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THE SKY IS PINK - A thoughtful, emotional bio-pic made from heart that sadly suffers due to an uneven narration, length and avoidable average songs. (Review by Bobby Sing)

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Sharing a sad, tragic true story of a family’s inconsolable loss, one cannot and should not find faults in the real-life story content to begin on an honest note. But since it has been presented as a film for which a ticket needs to be bought, hence the praises and criticism here is just for the cinematic presentation on the screen, without making any comment on the unfortunate, actual happenings faced by the Chaudharys. 

Beginning with the merits, it's a sincere and heartfelt attempt made by writer-director Shonali Bose that certainly needs to be praised, as it’s not easy to tell the story of probably the greatest loss a couple can experience in life – of losing their young child.

Inspired from a personal loss in her own past, Shonali does manage to bring in those tender emotional moments felt by the family members in such unexpected, troubling times. The film has sequences establishing an emotional connect with the viewers coming at uneven intervals. But what actually keeps you engrossed is not the story-telling but the key performances becoming the major saving grace, for which the director surely deserves an equal applause.
Playing the mother, Priyanka yet again makes an impact in an unusual role. She no doubt acts well but still doesn’t get rid of her actual persona of being Priyanka Chopra as I strongly felt. May be it was her flashy attires throughout the film or the quick and clichéd presentation of some predictable sequences - she couldn’t get rid of herself, which possibly becomes the reason, why THE SKY IS PINK doesn’t turn out to be an emotional shock, making you sit back and think giving it a serious thought.
The same stands true for Zaira Wasim too playing the suffering child. She looks great, mature and acts naturally. But again the messy screenplay never allows her to reach out to the audience as desired (also entering too late after almost an hour). On the other hand, Farhan Akhtar delivers a top notch performance as the worried but brave father, which goes much deeper than anyone else in the cast. As the elder brother, Rohit Saraf also does well without getting much screen space along with the limited supporting cast featuring in only a few scenes.
So despite being a well-intentioned, heartwarming attempt, why THE SKY IS PINK doesn’t turn out to be the film it should or could have been?
That’s mainly because of its confusing or rather irritating non-linear narrative, repeatedly going to and fro in time showcasing different stages in the life of its family members. Secondly the voice-over way of story-telling doesn’t work and pulls out the magic from such stories based on terminal illness. It actually becomes a barrier in establishing a direct relationship between the character and the viewer in my personal opinion. 
Besides, though it might be true, but the early sequence of a wrong blood/DNA report creating concerning doubt and riff among the couple, actually looks weird, unjustified and forcibly inserted just to lighten the serious proceedings. This particular section of the film completely falls flat severely hampering the thought provoking build-up.
Thirdly, instead of focusing over the young girl, her death and her inner trauma, the writers remain more interested in the parents, may be because of their demanding star-status or to create the obvious commercial value of the project. The writing team does try to form a balance between the kid and the parents, but that’s exactly where the viewpoint gets convoluted resulting in a much less impactful film sacrificing its original content.
The above also adds to the unnecessary length and we get to see many unwanted sequences revolving around the parents (their love story) and songs that were not required at all.
Lastly, the biggest disappointment from THE SKY IS PINK (for me at least) is its soundtrack conceived by a rare combination of Pritam and Gulzar. Surprisingly they together deliver such an average soundtrack (with even faulty pronunciation in the main track) which was never expected and I frankly didn’t get even one song to take back home.  
In all, there indeed are some genuinely emotional moments in the film, giving you a message to ‘LIVE your unsure life instead of just SPENDING it in an unaware state’. But I truly wish this was conveyed in a much impressive and relatable manner, without worrying about the stars and commercial needs of a project, justifying the well-chosen subject. 
Knowing the director through her two earlier outstanding works as AMU (2005) and MARGARITA WITH A STRAW (2014) with AMU included in my MOVIES TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE list and MARGARITA getting a deserving 4 star rating in BTC review - I personally found THE SKY IS PINK quite less in almost every department, particular the writing, which was really unexpected and disheartening.
But it still is a sweet, watchable film, may be not in the theaters and on Netflix later, as it does have a message for everyone still breathing his given time. Having said that, probably I was expecting a lot more as the director's fan and wanted my heart to be pierced with pain watching the tragic story. But the onscreen presentation never made me feel anything like that. Again may be it was the commercial set-up of the film, that forced Shonali to keep it light and entertaining instead of enlightening and life-transforming.
Anyway, ending on a positive note, I would really love to give the film some brownie points for its brilliantly conceived title, which is a life-teaching lesson in itself as THE SKY IS PINK. But for why and how, you need to see the film, as I will not spoil the magic in just some words written on the paper (or rather keyboard)
Rating : 2.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 just for the so thoughtful, innovative and inspiring unique title)

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11 Oct 2019 / Comments ( 4 )
Manmohan Kaur

What an extremely inspiring personality you are Bobby ji.....itna talent.....every time I read your review (I m not a very big movie fan so I read selected film's review only).....I get amazed at your rendition

Bobby Sing

Sorry for the late reply as many comments got hidden due to a technical glitch.

Thanks a ton for your constant support and appreciation Ji.
Really humbled by the praises showered.
I will keep trying to do my best.
With a big thanks once again.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Shakil Warsi

Dear  Bobby Sing. Your reviews are different from paid reviews from so called reputed critics. You praise where a film deserves it; and you are ruthless where it needs to be....love it.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for your loving support Shakil Ji.
Really appreciate that from heart.

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