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TALAASH - Only a fine one time watch with a not so impressive conclusion. (Review by Bobby Sing)

30 Nov, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

‘Murder mystery’ is a genre which has seen the least hits in Hindi Film Industry till date. But when a bankable veteran such as Aamir Khan, decides to feature in a movie based on a mysterious plot around a series of murders, then one is bound to expect something extraordinary from the project without any doubt. So I was all game to see this thankfully ‘out of the routine’ film and further got more excited reading some big names in its opening credits such as Javed Akhtar (Lyrics), Zoya Akhtar (Writer), Farhan Akhtar (Dialogues) and Anurag Kashyap (Additional Dialgoues).

But sadly after watching it, I didn’t feel like being served well as the movie lacked the expected fireworks in its less impressive conclusion which should have been the highlight of the film representing this particular genre. Nevertheless, since the review of such ‘Mystery movies’ should ideally not reveal any of the story developments in its script, so here I would like to restrict myself to a certain level and would only be sharing how I felt watching the film in its two halves.
As it begins TALAASH successfully manages to grab your attention from its well shot opening credits only and the viewer is all set to watch an engrossing crime thriller featuring the perfectionist. Very casually and calmly directed Reema Kagti, introduces all her characters on the screen and then the investigations begin within the first 15 minutes of the film itself. As the scripts starts unfolding its various chapters, TALAASH starts gripping the viewer and one finds himself becoming interested in its each new proceedings quite easily. So, despite of an avoidable song, the first half largely proves to be a winner giving you the taste of a fine mystery drama with many realistic performances directed well by Reema Kagti.
Post intermission, the problems begin with its slow narration mainly due to the elaborate depiction of the emotional plot added in the script related with Aamir and his family. The pace drops for a considerable period of time (including another deliberate song) and then it all goes down to the last half an hour of the film where the viewers await the big shock coming their way to amaze them. But unfortunately after some good chase sequences, when the finale is there, TALAASH fails to deliver and doesn’t make any solid impact on the viewers with its loose and unimpressive conclusion.
Hence against all promises made in its subtle promotion, TALAASH is not an edge of the seat, nail biting mysterious thriller as KAHAANI. It devotes too much time to its sub-plots introduced in the script and thus loses the focus on its main storyline revolving around a strange accident. In fact that was the reason why KAHAANI became an instant success at the box office due to its extremely focused direction without any avoidable insertions hampering the overall impact of the film. Now though comparatively Reema too keeps you guessing in TALAASH giving some vague hints about the killer at various intervals. But still when the actual secret gets unfold on the screen, it is not able to amaze you hugely, which should have been the major turning point of the film as per its theme.
Talking about performances, Aamir is fine as the tough inspector, but he also looks like trying too hard in few sequences. The perfectionist proves himself again in the emotional scenes of the climax when he begins to accept that there is a lot more in this world which cannot be seen but only felt. Yet I strongly felt as if Aamir was not there in the film completely. Rani Mukherjee is brilliant in her glamour-less mother act and Kareena is going to shock many in her bold & shocking avatar as the hooker. In the supporting cast, Nawazuddin Siddiqui gets the maximum marks along with Shernaz Patel but Raj Kumar Yadav remains wasted in a meaningless role of the assistant inspector.
Visually, TALAASH takes you into the dark world of Mumbai with a great art direction and cinematography. And the two actually contribute a lot in the basic structure of the film. As usual the not so memorable songs (Ram Sampath) work as an obstacle in its otherwise tense proceedings and without them it surely could have been a much crispier product as it seems. However the background score adds to the spirit of the movie as per the requirements.
To sum it all, if you look upon the film as a solo Aamir Khan project coming after the gap of 3 years, then it more or less fails to give you the desired results. But taking it as a Reema Kagti film made on an interesting script, it is still a one- time watch venture which might be liked by many.
Having said that, I would like to share my own viewpoint about “Great Murder Mysteries” here, which might have certain revealing spoilers about the film too.

