries to give through its weak execution. It wishes to remind the youth their responsibilities towards themselves and their families which have to be fulfilled after getting proper academic and technical education. Its tries to warn them from the obstacles of the path which are there in the shape of Depression, Easy Money, Drugs and Corruption. And it very subtly tries to say that it doesn’t matter how much money you earn in your life comparatively, but what matters is that Are you enjoying what you are doing professionally in your life or not?
So, where PYAR KA PUNCHNAAMA had nothing substantial to convey other than the Love Complications in the life of youth, SADDA ADDA has a pretty noble and important message to give to the young. But if only it also had the finesse and polishing of a well made film like PKP, it could have easily become another surprise Young Hit of 2012. But for now, it just remains a below average one time watch and that too only for those who wish to see each and every film made around the subject of youth as a must.
Ratings : 2 / 5 (including 1 only for its final 30 minutes.)

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20 Jan 2012 / Comment ( 2 )
Simple, Fun loving story of 6youngsters, this film touches your chord and delhi scene are very nice n realistic , even PG life and interaction with land lord is hilarious..... ha ha the audition scene and the main protaginist fight is hilarious... and the guy who gets everything does a silencer act of 3 idiots.. this movie is not to level of 3 idiots... but dil chahta hai.. hmm nearly dere... because songs r not tht good.. but ya we went with friends.. and enjoyed it immensly.
Bobby Sing

Glad to know that you enjoyed it Prince with thanks for writing in too.
Keep Visiting.

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