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SATYAMEV JAYATE 2 - It's first episode, discussing the issue of DISGUSTING RAPES with a quite helpless approach. (By Bobby Sing)

02 Mar, 2014 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Satyamev Jayate 2Aamir Khan proved to be a socially aware & concerned celebrity thinking about the country too with his first season of SATYAMEV JAYATE in 2013. Though the fact remains that most of the issues taken up in series are still there without much change or any major action taken towards the suggested improvements, yet the move was no doubt appreciable and the program did receive a grate favourable response all over.

So as expected, watching the first episode of SATYAMEV JAYATE 2 in 2014, I truly felt sad & disturbed thinking about the sickening issue of RAPES in our present society. But at the same time, honestly didn’t feel satisfied looking at the way the subject was treated by the veteran anchor, in an already known or clichéd style simply ignoring the criminal who is actually responsible for the heinous crime, not in the picture. Plus I really felt confused wondering why Aamir was doing the same again, i.e. discussing the problems verbally without coming up with any strict, straight solutions or leading any immediate action movement himself, as required.

In fact, it was an episode made with a fixed mindset talking about the issue in a very helpless manner focusing only on ‘THE AFTER EFFECTS’ and not ‘THE REAL CAUSE’ strangely.

In other words I strongly felt as if they were all talking about the issue, straight away assuming that yes RAPES have always been there in our society from ages and they will be there in the present or future too following an unstoppable mode. Therefore all we need to do is to adapt a more emotional, sympathetic and helpful approach towards its unfortunate victims and forget about finding out the reason that why these are presently happening in the much educated and developed social structure of the new millennium too?

Now, no doubt it’s really sickening to admit that our society is still thinking about the RAPE VICTMS in the same disrespectful manner as we did in 1950s, 1980s and in 2000s too. Moreover, our POLICE still remains shamelessly corrupt, the MEDICAL institutes are disgracefully unhelpful and the JUDICIAL system actually humiliates the RAPE victim more, instead of service her the justice immediately as required. So looking at the sad scenario, we do need to understand a rape victim with all our compassion, love, care and dignity. Plus we also have to ask for a change in the 3 key basic systems of our social structure i.e. Police, Medical and Judiciary as soon as possible.

But at the same time, the other major point of concern remains that why these RAPES are increasing in numbers and are still happening despite all this awareness, agitations, revolts, dharnas and candle marches?

And this is exactly what I found completely missing in the first episode of the series which despite being an emotional one, followed a simple one sided approach solely aiming at getting the sympathy of the viewer with a more commercial motive as it seems. Further it once again touched a relevant, burning topic, leaving it right there without giving any further action plan to achieve the desired change as usual.

Now if truth be told, yes we do need to take a good care of all the unfortunate victims of a rape, saving her from any police, medical or judicial torture after the tragic incident. But the other strong questions which need to be asked, missed by Aamir in his important episode are, that:

WHAT is the kind of mindset which inspires a man to rape a woman?
WHAT is the deficiency in his upbringing which makes him a rapist after becoming a grown up?
WHAT influences him to do so despite having a mother, sister and aunts in his own home?
WHY he sees the other women with an eye of a rapist and not his own women in the close relations in the similar manner?

Moreover in some extreme disgusting cases,
WHY a rape is also seen in the close relations too?????

And to be pretty straight,
WHY these rapes are happening in such a continuous manner in our so called developed society even in the present times?
WHAT we urgently need to teach our SONS about their moral behavior before teaching the DAUGHTERS to be safe while moving out of the house?
WHAT is the undisclosed contribution of our society in BREEDING these kinds of RAPISTS in the normal homes? and
WHAT are we doing wrong that this BREED is rapidly increasing and not getting extinct with the development all over?

Now frankly I am thinking this way because I really don’t want the situation to arise where we are supposed to feel sympathy, offer help or be emotional for a woman after she gets raped………..! But instead we should collectively work towards making a society where she is not prone to such life shattering threats and secure her very existence right in time, instead of consoling her after the cruel event has happened like we have always done in the past.

So where AAMIR KHAN made the whole program assuming that RAPES are inevitable and we need to do something to help these innocent rape victims after they have been brutally attacked, I would like to think about the problem right from its point of origin and seriously wish that we all work together for the same positively, before the RAPE actually happens.

More so, since along with the ‘effect’, the basic ‘cause’ also has to be considered and dealt with strongly, otherwise this would continue forming a never ending chain and we will keep on growing this hidden BREED of RAPISTS amongst us only without any major change for long.


