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VAADA RAHA - Movie Review : Lacks the emotional depth and logic. (Review By Bobby Sing)

12 Sep, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Samir Karnik’s latest venture “Vaada Raha” walks on the same path of partly good movies as seen in his earlier projects such as “Nanhe Jaisalmer” & “Heroes”. Selecting a fresh emotional subject for a film is as easy as reading a new story book. But transforming the same story into a worth watching movie is quite a different game altogether. This time too, Samir comes with a novel plot inspired by a Russian story based on the relationships between two patients in a hospital. But as experienced before, he again struggles in converting the emotional storyline into an equally transforming movie.

Commencing with a slow start, the main hospital plot gets into the picture after quite a while. Until then, the viewer helplessly keeps trying to guess the real catch of the story, which actually revolves around a well known doctor (Bobby Deol), who accidentally reaches the hospital bed after a deadly road mishap. Completely paralyzed after the accident, he is not able to move any part of the body other than his face and also gets dumped by his fiancée (Kangna Ranaut) due to his current dependent state. But the real plot starts later on, when a small boy (Dwij Yadav), who is also there in the hospital, becomes the new friend of the doctor and motivates him to fight with his own destiny with a newly found courage and inner strength.

The plot had a great potential for an off-beat kind of movie, close to the genre of “Anand” and “Mili”. But in order to make it commercially viable, the director goes on to add un-necessary songs into the narration and also comes up with a highly unethical climax where Bobby again reunites with her selfish fiancée who left him alone at the most inappropriate time of his life, when she was needed the most. Moreover, the main focus of the movie, moving around the relationship between Bobby & Dwij Yadav, also fails to impress the viewer completely. Dwij has a great confidence and that may be the reason why Samir keeps on repeating him in his movies. But in “Vaada Raha” he is made to act more than his age, speaking such mature dialogues, suggesting that he is more intelligent than all the other grown-ups roaming around in the hospital as doctors and nurses. Though he has acted well, but I think a more soft spoken tone in his dialogues could have connected with the audience better.

Bobby Deol, tries his level best and gives a good performance. But he gets many half-heartedly written scenes, where he suddenly starts walking after a severe paralysis attack, can easily facilitate a life saving operation dictating the doctors from T.V. monitors, reaches a quick conclusion on cancer cure after studying only a few books and goes on to marry the same girl who ditched him big time. According to the writers he is nothing short of a miraculous personality in medical profession. Kangna Ranaut and her talent is simply wasted in an insignificant role. Mohnish Behl is ok and so are the other character artists playing their small parts. Cinematography is just fine but music has nothing great to offer and comes up with only one song reaching the above average level.

Comprising very few worth mentioning scenes (like the ones featuring the pet dog), “Vaada Raha” falters mainly in its writing department. The child factor and his trauma are not used so impressively into the script. The emotional sequences and the tragedies are unable to touch you deep inside. As a result the movie keeps on floating on the surface and fails to leave a heartwarming effect on the viewer. You can watch it only if you are tired of watching the usual love stories, underworld flicks and murder mysteries.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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