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'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' and its inspirational sources.

05 Apr, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Y-Z

One of last year’s most appreciated movie, ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA is no doubt a worth watching film having some great moments to offer which should ideally be taken as few essentials lessons of life.

The film has been appreciated widely by both critics as well as the viewers for its novel concept and brilliant treatment which is at par with the standards of World Cinema. But unfortunately this HIT movie by the talented director Zoya, is also associated with few major downers related with the LIFTED status of its basic content & one publicity poster.

Talking about one of its posters first, it was really awful to see that it has been directly lifted from the poster of an English flick “LORDS OF DOGTOWN” (2005).

The film hugely inspired me and many more fellow moviegoers with its brilliant, meditative kind of execution in its various adventures. And it was really disheartening to know that the basic plot of few friends going out for some adventures (including the sky diving one) was all hugely inspired from a Hit English movie called FANDANGO” released in 1985.

No doubt, ZNMD is a great film in itself wherein Zoya has added a lot of her own into it like the under-sea & bull facing adventure along with the interesting love angles introduced in the script. The well written and directed insertions surely put the movie into the group of those spellbinding inspired films which go beyond or surpass their Originals. But still the unexpected sad part of the story remains that the director and her team hided their actual inspirational sources from the public and tried to present it as their own Original baby in a fake manner.

Though many friends would like to give these inspirations an excuse, due to the otherwise hugely likable content of the movie. But as I see it, such straight take offs from foreign source should have been clearly declared by the team in their media interviews which could have avoided this shocking kind of disappointed felt by all the fans (including myself), who really loved the movie.

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its marvolous
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