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02 Mar 2014 / Comments ( 5 )
Amit Joshi

I know you are condemning........I am also doing same.........har saal aisa hi hota hai bobby ji........1-2 log aate hai hawa bankar aur hum beh jaate hai fir aankh khulti hai to pata lagta hai ...........SAB MAAYA HAI.

I HOPE ART, LITARATURE, CINEMA, CRICKET aur POLITICS ke alawa bhi hume kahi aur se hero mile.

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit,.
Thanks for your comments and Keep Visiting.

Amit Joshi

Dear Bobby,

Last Year we had two big incidents which opened my eyes.

One was Kejriwal movement & second was Dhoom 3. Sorry if i am posting both issues in this post.

In last few years our society went through some major changes, google and facebook came & we knew almost everything about everybody, however it was not the real knowledge it was only information. whatever posted on peopls\'s wall again & again it made a place in their subconscious mind..... first Modi & then Kejriwal......someone said Modi is a progressive leader, we assumed then someone said Kejriwal can change the nation overnight we also assumed that without thinking about the background of these people. Don\'t you think its like a detergent ad where one claims that they are better than their competitor. We are very emotional people we think that someone is coming to politics just to make us happy, he may be right but what about others who are associated with him....I used to think why Kiran Bedi was not made Delhi\'s police commissioner and now I found the answer......she is same personality......very very active on twitter, joining BJP....... making comments in public........is that her personality? you have the responsibility on your shoulder & you are active on twitter.........pata nahi lag gaya ki Namo Chai drama hai.........rallies mein entry fees lekar bulana drama hai..........logo ko bol diya that electricity bill will cut down by 50%.....why didn\'t you put an condition apply sign with that..........where was your women task force....Kejriwal is so despareate for the Lokshaba election that he just resigned.........he who questions everybody doesn\'t mean he is honest...........

Now comes to Aamir...........he played emotional card everytime & trapped the audience.

Don\'t you think he was lucky to have good scripts like Taare Zameen par & 3 idiots & his acting skills did the rest........if he was really concerned about the audience and the nation he would never do Ghazni & Dhoom 3 will not make abusive movie like Delly Belly & will not abuse Amitabh bacchan in public (saying bhag dk bose bhag dk bose in an interveiw) but yeah we are again emotional we think that Satyamev Jayate he is doing for the nation, sorry he is doing for the money its like an NGO which seems that they are helping people but same time they makes very very good money........WE ALL ARE DOING WORK BOBBY...........AAMIR IS ALSO DOING HIS WORK....... you acts in Dhoom 3 promotes rash driving & on the other hand you shows that who cares for nation will stop on RED LIGHT...... why.... SHOULD WE TAKE LESSONS FROM AAMIR\'S GOOD MOVIES (ACT) ONLY ? Do you think who rapes or molest child\'s will listen to Aamir those who are listening or understands will not do these kind of crimes & only those people sees his shows. So whats the point of these kind of serial........I give you a live example when last year girl child issue was coming my mother changed the channel in her room........when alcohal issue was coming my father changed the channel..... you can easily understand why :) my point is if someone have that bad habbit he will not see his shows.....he don\'t want to change by seeing his show...........In protest only those people arrives who supports the issue not those who are against them...........I think you got my point......so those who are praising Aamir\'s show are already good human beings.....so whats the point to show them what they already know with crisp editing?

ONCE I SAW A VERY CREATIVE AD MADE ON \'STOP SPITTING (pan\'s peek) ON MONUMENTS OR PUBLIC PLACES\' it was so creative (graphically) that only intellectual person can understand ..........I asked to my collegue where will they put this advt..........On Rikshawala stand ? will they understand the creativity and the english language & the motive behind that....those who spits Pan\'s Peak they don\'t need creative advertisement to give a moral.

Bobby its time to change..........before following anyone we should stop a moment and reconsider......otherwise we will feel cheated everytime.

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit,
I think you have not read the article properly as its not praising the serial but condemning it actually.
Anyway you are entitled to your view and I respect that.
But all I can say reading your comment is that I hope & it seems that you must be doing something or the other for a better society in your capacity in your own surroundings..............instead of following any ideal or wasting time on the social networks.

So please continue the good work with full spirits.




Hi Amit,

All I would say is don\'t give up on Kejriwal and AAP so soon. We don\'t have any alternative.

Also, don\'t assume everyone to be a saint. As you said everyone is doing their work. Everyone should actually do their work honestly and there\'s nothing wrong if they make money out of it.

The names of the celebrities you have taken are champions of our times. They have done something good for the society and added value to the system.


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