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The Art of making Fresh Songs derived from other Hindi Film Soundtracks. (Part Two - Complete Songs made out of Antras, Preludes & Interludes of other songs) (Did You Know - 47)
24 Apr, 2013 | Did You Know!

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In the second part of this series “The Art of making Fresh Songs derived from other Hindi Film Soundtracks” already released, here are the references of some memorable tracks which were just reworked from the antras, preludes or interludes of other existing songs very intelligently.

But once again I would like to remind that all the inclusions here are not mentioned in a negative sense to raise some allegations on our talented music directors of the Golden Era & present. Instead its all about the healthy & intelligent inspirations which they took either from their own earlier works or from the works of other fellow music composers as a humble gesture of mutual appreciation, which was once lovingly visible in our Hindi Film Industry prominently.
So in this Second Part of the series, here is the….
List of Songs extracted from the Antras, Preludes or Interludes of other already released songs, which can be easily spotted as you listen to the source tracks mentioned below, once again :
1. The song “Gharhi Gharhi Mora Dil Dhadhke' can be heard in the interlude of 'Aaja Re Pardesi' from the same film MADHUMATI (1958).
2. 'Baagh Mein Kali Khili' from CHANDA AUR SURAJ (1965) is there in the interlude of 'Saathi Re, Tujh Bin Jiya Udaas Re' from POONAM KI RAAT (1965).
3. Interlude of “Jaani Tum To Dole Daga Deke” from DR. VIDYA (1962) later gets re-composed as “O Panchi Pyare” in BANDINI (1963).
4. The Bhajan “Kaahe Apno Ke Kaam Nahin Aaye Tu” from RAMPUR KA LAXMAN (1972) can be found in the notes of interlude of “Aaj Ka Junli Raat Ma' from TALAASH (1969).
5. The antra of 'Haan Pehli Baar' in AUR KAUN (1979) are very similar to the antra of “Thodi Si Jo Pee Li Hai' from NAMAK HALAAL (1982).
6. In the song "Aapko Agar Zaroorat Hai” in HATYA (1988), the phrase "Take-Take-Take" gets composed as another melodious song in film DILJALAA (1987) as “Jaan Tan se, Tan Jaan Se”.
7. The Theme Music of MERA NAAM JOKER (1972) can also be heard towards the end of the song “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega” in Raj Kapoor’s SANGAM (1964).
8. In the track, “Chand Sa Mukhda Kyon Sharmaya” from INSAAN JAAG UTHA (1959), the mandolin piece that follows the mukhda plays the notes of another song "Dho Ley Tu Aaj Apne Dil Ke Har Daag Dho Ley' from APNA HAATH JAGANNATH (1960).
9. One of the ‘Chorus Interludes’ from the song "Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai" in SAAGAR (1985) was re-used as the antra of "Tune Kiya Kya Jadoo" which was sung by RDB only in film APNE APNE (1987).
10. The prelude & the Ist interlude of the song “Aa Zara Mere Hamnashin” from POONAM (1981), becomes one of the main hit song of KAREEB (1998) as “Chori Chori Jab Nazren Mili”.
11. And then an interlude of the same song “Aa Zara Mere Hamnashin” from POONAM (1981), becomes the main melody of “Tu Hawa Hai Fiza Hai” in FIZA (2000) too.
12. The antra of “Rabbi Re Rali Gulaab Ki Kali” from YAARANA (1995) is exactly similar to the antra of “Dil Tera Deewana Hai Sanam” from DIL TERA DEEWANA (1962)
13. The interlude of song “Maine Rab Se Tujhe Maang Liya” from KARMA (1986) becomes the Mukhda/ Sthaya of a song in EK HI RAASTA (1993) as “Akh Mere Yaar Ki Dukhe”.
14. The antra of Ram Laxman's song from film TARANA (1949) “Gunchey Lagey Hain Kehne” gets recycled in a very intelligent manner by him only for the mukhda of “Maye Ni Maye” in HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN (1994).
15. The interlude of “Tere Naino Ne Chori Kiya Mera Chhota Sa Jiya” from film PYAAR KI JEET (1948) suddenly reminds you of the similar notes used in the prelude of “Jiya Beqaraar Hai Chhayee Bahar Hai” from BARSAAT (1949).
16. A small musical piece in the interlude of “Mujhe Teri Mohabbat Ka Sahara Mil Gaya Hota” from AAP AAYE BAHAR AAYI (1971) at once reminds you of another beautiful song “Kuchh Iss Tarah Do Dil Mile” from BHAIRAVI (1996).
17. The song “Hamesha Hamesha” in HAMESHA (1997) very cleverly uses the theme music or signature tune of MERA NAAM JOKER and RK Films both in its composition and ending musical piece.
18. The antras of “Batao Tum Kaun Ho” song from ANMOL (1993) are composed just as it is, like in the cult classic “Yeh Sama, Sama Hai Pyar Ke” from JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE (1965).
19. The prelude of the song “Frenny O Frenny” in KHATTA MEETHA (1981) later becomes the track “Tanhayee Tanhaaye Tanhaaye” in KOYLA (1997).
And similarly there may be many more instances where talented music directors made complete masterpieces inspired from the Antras, Interludes or Preludes of other songs quite amazingly.
(With thanks to ‘Rajiv Vijaykar’ & his FB group on the same subject for being the inspiration behind this series on our own internal musical inspirations.)
(Note : If you also have an information of any such instance in Hindi films then please let me know as I would love to include it as your contribution to the list.)

