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Saraswatichandra (1968) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

25 Nov, 2007 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Saraswati Chandra - Bobby Talks Cinema

Nutan, was one of the most talented artists of Hindi Film Industry and “Saraswatichadra” can easily be added to her Top 10 movies list. The touchy storyline based on love and sacrifice represents the rich literature we have as our treasure. All the songs in the film and their lyrics are pure gems, beautifully composed and sung. 

The movie portrays Indian values in the right manner and shows how women used to suffer due to the old traditional customs. The only character you have in mind while watching the whole film is just Nutan, as she is so real and natural in whatever she does. A must see for the younger generation to get the picture of golden years of Indian Films. Highly Recommended for Black & White movie fans & emotional drama lovers.

Directed By Govind Sariya      Starring : Nutan & Others      Music By Kalyanji Anandji

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25 Nov 2007 / Comment ( 2 )

Hello movie maverick or may be crystal clear cinema critic mr.bobby sing alias Harpreetji,

Awesome are your works and writings about cinema music and about the celluloid industry. Well i request you to review more number of Tamil Telugu Kannada & Malayalam movies.

I wish and want you to have an exclusive youtube channel may be you can have an upgrade of the real you.

We actually need honest and frank reviwers like you.
It's also like a moderator or a messenger for cinema.. i feel so..

Well i have been reading your works from a long time & today i felt i need to write something to you. Well i have a bunch of films that needs your reviews and opinions. may be movies like Gameover & Nerkonda parvai and Bellbottom kannada movie or may be Vadachennai..

Please also categorize the reviews under a column of South films to a much easy access.

There is lot to be discussed with your sir. you are an amazing person whom i have seen in offline cinema.

Great insight amazing knowledge and what an in-depth analysis.

Keep it going.


Sheshu. ( i 'm an ardent and avid film buff and voracious reader & to mention i graduated from cinema school early 98's been in partially in films, have been serving in the FM Radio domain and advertising currently in-film branding).actually always wanted to be a film maker may be in the nearing future with your forewords.

Bobby Sing

Hi Sheshu,
Sorry for the late reply as many comments got hidden due to a technical glitch.
Really overwhelmed by your kind words and appreciation.

Have been doing regularly but I will surely review more regional language films as requested.
There is also a separate section in the site that only has the links of worth watching regional cinema of India.

With a big thanks once again for being associated with my writings since so long.
Do keep visiting and writing in.


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