So please read further only after watching the film or if you are ok with dealing with Spoilers.
As per my opinion, a great murder mystery is the one which unfolds all the cards in front of you and then the viewers are free to guess the culprit out of them. In other words if there are 10 characters on the screen then the murderer has to be one out of them which keeps the guess work going and the fun intact. But in case the writer or director suddenly brings in an 11th character in the last 10 minutes of the story and declares him the main culprit then honestly the whole charm of the mystery is lost because there is no way anyone can guess that 11th person as the main culprit. Plus all that fun of guessing the 1 out of those 10, seems to be a time-waste and funny all together.
And that’s exactly what spoils the game in TALAASH too when all of a sudden, writer-director Reema Kagti plays the supernatural card in the end and puts all the blame of those strange murders on the spirit itself. Now where for few it might be fine but for an avid lover of “Whodunit” and “Intelligent Murder Mysteries” it comes out to be as hugely disappointing.
To be straight, had it not been an Aamir Khan film, many would have rated it as a fine interesting attempt but nothing more than that.
Ratings : 2.5 / 5

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30 Nov 2012 / Comments ( 18 )
Jithin Mathew thomas

I saw the movie today. Agree with whatever you said. I actually loved the songs after the movie.The suspense factor that you talked about is very true.I was in a surprise when the credits came as i expected a bigger jolt. I also appreciate Aamir khans efforts to act in a character role when most of his contemporaries have involved themselves with "stock characters".

Bobby Sing

Thanks Jithin and yes Aamir does deserve praises for attempting such kind of a role in a out of a routine project.
But the film was surely below his own set standards which was not expected as he was returning after 3 years with a solo project post 3 Idiots.

Amit Laddha

I liked the film very much. I enjoyed performance of Karina, Amir and Rani very much. I have seen same story in a serial Bhanwar which was telecast on Sony Entertainment Chanel. Basic plot, story and characters are same as in Bhanwar.
Amit Laddha

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit,
Glad to hear that you liked it and interesting to know about its similarity with an episode of Bhanwar serial.
If possible do let me know if there is any link where we can see that episode in particular to use it in an ariticle.


Amit Joshi

I saw the movie yesterday and I would like to say to Reema Kagti and Aamir Khan that

1. we have seen \'A BEAUTIFUL MIND\' and \'LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI\' many years ago so please don\'t show us again a person talking to someone who doesn\'t exist at all because basically its an old Idea for us.

2. Why you show Kareena there in scene (where Dalal comes up and say " we need girls not Aunty". Kareena is sitting over there also, but in actual she has died 3 years ago, and only Aamir Khan is seeing her, so Reema go back and edit the picture :) Kareena should not be there in scene.

3. When I saw the first scene of accident, I thought in my mind, it could be because someone saw the ghost there, but the very next moment I thought, Oh Amit grow up you are watching Aamir Khan Movie not RAAMSAY BROTHER, there would be some other twist not supernatural power. But I was right.

4. When Nuwzuddien Siddqui has already died with bullets why are showing him he fell down from roof in fear because he saw Kareena ?

5. When picture ends, everyone in theatre was shocked, they were expecting something more would come as you can\'t expect audience to understand \'The moment of realisation for Aamir through Kareena\'s Inceident\' ? Were you showing us a murder mystry or a story of a father who lost his son, Kaagti you mixed up both things very miserably.

In the end I would like to say that there are simple way to go inside you, Bhagwan Buddh ko 5000 Saal pehle Ped (Tree) ke neeche bethkar pata chal gaya tha ki Sab kuch tumhare andar hai kahi baahar talaash karne ke jarurat nahi" SO REEMA KAAGTI WE DON\'T NEED SUPERNATURAL POWER TO TELL US THIS TRUTH, LIFE KE EXPERIENCE HUME YEH BATAANE KE LIYE KAAFI HAI.

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit,
It was really interesting to read your comic points and I hope someone related with the movie reads them too.
Keep Writing in.

Saurav Sarkar

I felt the movie was left too open.

As a die hard of Aamir i could explain it this way.

Aamir was sick and he was guilt ridden for his child\'s death.
A man who does not sleep hallucinates(Proven by science).
At the end through his hallucination he establishes the spirit and gets solace in that.

Bobby Sing

Hi Saurav,
Thanks for your comment and I am sure all friends would enjoy reading it too.


Hi Bobby,

I also felt as Amit said, after watching the car accident, and the dog was barking too...

But Amit, showing Kareena in that scene that you mentioned, is fine. Have you noticed one thing that after that scene Kareena was there in the car where she asked a question to sashi ( the pimp ) and he didnt respond at all..In fact, nobody in that car gave a clue that she is also there, they were like, they were 2 girls , shashi and the driver in that car.

The direction is hopeless, but cinematography and good performances saved the film.

And about Amir khan, he did splendid job I believe. Have you noticed his eyes throughout the film. Thats how our eyes would be if we cant sleep in the night for so many days. when the first time i saw him on screen , i recognized his character, who is having insomnia.In the flash back scene, his eyes were sparkling like a star too...that definitely came from the actor not from the less imaginative director.

