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ARTICLE 370 - A better project among the recent purposefully made films that should ideally inspire you to study deeper. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

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Having a straightforward political title, ARTICLE 370 begins with a voice-over stating the history of Kashmir during the Partition. Bringing in the highest authorities of the country, then and now, the film openly reveals its purpose and never hides it, unlike some recent similar releases in the genre.
Apart from its obvious motive, the most noteworthy feature of the film is its uninterrupted focus that never deviates from the core issue and does not have any songs, romantic angles, or unnecessary subplots. At the same time, it isn’t a routine political thriller providing the usual entertainment to the general audience. While its narrative might be complex for many, it might be tedious and not so happening for others with too many technical explanations in its sequences. Especially the first half tests your patience, which mostly has all the ‘seen before’ kind of routine story developments to offer.
The film actually finds its grip during the second half and then very smartly proceeds towards the decisive parliament session in the climax. The writing cleverly presents the political discussion in the assembly like the finale of a taut thriller with clashes in the dialogues, bringing you to the edge of your seats. It presents the political leaders as saviours and at times that also makes you recall many of the social media messages largely circulated about the abrogation of Article 370. While at one end the film rightly states some important things of the past, it leaves a lot unsaid and unexplained creating the desired impact.
Following and promoting a specific vision, ARTICLE 370 gets big support from its lead as well as supporting cast wherein the political look-alikes never appear to be mimics. Yami Gautam gives one of her career-best performances and so does Priya Mani despite her limited lines. The cinematography, background score, and editing keep you largely engaged even when you know where it’s all heading. 
Though ARTICLE 370 is not a project offering you the typical Bollywood entertainment, it is an interesting film that should trigger your inner quest to know more about the crucial issue, our country has been dealing with since independence. For instance, post the recent FIGHTER, this also has a reference to the Pulwama attack. But again, the emphasis is on the revenge without going deep into how it happened and how the security was breached. 
To be fair, gone is the time when you could conclude something sensible as per the facts watching a well-researched and unbiased historical movie. The present era has films being made with a specific vision and hence cannot be considered conclusive as a study for the youngsters and the lesser known. In short, the present films made on history are not the ones that can be seen to study history and form a judgement.
Still, films like ARTICLE 370 can be of immense help for your personality development, if you consider them as your first step towards studying more about the tragic past. The film tells you about the controversial Article 370, but this ‘First information’ should not be considered ‘The Last’ with no need for any further study by an individual. As stated before, it is a film made with a purpose and hence it reveals the info that best suits the purpose exactly like the Whats App message you receive about a historical event.
If you consider that Whats App message as complete with nothing more to study, then you have wilfully fallen into the new-age trap of half-known truths without any individual study and conclusion of your own. And this happens with the most as now nobody wants to do the hard work, spend time, studying deeper in the present world of ‘instant delivery’.
Now, we simply look for short notes (2-3 minutes read), synopsis, or quick summary of an issue, only to move further on to the next. The era of consulting reputed books, discussing with knowledgeable elders, visiting (digital) libraries, and giving time to one’s own study for a better understanding of a subject has almost vanished.  
Yet I am writing this, hoping it might reach the thoughtful who still wish to explore more and very well understand that a film cannot be considered ‘conclusive’ in informing all about such critical political issues. 
Overall, ARTICLE 370 is certainly far better than semi-fictional political thrillers like THE TASHKENT FILES. Why? Because, it’s a well-crafted film that does begin with a slide stating “Inspired from true events”, but at least doesn’t end with another saying “The authenticity of claims made in this report is not proven.”
I think that should say it all.
Rating : 3 / 5

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Vinod Sharma

Well explained review must watch and understand about the facts and subject in the movie will watch .

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