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The Blair Witch Project (1999) (Movies To See Before You Die - Horror)

17 Nov, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Horror

Based on a case of three film students who went into the woods, to enquire about a local urban legend, this is not anything close to the usual horror movies you must have seen. As per the plot, the three students, who went on an expedition to investigate about the Blair Witch in the woods, went missing and never returned. Almost one year later the video footage shot by them was found lying in the woods, on the basis of which a film is made following a highly realistic and believable style.

Conceived asa compilation of all those unclear yet terrifying findings of the students, this is a fine piece of art which is both directed and enacted in quite an exceptional and unconventional way which can scare you like hell. Without showing any kind of horrifying spirits, blood or using special effects, the film takes you into a completely different world altogether where you will feel like lost in the dark, only waiting for something strange to happen any moment around you with a strong feeling of fear.
Here I would also like to state that for some viewers, it may not be an easy task to watch “The Blair Witch Project” as another horror film, since it has not been made like as a normal film project in the first place. The hard hitting realistic depiction of the real events shot (in a documentary style) with a handheld camera, in black & white and night vision may become unbearable, annoying and head spinning for many. So just opt for this scary movie keeping in mind the vision with which it has been made using the footage found in the woods belonging to the missing students.
For instance, many times the screen will go dark without anything happening in a clear way with only some voices coming from a distant place. And that only will make you feel the terror in a unique way. The film neither gives you any concrete answer nor does it reach on any kind of conclusion towards its end. But it surely gives you an experience of a life time which stays with you for long. So watch it as a must if you want to see something novel in the genre of horror movies. But don’t try watching it along with your young kids as it may leave a weird kind of impact on their innocent minds.
Directed By Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
Starring : Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard.

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17 Nov 2010 / Comment ( 2 )

What a coincidence.. I watched this movie last week... Its really amazing.. I didnt sleep at night after watching it.. lol...

While watching I felt that I am experiencing the horrible trip. I liked the way of ending because I expected that they will show any ghost face or some images but they ended brilliantly..

This movie holds the guinness record of highest gross film ever by the low budget film. This movie budget was $20,000 and it collected nearer to $250 Million.. Amazing right!!!

Bobby Sing

Very Right Naresh!.......Keep Writing in.....Cheers!

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