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The Making Of Mahatma (1996) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Biographical)

26 Jul, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Biographical

The Making Of Mahatma - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

When Shyam Benegal decides to make a movie on Mahatma Gandhi then it has to be different and more insightful than all the other projects made on the life of ‘The Father of the Nation (India)’. And as expected, the maestro comes up with a film which talks about a completely different aspect of Mahatma's life and that is about his intense journey on the way to become a MAHATMA, involving his own family members and the hardships they have to suffer due to his stand against the injustice.

In his well researched script, Benegal touches this sensitive and important aspect of GANDHI’s life along with stressing upon the incidents and days which were actually responsible in the making of A Mahatma. In simple terms it’s a film about Gandhi’s early stay in South Africa and his role in fighting for the rights of the Indian people feeling the heat at that particular point of time. Honestly, the film somewhere resembles another masterpiece “Gandhi” directed by Richard Attenborough, which is acceptable as both are biographical movies made on the life of one person. But at the same time, Benegal's take on this particular part of Gandhi's life is a bit raw, shocking and informative through its various well conceived sequences. It is not as polished as the western attempt, since it looks at the subject in a highly realistic way, stressing more upon a specific period of time and His personal relationships within the family in those initial years. For instance, the family tension between Gandhi and his son might be news for many youngsters, not familiar with this aspect of Mahatma’s life discussed very rarely.
So, for those who firmly believe in Gandhi’s philosophy but yet have seen only one side of the coin talking about his role in the country’s freedom struggle, it’s a highly recommended film which will help you in getting a complete view of the larger than life persona of Sh. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and his path towards becoming THE FATHER OF THE NATION. It takes you into more finer details of his early personal life which needs to be understood and studied as a must by anyone who wishes to understand his ideologies completely.         
Rajit Kapoor as Gandhi and Pallavi Joshi as Kasturba, give one of their finest performances in the film, playing it closer to life and pretty simple. In actual terms this project should be considered, seen and looked upon as an entirely different film from the western trend setting epic by Richard Attenborough and therefore all comparisons of any kinds should be avoided.
A must watch for the younger generation who are only familiar with the name “Gandhi” and his picture walking with a stick or spinning a wheel. Another precious cinematic gem from the master of the art, Shyam Benegal, which deserves to be watched with a different perspective and expectations, at the earliest.
Directed By Shyam Benegal 
Starring : Rajit Kapoor & Pallavi Joshi

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26 Jul 2011 / Comment ( 2 )
indeed in motion picture a director is god but in biography god is the director
Bobby Sing

Thats perfectly true Rakshit.

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