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WELCOME BACK - A dialogue from the film sums it up the best as \"Mazaaq Tha Bhai Mazaaq\". (Review By Bobby Sing)

04 Sep, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / W-X

The latest trend of making sequels and getting a huge advantage of the brand-value created by its original film has clearly given a new life to some directors, evidently seen in the past few years. And riding on the success achieved by WELCOME in 2007, here comes its sequel WELCOME BACK that desperately tries to repeat the same box office results with an overstuffed, bad script that marginally gets supported by some good dialogues and key performances generating only a few enjoyable moments coming at long intervals.
Assuming the viewers, ready to accept a comedy just because of its big star-cast, lavish foreign locations and a well-designed publicity campaign, WELCOME BACK clearly follows the typical Bollywood pattern of churning out mindless comedies and denies trying anything novel in terms of narration, characterization or storytelling whatsoever. Moreover following the same old clichéd approach, the silliest feature of the film remains the amazing fact that they have actually made a sequel on almost the same storyline with a few added sub-plots just for the sake of addition. And thus offer ‘everything seen before’ in terms of content (plot) despite having all highly entertaining characters led by Majnu Bhai.
The film begins with a quite energy-less title music and then the same calmly continues in the entire first half with three songs including an item number with absurd lyrics as, “Main Babli Hui Tu Bunty Hua, Band Kamrey Mein Twenty Twenty Hua". Still one doesn’t mind watching it all expecting a much compensating second half, only to find it even worse than the first to be precise. In other words, after the senseless crows declare the intermission (competing with the pigeons of the prequel) the film simply offers nothing except a fairly enjoyable sequence at the graveyard in its second half and then has a highly childish and illogically conceived climax truly forcing you to wonder that “How on earth did anybody find the guts to spend 100 big crores on this insane mess?”
In the technical department, the DOP successfully manages to give it a grand look but the background score constantly keeps pulling it backwards with a quite lifeless arrangement. Music has nothing great to write about in spite of the famous catchy phrase of its title track, whereas the well written dialogues keep trying hard to deliver the expected entertainment at intervals generating the much awaited laughs.
Coming to the performances WELCOME BACK becomes barely watchable because of Anil Kapoor alone who probably has forgotten to grow old since many years. The ‘Jhakaas man’ is just perfect playing the entertaining Majnu bhai but both Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal are only there to provide the much needed continuity in a sequel. Besides the two major replacements as John Abraham in place of Akshay Kumar and Naseeruddin Shah instead of the charismatic Feroz Khan, turn out to be quite poor choices made falling flat right from the word go unarguably. Plus it was quite sad to see Dimple Kapadia and Shiney Ahuja playing two stupid characters along with the unimpressive Shruti Hassan and Ankita Shrivastava only there to fulfill the glamour requirement
In all, if only a few enjoyable scenes here and there in a 150 minutes (tediously) long film, shot lavishly in Dubai, with a completely lackluster background score as well as poor soundtrack, supported by only one enjoyable act from Majnu Bhai, ending with some surprisingly amateurish computer graphics excites you well then the choice is all yours, otherwise just wait till you get to see it on a leading TV channel after a couple of months.
Interestingly after watching its ridiculous finale CGI sequence (strangely ending on an open note), I just got reminded of a simple Android app shown by my young nephew, creating much better explosive graphics at a simple click known as FX GURU. So to have some fun, do try it on your phones or watch the amazing results on fxguruapp.com at your computer screens, forgetting all about the film that can easily be summed up as "Mazaaq Tha Bhai Mazaaq".
Ratings : 1.5 / 5

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04 Sep 2015 / Comments ( 6 )

Once more Bobby sir a perfect review in my view , one particular thingh which I liked about your review is that you didn\'t wasted your efforts in writing a very detailed review of this miserable film.

But you are wrong this time, you are wrong in saying that the "script was bad", you are wrong because you said the word SCRIPT for this SCRIPTless film. I can guarantee you that there is no script for this film Anees Bezmee must have given original Blu Ray disc to new big stars like John and Dimple Kapadiya and he must have given pirated DVD to the new support cast and junior artists. And must have said to them that new dialogues for every situation that you see in welcome will be given to you right on the sets of welcome back may be thats why Shruti Hasaan\'s dialogue delivery was soo bad , but good thing is that new dialogues are good and this is the only relief .

I don\'t know why these old age directors like David Dhawan and Anees Bezmee think that it is possible to engage the new age audiences in their Bollywood comedies only with the help of some good dialogues and punchlines . These comedy films are not at all engaging enough to invite us into the theatre. I mean to say that in this age when we have access to internet we are reading very good jokes daily on each and every topic on Facebook and Whatsapp and we are surrounded by comedy nites , International comedies and other comedy shows and we have most useful tool YouTube it provides us alot of young age comedy channels like All India Bakchod(AIB), The Viral Fever (TVF), East India Comedy and many more we are watching International comedy films in just one click , even the TV commercial advertisements are more engaging and exciting enough for example Mauka Mauka ad of cricket worldcup.

So why these directors except that audiences will come to theatre just to listen to their funny one lines without any new, noble , engaging and exciting story line, Sajid Khan and Prabhudeva are also included in this old age director\'s list, they are not old in age but are old in their creative approach.

Now lets talk about this film, in last 5 years I have not seen a more disastrous music album of a big budget film other than this . Songs were so bad that they caused headache in my whole body yes headache not only in my head but all over my body . Whole film was uninteresting audiences were roaming in the theatre , some were chatting to each other and some were even abusing the film and I\'m not talking about any low grade single screen theatre this is the condition of a multiplex such was the impact of this clinched film.

