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USTAD HOTEL (2012 - Malayalam) - The first and last 30 minutes of this feel good film turn it into a must watch indeed, conveying a beautiful message. (Review by Bobby Sing)

09 Jun, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

Certain films have such an emotional message to convey, making a significant impact on your soul that one finds it extremely difficult to criticize the end product for any of its weaker points. And USTAD HOTEL is surely among those sweet and meaningful movies, made with a heartfelt vision, which simply leaves you with all praises and nothing else due to some excellent performances, thought provoking direction, eye catching cinematography and a fine musical score put together.

To give you a fair picture, USTAD HOTEL begins superbly with a brilliant sequence covering a span of more than two decades in just a few minutes through an amazing execution. It then goes on a pleasant yet predictable journey with many lovable sequences using both the young and old characters in its script intelligently. But actually its the final 30 odd minutes of the film, which simply win over the viewers bringing tears into their eyes and making them feel the painful hunger suffered by all the underprivileged living just around us in the same society. Food, essentially required to keep us all going, becomes the basic ingredient of these outstanding final moments and I still remember a beautiful quote in the film, which says,
FOOD is one thing, for which a person doesn’t become greedy enough as compared to all other material things in his life. A person wishes to have more and more when it comes to money, wealth, luxury and fame. But when it comes to food, he at once says NO, as soon as his hunger is satisfied and refuses to take any more.”
Written by Anjali Menon and directed by Anwar Rasheed, USTAD HOTEL beautifully teaches you this simple yet highly precious lesson of life through some splendid performances led by Thilakan. And it was really hurting to know that this was one of the last films of the veteran actor unfortunately. The entire cast including the young pair and all supporting characters perform their given roles with a natural ease and together they all won three National Awards for Best Popular Film, Best Dialogues and a Special Mention award for Thilakan for his splendid effortless performance as the grandfather.
Along with addressing the issue of poverty and lack of basic necessities of life faced by many, the film also makes you realize the importance of self realization and contentment from your own life before the game is all over, without any prior intimation. Admittedly yes, USTAD HOTEL has a clichéd basic plot stretching to an avoidable length in its middle hour, which could have been shortened with some clever editing as displayed in the beginning. But thankfully, a spiritual kind of culmination does fill your soul with a peaceful warmth and a feeling of love towards the poor, who remain deprived of many basic necessities of life including their daily food (inspired from the real life works of a true humanitarian NARAYANA KRISHNAN).
And that’s exactly what makes USTAD HOTEL a must watch indeed, serving a delicious soul feeding cuisine, asking the viewer to become a better person from now on, caring for the others. So if you do wish to see a sincere, uplifting attempt with a lovable life teaching message given in an entertaining manner, then do watch USTAD HOTEL at the earliest and start making whatsoever small effort you can towards the noble cause.
Rating : 3.5 / 5

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09 Jun 2014 / Comments ( 6 )

Hi Bobby,
I am so glad that you saw all the top rated malyalam movies. Ustad hotel along with Drishyam was a favourite of mine too.
If you get a chance try to watch 1983 recently released malyalam movie about cricket. It\'s a tribute to The great Sachin Tendulkar. It\'s got all the ingredients of a classic. It\'s out on dvd I am sure a true movie lover like you will love it.
Keep up with the great work bobby and update us with wonderful world cinema.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Sanjay for visiting and writing in with your kind words.
And thanks a lot for recommending 1983, which I would soon try to see and get back.

Meanwhile keep sharing more such info as I would love to read all worth watching films for sure.

Today i watched the movie, mind blowing story, O henry Style Climax, very good acting from every one, such a gem. thanks for sharing the info.
Bobby Sing

I am really glad Pradeep that you loved the meaningful film a lot.
So keep visiting as there is lot more to come next.



Hi Bobby. Really loved your review of the movie. there were more than two reasons to watch this movie.

One - i recently fell in love with Malayalam movies starting with Premam. Next - my sister told me about this quote long time ago almost 8 years back. it sort of stuck with me since then. " FOOD is one thing, for which a person doesn\'t become greedy enough as compared to all other material things in his life. A person wishes to have more and more when it comes to money, wealth, luxury and fame. But when it comes to food, he at once says NO, as soon as his hunger is satisfied and refuses to take any more." - this movie has got the exact same message.

I am pretty sure she did not see the movie but she sure must have fell up on this NARAYANA KRISHNAN CNN hero. and lastly your inspiring review of the movie made me ffinally watch it today. i totallly agree with all you said - they should cut /edited this move in the middle by atleast 30 mins. then it would have been good nevertheless it has won many awards at the national level and finally it is being dubbed into my native language TELUGU next month ( April 2016).


Bobby Sing

Hi Krish, 
Thanks a lot for your kind appreciation and give my wishes to your sister too teaching you the right inspirational quote much before the movie.
Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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