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'Yuvraaj' versus 'Rainman' & 'Sautela Bhai'

14 Jun, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Hollywood Gets Inspired / Y-Z

After an inspired “Black & White”, Subhash Ghai’s latest offering “Yuvraaj” also has a plot similar to Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman starrer & Oscar Winner “Rainman”. The only novelty in Salman starrer is the third additional brother as compared to the two in “Rainman”. And also instead of the exciting Casino sequences, the director moves the story more towards a family & love drama. However, it still runs on the same outline where a rich father dies giving everything to his autistic son and now the other brother(s) has to win his heart to survive and get a part of the wealth.

Check out at : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095953/    
Interestingly before “Rainman” there was a movie made in our own Bollywood on the same plot featuring Guru Dutt. It was “Sautela Bhai” which released in 1962. Here Guru Dutt played the innocent brother and Raaj Kumar played the brother who was deprived of all the riches.
No doubt, it sounds tough but is quite possible that somehow “Sautela Bhai” was the first original one and all the later versions followed it. Having said this, I again fondly remember the masters of Indian Cinema in the Golden Era with high regards.
But the fact still remains, that if you are asked to rate the best one out of all, the answer would be same from all sides and that’s “Rainman”. The movie has the power to make you sit and praise the performance of Dustin Hoffman without any hesitation. He simply wins your heart with his lovable act. In fact after watching “Rainman”, I became his fan and began searching for all his earlier movies featuring.
“Sautela Bhai” can be rated second, though it may be the most original one and
“Yuvraaj” comes third with not so impressive interpretation of the story.
(Apart from these, another movie inspired from “Rainman” syndrome was “Hum Dono” starring Rishi Kapoor and Nana Patekar).

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14 Jun 2009 / Comment ( 2 )

Well,this is your good friend Raunak back with some interesting trivia ,which i would like to share since i know that you appreciate any information regarding Indian Cinema.

Sautela bhai directed by Mahesh kaul in 1962 was actually based on a bengali novel Baikunther will by famed writer Sarat Chandra Chatterjee of Devdas fame, written back in the 1930\'s.

Interestingly this bengali novel was first made into a bengali film in 1950 and again remade in bengali in 1985.It\'s hindi adaptation i.e. Sautela bhai came in 1962.Also,this novel has been remade in all south indian film industries too i.e.Kannada,Telugu,Tamil and Malayalam.

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Raunaq for this valuable info which I will surely add into the post too.
So Keep Writing in.

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