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The Dirty Picture - A Big HIT Sarcastic JOKE cracked on our own society lead by MEN.

05 Dec, 2011 | Articles on Cinema

Milan Luthria’s latest project, produced by Ekta Kapoor and superbly enacted by Vidya Balan captured the Box-Office in its first few days only. Smartly titled THE DIRTY PICTURE, the movie became the talk of the town even before its release and went on to become a Huge Success post Friday, faring far better than many big budget multi star-cast ventures released recently.

The film is no doubt a well made product, scripted brilliantly with some fabulously written dialogues working as its hidden hero. Along with Vidya as SILK, the script proves to be immensely powerful with her convincing eyes piercing right into the viewers wild fantasies shamelessly.
BUT at the same time I also feel as if the success of this movie is evidently A BIG HIT JOKE cracked both on the film-makers as well as the viewers. If you can give it a thought then the film’s success loudly makes fun of both the Industry as well the Audience here, who haven’t changed at all in the last three decades since the eighties, whereas the whole world has gone through a transformation of more than 180 degree.
In straight words, SEX was, SEX is and it always will remain a TABOO in our part of the world which you can encash like hot well-baked cookies in the market sold at any high price.
If truth be told, reportedly SILK applied this self-chosen technique to get more fame, work and money with her sexual tactics in the eighties. And today after almost three decades Milan, Ekta, Vidya and their team again have applied the same methodology to enjoy their share of success at the box-office walking on the similar path chosen by SILK.
So what SILK did in those days, that exactly has been followed by Milan and his team today. But what’s more funny is that WE the viewers just remain the same even after so much drastic change around us in the society and our living standards. We crowded the cinemas then (in the 80s) and we have thronged the cinemas in 2011 too, because nothing has changed as far as SEX goes. Woman was looked upon in a degraded way as a commodity then and she is still gazed upon in the same manner today, despite of so much noise being made about The Gender Equality.
However the style has definitely changed to a great extent as now we can even promote the same Morning Show material openly on every TV show running on dinner times in our homes. So the Hiding Factor has gone but the Craze to Watch the stuff is still there.
Putting in differently, we may have got better houses, better clothes and better food to live a more comfortable life with all our sincere efforts. But deep inside we do remain the same…………….learning nothing from the material, spiritual or bookish development made around us.
Hence I am confused at the success of THE DIRTY PICTURE. 
As a cinematic creation, its great. But as social product……it wide opens our sick, filthy wounds.
Still, I do have the hope and faith both. And that is the reason why I have included it in my list of “Movies To See Before You Die”.
Because it shows us the mirror,……..with an ugly figure standing in front of us.....as rightly said in a RGV film track - "Dhanda Hai Par Ganda Hai Yeh"

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05 Dec 2011 / Comments ( 4 )
amit joshi

You are almost right bobby, but don\'t u think that every film with hot scene and bold dialogues can\'t make money on box office if it is not well scripted & directed.

And if you say that one can fetch the crowd by showing this kind of material, I question you why it doesn\'t make 400 crores why people don\'t go to watch it again and again, why it doesn\'t break the record of 3 idiot ? just because sex has also its limited audience (but limited means alot in India as we have very large population )

You and me also went to see this movie (not because of its hot scenes) but for our own reasons (may be because we are crazy about movies). so we cant question audience that each & everyone went to see it only because of its hot content. Everyone has their own reason to watch a particular movie.

One more thing we should not forget that Its quite natural we can\'t compare our (late 30s or 40s) state of mind towards sex with youngsters (16-25 years) Youngsters will always go for hot movies even after 100 years so at that time also someone can make money with this content because even today half of the box office collection comes from youngster\'s pocket. We can\'t expect youngsters to Watch a movie like \'Bol\' which has very strong content & issue but sadly in youth one is more interested in watching \'days dreams\' instead of facing \'harsh realities\'.

Bobby Sing

 Thanks Amit for your comment,

Sorry Amit there is a lot confusion in your own thoughts, with lot of less information and fixed norms about film-making process and I would only say keep watching more films, particulary world cinema to gain more.



Bobby Sing

Thats the spirit Amit......To start with just chek out the "Must See Movies" section in the site and see few movies from it from the west.....Since we are discussing TDP so begin with "Sunset Blvd. (1950)"

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