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The Secret In Their Eyes (2009 - Spanish) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Thriller)

09 Jun, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

It is a widely accepted fact that many of the movie lovers don’t really feel comfortable watching foreign language films reading the subtitles and looking at the scenes together. But at the same time another significant fact is that if one hasn’t still ventured into the world of foreign language movies then he hasn’t fed himself the right kind of cinema at all without any doubts. And the fact gets well supported by films like THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES (El Secreto De Sus Ojos) since they are simply perfect to be rated as one of the best cinematic experience one can ever have.
Putting it straight, if you are not really interested in watching foreign cinema (with subtitles) then probably this is one of those films which will make you realize the mistake you have been making till now missing all those world cinema classis like this powerful one. In fact such is the excellence achieved in this brilliantly crafted film that had it been an English flick, it would have been immensely popular all over the world rated among the best ones ever, unarguably.
A sharp, intelligent and spellbinding thriller, THE SECRET IN THE EYES revolves around a retired federal agent writing a novel, using one of his old closed cases as the reference material. The case was about a brutal rape & murder, which was closed after finding the culprit but somehow still didn’t have any convincing culmination as per his findings. The agent begins investigations into the case again for the sake of his novel and then gets to know a shockingly awful secret never revealed before which is sure going to bring shivers down the spine of even the stone hearted. Without going into the actual details of its plot, I would like to add that the film truly turned me into a freezing rock, reminding me of another wicked world cinema classic called OLDBOY (2003 – Korea) and thus genuinely deserves to be seen as a must.
Moreover, its not just the powerful plot or the narrative which is an ultimate winner here but the film is also one of the most technically flawless ones made till date in this particular genre. Along with some immensely believable characterizations and performances, it has an exceptional and outstanding cinematography with a kind of camera work one doesn’t get to see very often. (For instance, just try to watch only its one scene shot in the packed sports stadium on the Youtube and that will rightly give you an idea about its incomparable execution being praised here.) Also putting in a decent amount of relief moments in its tension filled progression, the film features many complex characters expressed beautifully through its well written dialogues and speaking silent moments placed well.
In short, winner of The Best Foreign Film OSCAR in 2010, THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES is surely one of those astonishing works, which can easily change a person’s shaky perception about the foreign language films in the world of cinema. Its undoubtedly one of the best scandalous thrillers I have ever seen which stays with you for pretty long (even for weeks) and a mesmerizing gem touching all human emotions ranging from the innocent love to the blind vengeance. So, if you wish to experience something extremely moving, disturbing and entertaining together, then do watch this ‘one of the most recommended flicks’ as a must and treat the passionate cinema lover inside you with an immensely appreciative feast at the earliest.
Directed by Juan Jose Campanella
Starring : Soledad Villamil, Ricardo Darin, Carla Quevedo and more.

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09 Jun 2013 / Comments ( 6 )
jithin MAtthew thomas

Hi Bobby,
Is it a spanish film or an argentine film?

Bobby Sing

Hi Jithin,
As also stated in its IMDB page, the film is in SPANISH language and the origin country is both Argentina and Spain.
So in case of these World Cinema classics - we can either mention the language of the film or the country of origin as desired.

Cheers !

jithin matthew

It was an awesome film.Thanks for recomending it.I want to share the vfx break down of a particular shot in this film.

Bobby Sing
Hi Jithin Matthew,
That was an awesome video link and thanks a lot for that.
Keep sharing such valuable stuff and Cheers!

Hi Bobby,
I got this film since a long time bt never seen it, After reading your opinion i went for it and it left me stunned... As like u it reminds me the classic OLDBOY made on this subject. trully a must watch one. Thanks for your review....keep it up....

Bobby Sing

Hi Mayur,
Really glad that my write-up could inspire you to watch this magnificent masterpiece of World Cinema.
Would be regularly coming up with many more such gems.

So do keep visiting and watching great movies.

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