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The Art of making Fresh Songs derived from other Hindi Film Soundtracks. (Part One - Complete Songs made out of Background Scores of earlier films.) (Did You Know - 46)
21 Apr, 2013 | Did You Know!


A lot has been already written, discussed and published all over, on the subject of how numerous Hindi Film Songs have taken blatant or healthy inspiration from the World Music in the recent and past decades. But very rarely the inspirations within the Hindi Film Soundtracks & its talented music directors have been discussed extensively by music lovers, which inspired me to write on this subject with a database divided in three different sections. And these three divisions are:

1. Songs made out of other film’s Background Scores.
2. Songs made out of Antras, Preludes and Interludes of other songs.
3. Songs largely based on compositions already used in other tracks in the past.
In clear words, the references here are not listed in a negative sense to raise some allegations on our blessed music directors of the Golden Era & present. Instead its all about the healthy & intelligent inspirations which they took either from their own earlier works or from the works of other fellow music composers as a humble gesture of mutual appreciation, which was once lovingly visible in our Hindi Film Industry prominently.
And in this First Part of the series, here is the….
List of Songs derived from the Background scores of already released films, which can be easily recognized as you next time watch the original source movie very Ear-Fully!
1. The notes of “Duniya Bananle Waley Kya Tere Man Mein Samayi” later used in TEESRI KASAM (1967), can be heard in the background music of AWARA (1951).
2. Laxmikant Pyarelal also reworked “Na Maangu Sona Chandi” for BOBBY (1973) from the Background music of AWARA (1951).
3. The composition of “O Basanti Pawan Paawan” which later came in JIS DESH MEIN GANGA BEHTI HAI (1960) can also be found in the background score of AWARA (1951).
4. The musical notes played in the backdrop of SHRI 420 (1955) were adapted to make another fabulous song “Kisi Ki Muskurahton Pe Ho Nisaar” in ANARI (1959).
5. “Mora Nadaan Balma” from UJAALA (1959) was derived from the opening titles music of MAYURPANKH (1954).
6. The song "Koi Hota Jisko Apna" in MERE APNE (1971) can be heard in the background score of ANAND in the final scene of the film (1971).
7. The theme music of MERA NAAM JOKER (1972) can easily be spotted towards the end of the song “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega” in Raj Kapoor’s SANGAM (1964).
8. “Jaaoon Kahan Bata Aye Dil” in CHHOTI BEHEN (1959) is played while the opening credits are rolling in NEW DELHI (1956).
9. The traces of “Rajoo Chal Rajoo Apni Masti Main Tu” in film AZAAD (1978) has its origin based in the Theme or Title music of SHOLAY (1975).
10. The background score of SAAGAR (1985) later came as the title song “Aaja Meri Jaan” in AAJA MERI JAAN (1992) and the same composition was later used in R.D. Burman’s Bengali song "Tumi Koto Je Dure”, “Tune Kiya Kya Jadoo” in APNE APNE (1987), “Aaja Sunle Sada” in GURUDEV (1992) and recently as a remix version of “Aaja Meri Jaan” in I LOVE NY (2013).
11. The background score of KHATTA MEETA (1981) later was used in composing the track “Tanhayee Tanhaaye Tanhaaye” in KOYLA (1997).
12. As a rare example the song “O Meri Sharmilee” from SHARMILEE (released in 1971) can be heard in the background music of YAADON KI BARAAT (released 2 years later in 1973).
And similarly there may be many more instances where talented music directors made complete masterpieces inspired from the background scores of other films of the past quite amazingly.

(With thanks to ‘Rajiv Vijaykar’ for being the inspiration behind this series on our own internal musical inspirations.)
(Note : If you also have an information of any such instance in Hindi films then please let me know as I would love to include it as your contribution to the list.)

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21 Apr 2013 / Comment ( 2 )

Did you know that the song of Dhadkan "Tum dil ki dhadkan" was a note to note composition of the background of "Raja Hindustani." While both Raja Hindustani and Dhadkan had music by Nadeem-Shravan, the background for RH was done by Viju Shah.

Bobby Sing

Hi Altaf,
Thanks for this valuable info. and I will soon chek on this and include it in the list if it really is there in RH's background score.

However I personally feel that the compostion of "Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan" was quite similar to the one of "Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Humdum" form LOVE IN TOKYO as read in a FB group. 

Still I will chek and get bakc on this soon.

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