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Sajid Khan's HOUSEFULL-2 and its sources of inspiration.

10 Apr, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / H

Sajid Khan’s HOUSEFULL-2 might be better than its not so related Part One. But its once again an all inspired or copied movie from its different sources on the similar lines of HF1.

The basic plot of the film of two step brothers living in adjoining houses, having beautiful daughters & looking for a rich boy to be their son-in-law is straight away taken from Telugu Comedy HUNGAMA (2005) directed by S. V. Krishna Reddy and Tamil film Banda Paramasivam (2003) directed by T.P. Gajendran, which are both actually based on the original Malayalam film Mattupetti Machan (1998).
As the basic script and a major part of the film is exactly borrowed from these Regional Hits, I believe Sajid must have taken the official rights for the same following the right path. For instance, the marriage broker involved in an insulting incident, the plan for taking revenge, the hired person getting into the wrong home and the complete mistaken identity plot involving the two new cunning boys who fell in love with the girls is at is adapted in HF2 borrowed from the above mentioned films.
Interestingly there is another catch here about the marriage broker insult sequence in the film which also reminds you of David Dhawan & Govinda’s “Coolie No.1” released in 1995. However this Hindi blockbuster was reportedly again a remake of a 1993 Tamil film “Chinna Mapillai” directed by Santhana Bharathi.
But that is not all as another sub-plot in it wherein the couples get abandoned in a lonely beach and accidentally find out a lavish resort right there at the other side of the island is blatantly taken from the English romantic comedy "Love Wrecked" released in 2005. The way the air-boat is ruined by a shot and the manner in which they jump into a swimming pool sliding from the top of a stream is exactly there in the English flick too.

Just take a look at the trailer of the film at this link for more clarity:

(Thanks to Bavani Srinivasan, Madhurageethan, Amit Joshi, R. Radhav and Chris for contributing in this write-up with their valuable information.)

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10 Apr 2012 / Comments ( 7 )
amit joshi

I think the plot is similar to \'COOLIE NO.1\' where marriage broker, Sadashiv Amrapurkar get offended and takes revenge by promoting Govinda, the coolie a rich person........what a fantastic movie it was with great dialogue delivery by Kadar Khan and Govinda.........

Bobby Sing

Yes Amit it has a similar plot to "Coolie No.1" and this was also pointed out in the discussion at FB by a dear friend Mohsin Khan from Mumbai.

However it is still more closer to the South version since it has the same plot of two brothers, living in adjoining houses and then the hired person going into the wrong house plus even the Father has a hand kept on his heart as he visits to see the girl for his son in "Hungama". 


R Radhav

The original source of inspiration actually from a malayalam movie \'Mattupetti Machan\' which is released in 1998. This telugu and tamil verions (Bandaa Paramasivam) are the unofficial remake of malayalam flick.

Bobby Sing

Thanks R Radhav for this valuable addition.
I will soon look into this and get back.

Keep Writing in!


Director of the movie Sajid Khan started his career with doing Bollywood Movie reviews in mid 90\'s. At that time he openly exposed other directors who copied from either Hollywood movies or South Indian movies. At that time the media wasn\'t what it is at present times and also there was limited Internet access.
I just want to ask Sajid khan one good question, that has he taken the Audiences for a ride that we won\'t be able to find out his source or so called "inspriation\' for his movies and that he made fun of all the directors who copied from other movies. All the 3 movies he directed are copied from somwhere or the other.
The point i want to make is that he din\'t have the right to project fingers on other directors when he himself is copying.

Bobby Sing

You are very right in pointing this out Kenny G.
However I am sure Sajid knows this too inside and may be he has some good freinds who keep reminding him about this truth too.
Plus I hope someone from their team reads your present comment and realise what they have been doing right from the first film itself.

I frankly felt great reading this comment by an aware viewer, so thanks for visiting BTC.

Keep writing in.


1991 Telugu film  “Coolie No.1” directed by K. Raghavendra Rao is an action film and was NOT remade as the famous hindi hit of Govinda by the same name! 
The real original of Govinda's coolie no. 1 is the tamil movie Chinna_Mapillai (1993).  David Dhawan only wanted to name it 'coolie' but  apparently did not get the rights and added no. 1 which started the hit series for which Govinda is still known for.

Bobby Sing

Good to see your comment again after a long time Chris.
And thanks for pointing out the mistake in the write-up. It stands corrected now with the credit line too in the end.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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