Still, personally i think, Ajay devgan would have been a great choice in that intense role.

My mark is 3 ( Great performances, great cinematography )

Bobby Sing

Hi Suchith,
Aamir really did his job well but in the recent years he has set his own standards so high that the film coudlnt match upto it perfectly.
Thanks for your comment and Keep Writing In,

Amit Laddha

Dear Bobby,
I did not find any video reference of Bhanwar on web. I am very sure I have seen same story in Bhanwar. Only Sony Entertainment can provide those footage.
Many people remember the serial Bhanwar that used to be telecasted on Sony TV. I would like to refresh the memory of all those people who dont remember it or who are not even aware of it. Bhanwar is a series of real life crime stories of those people who went through a horrific time. For all those people who have missed the serial in the past can now watch it on Fox History at 11pm Tuesday.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for this valuable info Amit and yes I too remember BHANWAR as the first one of its kind on TV.
In fact I remember seing many renowned faces of today also in few of its episodes as new actors of those times.
Would surely try to catch it again.



Watched the movie...it does have its own part of glitches..but overall it was satisfactory. One thing I don\'t agree is how come SOS deserved 2.5? Literally that movie had zero storyline..and absolutely nothing new to offer to the audience..it was same old stereotypical unfunny stuff and you rated 2.5.
In comparison Talaash is a well-made suspense drama with good storyline dares to explore the darker side of mumbai city and questions our belief in paranormal....It also has great performances but the conclusion doesn\'t live up to our expectations. I think it is unjustice to give both movies the same rating..

Bobby Sing

Dear Nihin,
Thanks for your comment and regarding your disagreement I would like to remind you that ratings of two different movies can only be compared if they belong to the same genre.
But since here one is Crime-Suspense and the other is a Comedy so there is no way you can compare the ratings of these two.

However if you wish to compare then go for TALAASH & KAHAANI at one end and SON OF SARDAAR & KHILADI 786 on the other as then the comparison will be justified.

For instance you can compare Cream Biscuits with another make of Cream Biscuits or any other similar biscuits but cant compare Bread with Cream Biscuits.
I hope you get my point here.


raj vardhan
Hi Sir!
I just read on the internet that the plot of talaash bears resemblance to a hungarian movie named \'SHADOWS\'.
Bobby Sing

Hi Raj,
The traces of TALAASH's plot can be found in so many movies like SHUTTER, SIXTH SENSE and many more and the description of ths Huagarian movie is just close but not exactly the same as it is given in some reviews at IMDB.

Still I will try to catch it, see for myself and get back.

Keep Writing in,


Dear Sir,
I feel nothing is otherwise wrong wid the movie except the decision of the director/producer to project it as a murder mystery/ thriller type story...which is a serious mistake!

My personal understanding is that becoz of adopting this line of projection, kareena\'s angle looks like a main plot and aamir\'s personal life issues look like an unnecessarily added sub plot..a vice versa approach would have really helped d movie plus d audience...

You see, if we just imagine aamir khan\'s character\'s problem (facing guilt, sleepless nights after a tragic death of his young son) as the central plot, where his home life continues to be unsettled since then, the case looks different. There is a problem of communication between d couple, which doesn\'t let them mourn d death together. Mourning, expressing , crying , talking out are usual methods through which one\'s subconscious slowly recovers emotional shocks. But, the father here has closed himself in a shell, as a frozen soul, badly and still stuck at the moment of d accident (bcoz of a guilt feeling, in this specific case). This is a psychological problem which many people who face tragic incidents in life face after the shock. The event just lingers on mind.

Since the only way through which the character could b emotionally reached now for any communication is through his work, where he is still available for interaction. Hence, kareena\'s supernatural angle acts as a sub plot to release his soul from trauma. It makes him believe in super natural, hence he becomes receptive for some communication from his dead son, which was imposible otherwise. (remember, kareena relaxes his brain nerves in one scene , and he manages to sleep for a full night after long time)

Actually, any other sub plot which could have led him there should have been ok.

This is a movie centrally representing the cure methods for a person facing psychological trauma/ shock/ distress conditions and d movie should have been projected as a psychological journey, rather than a crime thriller or anything else.

Hope you will agree with my views Sir,

Suhaana Suman

Bobby Sing

Hi Suhaana,
Thanks for your detailed comment and Yes you are very right in saying so because almost 80% of the people who had problems with the film actually didnt like the super natural element introduced in it towards the climax all of the sudden.

It mainly ruined all the magic and charm found in Who Dun It films altogether which was not appreciated by majority.
So I do agree with you surely.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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