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THONDIMUTHALUM DRIKSAKSHIYUM (Malayalam / 2017) - Incredibly charming real life cinema that gives you so much to cheer and praise wholeheartedly. (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller / Drama)

01 Jan, 2018 | Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi) / Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

The title in Malayalam means 'The Exhibits and The Eyewitness', and the film is one of the most charming human dramas witnessed in the recent decades as an intelligently crafted black comedy commenting upon various aspects of our society, focusing on a police station.

Cinema is all about storytelling and THONDIMUTHALUM DRIKSAKSHIYUM simply amazes you with its basic story plot written by Sajeev Pazhoor (with dialogues by Syam Pushkaran), that remains unimaginable and unpredictable right till the finale ending on a serious, thoughtful note, leaving you stunned with its excellence. Without putting any spoilers, such is its simple, realistic storyline that one wonders how they actually managed to conceive a complete film around the instance, touching many relevant social issues too in its brilliant narrative.

Superbly directed by Dileesh Pothan, the film begins with an inter-caste marriage and then entirely happens in a Police station where you get to meet various characters including a newly married couple, a thief and the police officials dealing with their case in their own typical style. The narration further excels in its realism, when several supporting characters and cleverly added backdrops duly catch your attention like the shopkeeper outside the station, the temple celebrations and a fight happening there just next to the station building, the sudden arrival of the SP, a man and his neighbour coming with a complaint about a mobile tower and more.
The script has an alluring flow, slowly setting the mood with a highly authentic chain of sequences enacted by incredibly real or natural performances by the entire cast led by Fahadh, Suraj, Alencier Lay and the impressive debutante Nimisha Sajayan. The cinematography and the musical score beautifully add to the realistic tone resulting in a highly engrossing film making many subtle but important statements about our corrupt system and the police officers unintentionally caught in the same, at times even being at the receiving end.
In short, THONDIMUTHALUM DRIKSAKSHIYUM is certainly a rare gem that makes you witness the working of a police station and its officers like no other film in the past to be honest. It insightfully introduces you to all real characters in the station, who are not just typically black or white, but have different shades of grey oscillating between the good and the evil as per the changing situations they are forced to deal with.
A not to be missed outstanding, innovative human drama that is sure going to be something never seen before in our Indian cinema till date.

Rating : Movies To See Before You Die

NOTE : This is the second exceptional film by the team of Dileesh, Fahadh, Alencier and Syam. Their first venture together was MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM (2016) which is also included in the BTC list of Movies To See Before You Die.

For friends interested in reading its review, it can be accessed clicking at the following link:
(Update April 2021 - At the time of this update the film could be seen at HOTSTAR online platform with English subtitles)

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01 Jan 2018 / Comments ( 4 )
Suchith Chandran
Hi, Nice article. Fahad in Take Off, Fahad in Thondimuthalum Drikshayiyum What an amazing turnaround. Fine display of acting talent Thanks, Suchith
Bobby Sing

He certainly is a very fine and gifted actor Suchith and that is reason has won the National Award too for this film.


Hi Bobby , its an amazing movie wth the feeling of you are witnessing all the happening with their natural acting style.. please watch Director Dileesh Pothan's first film "Maheshinte prathikaram" ,its an amazing movie with lots of brillians in details in scenes(we call it "Pothettans Brilliance" I am a frequent reader on your reviews and writing.
 Keep writing God Bless  

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for your appreciation and kind support Raneesh.
Would surely try to catch your recommended film and get back.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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