Film was enjoyable only in few scenes and dialogues which you can count on your fingers. I already knew that this film will be totally illogical so I went to see the film keeping all the logics out of the theatre but the major setbacks and drawbacks of the film are it\'s songs and it\'s picturization and lyrics are just pathatic . Lets ignore the songs than you have to see a new girl called Ankita Shrivastava she was totally unattractive and has nothing to show except har figure , which I was not interested to see because I don\'t consider her hot according to my standards .
t was first time in my life that I was missing Mallika Sherawat so much and that too in the morning .
Let me say it very clearly to John that COMEDY is not his cup of tea . He should waste his energy in doing exercise in his air conditioned gym and should do films like force and shootout at wadala because these are the kind of films that suits him. I can forgive John because in the past he has produced Vicky Doner and Madras Café but how can I forgive Shruti Hasaan her dialogue delivery was so bad and her voice was so shrill that it was hurting my ears and colours of Dimple Kapadiya\'s dress were hurting my eyes . I can ignore all of these shortcomings of this film but I can not ignore Nasir udin Shah\'s worst acting ever do you remember that he is tha man who once said in his interview that he didn\'t enjoyed Farhan Aktar\'s performance in Bhag Milkha Bhag, according to him Farhan was not looking like Milkha Singh to him and he was not able to connect to his performance . After giving this interview he acted in films like Jackpot and now welcome back , I am just trying to say that when you ( Respected Nasir udin Shah) are doing these kind of films than how can you say that Farhan Akhtar didn\'t played that role of Milkha Singh perfectly .

He was just hamming throughout the film and his jokes where so personal that only he was laughing on them . I only enjoyed two sequences featuring him , those 2 are:-
1. His introductory sequence in which he was shooting bullets on the wall . This was my only favourite sequence from 153 minutes of this film .
2. His first introduction with Dimple Kapadia , it was was the only funny mazaaq which he did .

Other than these two sequences he was the reason for my headache .
This film\'s climax was the most pathatic climax ever in the history of indian cinema . While watching its climax I was feeling like even the climax of Awara Pagal Dewana and Deewane hue pagal were far better and entertaining than this climax. I can even guarantee you that there is atleast 10 to 20% of the audience who can not sit through its entire climax who just don\'t have such tremendous amount of self control as much I have to watch this film fully right till the end .

Tecinical aspects of this film is also not very strong enough there are some wide angle shorts which look very absurd and amateurish and over stretched in appearance .

Now lets talk about the Producer of this film Firoze Nadiadwala . I think that Firoz is Director\'s producer becoz he just gave away every thing to make this film. But I also think that he don\'t have any knowledge about cinema and he don\'t have any understanding of music and he even don\'t know the trade and bussiness of film production . I mean say that I can not understand what he was thinking when he was investing 100 cr on this pathatic project . Today I read in newspaper that he mortgaged his house to release this film and he is in financial trouble. I feel pity for him.

And this film\'s director Anees Bezmee he is the culprit he is the one who made this film worst . I just can not understand what is the need to shoot 4-5 most pathatic songs when these songs don\'t have any melody don\'t have lyrics and they are not even catchy enough and most importantly they don\'t contribute anything to the film . He is the man who stretched every enjoyable sequence of the film even the graveyard sequence was stretched which is why I was not able to enjoy it .

Last words to Anees Bezmee is that next time if you have 5-6 page full of jokes and one liners and punchlines than please don\'t make film on those 5 pages instead of making film you should just post those jokes on Facebook or should make a sketch in collaboration with any leading YouTube channel like AIB or TVF etc. Please don\'t make film on it because if you don\'t make film than you will save some good producers like Firoz bhai from extinction.

At the end all I want to say is that if a good film inspires me , elevates my mood and make my day than a bad film does worst to me it gives me headache and destroys my mood and whole day.
One more thing which I want to mention is that in the climax Anil Kapoor uses the word "LOGICALLY" in his dialogue when I heard this word in his dialogue I felt like how the hell you are using this great world in this mediocre film .

This is my view Thank you.

Bobby Sing

Hi Shubham,

Thanks for sharing your detailed view about the film.
But the ground truth is something else that will shock you.

These directors like Anees Bezmee think that it is possible to engage the new age audiences in their Bollywood comedies only with the help of some good dialogues and punchlines - Because the public makes them think so more confidently with every such film making crores.

At the time of writing this reply, though as per its cost the project will bring in some losses to the producer, still the film has actually earned about 90 crores. And if this kind of film can earn 90 crores then any such project made within limited budget of 50 crores becomes a profitable one in business terms.

So till this will keep on happening from our side, these films will keep on coming.


In few words Welcome back is very close descendant and close relative or say a little funny younger brother of Humshakals , Himmatwala, Tees Maar Khan , Action Replayy and many more.....
Bobby Sing

Yes Shubham, But the other truth remains that it has actually earned more than any of these films in reality, which is a public verdict and no one can deny that.


Thank you for the reply Sir , yes sir this film has earned way too much money than it deserves this very clear indication that audiences are very hungry for an entertaining film this films bussiness also shows that it is very easy to fool the audiences with help of heavy promotions and by making a sequel of a hit film . This incident also show that this so called 100 crore club is nothing but only a marketing gimmic .
thank you for the reply I waited very eagerly for your reply .

Bobby Sing

The pleasure is truly mine Shubham and do check the detailed reply to your other comment on a different post too coming next.

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