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YEH MERA INDIA - Movie Review : N. Chandra roars again with a commendable movie on social values. (Review By Bobby Sing)

29 Aug, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Released with the least possible promotional campaign, “Yeh Mera India” showed the glimpses of its powerful content in the promos itself. And as promised it thankfully delivers a quality product with many thoughtful sequences, questioning the social double standards of our society. In other words, it is one of most important movie of 2009 since it talks about some burning issues and forces the viewer to think about his life and the actions he might have taken in the similar situations.

It belongs to the same genre of movies which talk about different inter-connected stories in a collective manner, as seen earlier in “Firaaq”, “Mumbai Meri Jaan”, “Metro”, “Crash" (Eng) and more. The style may seem to be a bit repetitive, but it’s the meaningful content which makes the movie appreciable and worth watching. It intelligently starts with a T.V. News highlighting the major incidents occurred during a particular day and then takes you back into a series of flashbacks giving the detailed accounts of each incident individually.
In the initial moments, the film does seem to be an at your face, deliberate attempt by the director, but as the stories develop, you start relating to them easily and remain fairly engaged. The first half builds a clean ground for all the characters interlinked with each other. And once you get familiar with the main plots, it takes you into an explosive second half where every story reaches its own boiling point towards the climax. In few words, the post interval proceedings turn the movie into a thougtful, commendable effort by both its writer and the director.
The well written script, surrounding a complex web of relationships, touches almost every important social issue of the current times. It talks about communal hatred among the people, class differences in the society, rich exploiting industrialists, gangster’s extortion mafia, Jihaadi Movement in the country, misguided younger generation, mean political leaders, TRP driven channels, Migration problems in the Metros, Muslims Denied Flats in Mumbai, Profit motives of the Hospitals, Medical Negligence by the Doctors and also the Spiritual Heritage of our country.
It might seem impossible to incorporate all the above mentioned plots in one movie alone, but director N. Chandra remarkably performs the tough task and that too with great conviction in some specific sequences to be honest. He is back in form again roaring like a lion with his own specialized genre of movies based on intense social problems. Chandra brilliantly handles each individual story with an equal importance and makes you feel the pain felt by all his character simultaneously. The hard hitting execution by the director leaves a solid impact on the viewer as he walks out of the theater forgetting the early hiccups.
Not going into details of each storyline, I would like to mention the most beautiful and important sub-plot of the movie involving a doctor, a judge and a victim harmed by the medical negligence of his doctor. The story teaches us the art of forgiving in a very pleasing manner. It explains the real meaning of the word empathy and its importance in our gifted short lives. I don’t remember any other movie talking about this subject in a more expressive way than “Yeh Mera India”. So, among all the other sub-plots, I rate this particular part of the film as the most impressive and well directed one having the power to stay in your minds for long.
Talking about the performances, you can feel the heart and soul put in by all the actors performing in the movie. Thinking about each story individually you remember every single actor giving his best including the veterans Anupam Kher, Rajat Kapoor and Seema Biswas. N. Chandra has splendidly extracted worth praising performances from his entire star-cast including the ones playing their minuscule roles. Though there are certain characters that tend to go over the top at times in the film's weaker sequences, but still it creates a good overall impact with an interlinked conclusion. The song less movie also gets well supported by its fine background score, cinematography and crisp, to the point editing.
Another worth mentioning feature of YMI is the use of “Urdu Shayri Couplets” incorporated with a background voice over, after every important incident in the movie. The deep meaning of the few lines spoken at an appropriate time, increase the overall impact of a sequence to many folds. However the selection of the couplets could be a lot more inspiring.
In short, if you love the thought of living together as brothers, feeling the importance of the remaining years of your life, haivng a firm belief in sharing, then “Yeh Mera India” will surely make you feel much better. The movie is not only about India alone, but about every country existing on the globe facing similar social problems. It basically talks about the concept of universal brotherhood and the urgency to understand its need in the current times. And thus becomes an equally important film as “Mumbai Meri Jaan” released in 2008.
So do give it a chance and think about the points raised too looking at all the people around.

Rating : 3+1  / 5  (Including an additional fourth star just for the brilliant sub-plot on Medical Negligence)

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29 Aug 2009 / Comment ( 2 )
Majid Qureshi

I loved the film.I cried after seeing the film for hours and was ashamed of myself that i didnt do any thing for my society and my country.we only see ourself and our religion and we belief what ever we think and what ever we do is 100% right which is our ego.I really want to say thanks to the entire team who tried to portray the reality in the film.

The has change my entire view to the religion and to the society. I hope that i will do something now which can enhance our society in some way or the other.I think such movies must be encouraged rather than others.I dont have proper words to describe the movie.I went in the different world after i watched the movie.

I really thanks to the script writer who has written such an original and truthful script.I want all indians to watch the film and realize what is happening and what is being understood by the people of India.

Bobby Sing

 Hi Majid,

I really appreciate your true emotions put on paper and wish all the people felt the same way after watching the movie.
Though it didnt enjoy the Box Office Success it should have, but it surely is a film deserving a huge applause.

Really thankful for your heartfelt comment and Keep visiting.


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