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17. The song Hamesha HameshaŁ in HAMESHA (1997) very cleverly uses the theme music or signature tune of MERA NAAM JOKER and RK Films both in its composition and ending musical piece.

Both songs are copied from the Anniversary Waltz


Shame people chastize anu malik for his copy, but S-J/RK copied this song first and no one mentions it. Such hypocrisy in bollywood music!

Bobby Sing

Hi Mona,
Now this is what I call DISCOVERY, rather a Shocking Revelation for all fans of that era like myself.
And I am very much thankful for this valuable addition to the article.......to you!

But adding a little more to it when I searched more than the original composition is another one as explained below :

"Waves of the Danube" is a waltz composed by Iosif Ivanovici (1845--1902) in 1880, and is one of the most famous Romanian tunes in the world.
In the United States, it is frequently referred to as "The Anniversary Song", a title given by Al Jolson when he and Saul Chaplin released an adaptation of the song in 1946.
"Waves of the Danube" was first published in Bucharest, 1880. It was dedicated to Emma Gebauer, the wife of music publisher Constantin Gebauer."

Chek out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht30HqwXoxA

And I would soon add the same in my article.

Keep visiting & writing in!


Songs made out of preludes/interludes of songs by the SAME composer:

Anu Malik (a lot of the tunes for his newer songs are derived from his older songs music, and usually the newer songs are superb):

Radha Ka Sangam (1992) - Dol Bol Kehke interludes were made into Aisi Wesi Baat Nahin from Hero Hindustani (1998)

Khaternaak (1990) - Zindagi Ne Pukara interlude was made into "Aisa Zakhm Diya Hai" from AHAT (1995) *Only the opening music of Aisa Zakhm Diya Hai is copied from the Deep Purple song, the tune of the song is original.

Ek Jaan Hai Hum (1983) - Aasman Pe Likh Doon an interlude was made into "Dil Mera Naa" from Fida (2004), and another interlude was made into "Choo Choo Na" from Khauff (1999) & "Choone Se Teri" from Dil Ne Ikraar Kiya (1993)

AHAT (1995) - Raja Ko Rani Se opening interlude was made into "Main Hi Main" from Daraar (1996)

Asoka - San Sana Na interlude music was made in "Kab Mere Haal-e-Dil" from Ssshhh (2003)

Baazigar - Ae Mere Humsafar opening humming was made into "Ishq Hua" from Ishq (1997) *Note the song, barring the two lines in the mukdha derived from Khoobsurat Haseena, is original and the ishq song is not related to the khoobsurat haseena song at all

Naagmani - Dushman-e-Jaan Ko interlude was made into "Gungunayee Saajan" from Shabnam (1993)

Fiza - Tu Fiza Hai antras were made into "Sun-e-Mere Dil" from Paap (2003). Also the tune for Tu Fiza Hai has been in countless Anu Malik songs in the 80s, and some in early 90s, notably "Kitabein Bahut Si" from Baazigar (1993) and "Aap Ka Chehra" from Talhalka.

Tehqiqaat - Dil Ko Bewaja opening music was turned into "Neela Dupaata Peela Suit" from Hamesha (1997) * Only the music for Neela Dupatta is copied from the MJ song, the tune is original and predates the MJ song.

Virasat - Payalaly Chummun Chummun an interlude was later made into "Hua Salaam Dil Ka" from Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein (2002) * the virasat song is a *legal* remake of the illayraja song, and only the tune is reused. the music is original in the virasat version.

Border - Humein Jab Se Mohabbat antras were made into two separate songs: "Tum Juda Ho Kar" from Kareeb (1998) and "Kabhi Khushboo" from Saaya (2003)

Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi - Dil Deta Hai Ro Ro shenai music was later turned into "Chup Gaaya Badli" from Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain (1998)

Kuch To Hai - Kya Pyar Karoge Mujshe opening tune was later turned into "Kyun" from Kambhakht Ishq (2009)

Chehraa (1999) - Chehraa Aapne Dekhte jazzy interlude was later turned into "Chori Chori Chupke Chupke" (2000) title song.

Hum Kisse Kum Nahin (2002) - Dulhe Raja the entire opening tune was turned into "Bhule Denge Tumko Sanam" from Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006)

Gang (2000) - Kyun Hum Tum Mile opening tune was made into "Main To Hoon Paagal" from Baadshah (1999) *Gang song was composed earlier than 2000.

Ramgardh Ke Sholay - Raapat Rola Mat Karo opening music was turned into "Hum Aur Tum Aur Yeh Shaam" from Auzaar (1997)

that's all that come to mind.

Antras/Interludes from Anu Malik songs turned into songs by OTHER composers:

"Tera Naam Kya Hai" From Naam-o-Nishan interlude music was made into the opening tune for "Jag Soona Soona" from Om Shanti Om (2007)

"Odh Ke Andhera" from Sir (1993) antras were made into "Mujhe Rana Ji Maaf Karna" from Karan Arjun (1995).

Bobby Sing

Once Again a BIG Thanks for all these valuable insertions Mona.
And I would soon chek them out and add in the article rightly.


I would like to know if you know from which song was kuch tum kaho kuch hum kahe title song is derived from?

Bobby Sing

Hi VJ,
At this moment I am not able to catch it but wud surely let you as soon as it strikes me.
But till then keep visiting and writing in.

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