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Sufi Saint Hazrat Mian Mir and his spiritual association with Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

24 Apr, 2012 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Sharing a precious lesson learned after watching an episode of Doordarshan’s serial "Upanishad Ganga", I really feel great thinking about the divine state of all spiritual masters in those blessed times wherein they had immense respect & love for the religious beliefs of their fellow travelers.
Dara Shikoh - Bobby Talks Cinema.comIn fact this one lesson unites all Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs into one through a new perspective, which is simply out of this world and outstanding.  And here it is for everyone who believes that no religion is superior than the other but only a different way to reach the same destination.
It starts from Dara Shikoh, who was the eldest son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and the elder brother of Aurangzeb, who later became the emperor. He was very popular with the common people due to his distinctive loving persona and that was the reason that he got assassinated on the order of Aurangzeb to retain the throne.
Dara is widely remembered as an enlightened being supporting the harmonious coexistence of more than one religion and tradition at that time in India. He was a follower of Lahore’s famous Sufi saint, Hazrat Mian Mir who was widely respected among all communities as a learned scholar and divine personality. It was Hazrat Mian Mir only who inspired Dara Shikoh to translate Upanishads from their original Sanskrit into Persian language, so that they can be made available for study by the Muslim scholars. His translation is called Sirr-e-Akbar (The Greatest Mystery).
Mian Mir Ji - Bobby Talks Cinema.comAs I came to know about this I really felt fascinated by the fact as Hazrat Mian Mir also had a loving relationship with Sikhism and he was only the respected saint who was fondly called by the 5th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Arjan Dev to lay the foundation stone of Harmandar Sahib in Amritsar.
Now what can be a better example of the pure & divine respectable co-existence of various religions at that time wherein a hugely respected Muslim Sufi Saint sings the praises of Quran and Islam as his own religion, accepts the importance of studying Upanishads from Hinduism and also lays the foundation stone of the first holy shrine of Sikhism. Hence, through the process, he gets importantly associated with 3 prominent religious movements prevailing at that time in the country.
In other words here we have a Muslim Sufi Saint, who is a firm follower of Islam but at the same time duly accepts the importance of Hindu Upanishads and becomes instrumental in getting them translated into Perisan language for his people to read.
Following him is Dara Shikoh, again a firm believer in his own religion but who is also eager to learn, understand and translate the Holy Scriptures of Hinduism.
Guru ARjan Dev Ji - Bobby Talks Cinema.comThen there is Guru Arjan Dev, who is the one person responsible for compiling and editing the Holy Scripture of Sikhs, “Guru Granth Sahib” (known as “Aad Granth” at that time), who duly respects Hazrat Mian Mir as a Sufi saint. Following one of the basic principles of Sikh masters, Guru Arjan Dev lovingly calls Hazrat Mian Mir to lay the foundation stone of the first Holy shrine of Sikhism, “Harmander Sahib” and the Sufi Saint readily obliges respecting the love shown by the 5th Guru and his Sikhs.
Besides, when we study the short life span of Dara Shikoh, then there is another incident when he fell seriously ill with a suspicion of being poisoned. At that time he gets eventually cured by the medicine given by the 7th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Har Rai after the request made by the Emperor Shah Jahan in a personal letter expressing his regrets for the avoidable past.
For me, this is a rare example of an unbelievable kind of great mutual admiration for each other’s belief shown by all these enlightened beings more than 400 years ago.
Truly speaking, I am spellbound to realize the importance of this divine connection between the three different paths and would like to give my utmost respect & love to Hazrat Mian Mir (who remains the binding bridge), Guru Arjan Dev, Guru Har Rai & Dara Shikoh for setting such a rare, spiritual example of only One Universal Religion in front of the entire world.
And also many thanks to the serial “Upanishad Ganga” and its makers to think of this novel entertaining concept to enlighten us about our own rich heritage like never before.

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24 Apr 2012 / Comment ( 2 )
Jasmeet Singh
Just Wonderful.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Jasmeet for appreciating the effort here!

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